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Project PUSH

A very special PUSH

A very special PUSH 2a

A very special PUSH

Note: This is time sensitive data.

On July 12th we heard from God and all the other Luminescents, Master Kato and the entire Collective of Masters, that 2 weeks from that date they wanted us to energetically come together and start manifesting everything that all other Winter People along with ourselves, will need to not only fulfill our individual as well as planetary missions, but we need to also call-in all physical, financial and Spiritual resources and sources so that we can serve one another and continue to be of service to others. If you remember…. God said during the last organized PUSH movement that in the future He would be calling upon everyone as Co-Creators to actively participate in some powerful movements. This is one of them. The FUTURE is NOW! The CALL has been issued!!! Are you ready to take a leap into the void?

Along with ourselves God has asked us to invite another person who is a highly evolved individual to work together with us on this project. We will be bringing extremely high energies into the manifestation process in order to enrich and enhance all Winter Peoples’ abilities to bring in everything they need to expedite their own manifestation process. Many years ago God gifted us all with the gift of Spiritual Alchemy and He has requested that NOW is the proper gridline intersection for this gift to be used.

While we ourselves are PUSHing from the matrix of the Creation Processing, we are asking all readers to participate in performing a PUSH movement by focusing on visualizing a clear path for all aspects of this PUSH to be achieved successfully. This means that we will be able to achieve all the goals set forth by the Collectives of The Luminescents and The Masters. No one has anything to lose but everything to gain through their participation. Think about it as another aspect of “We are Calling for All Good Souls to Unite NOW.”

So it is that on July 26th at 7:00 PM, in all time zones, WE will Collectively PUSH. Some ironic humor here is that we did not know until we looked at the calendar, that this PUSH will take place on Celest’s 26th Walk-In Birthing Day. Another aspect of this Universal humor is that it is her 26th Birthday on the 26th of the month. Cute huh?

We ask that you reach out to all your friends and contacts and ask them to heavily promote this PUSH. The wheat and the chaff are being separated. By working together we can all achieve many great changes which will ultimately benefit us all.

Salude, Celest and David

If you do not know how or need a refresher on how to perform the PUSH techniques you may find the information on the following webpage

You may also wish to revisit the information on the following link as well

All information about Project PUSH is stored on the website.


Chakras and the PUSH movements

 Project “PUSH”

Chakras and the PUSH movements

 By Celestial Blue Star

Greetings everyone, sorry for the delay but shifts happen. What I want each of you to understand is that there are special magnetic currents which are aligned with each Chakra within the individual AND collective Chakra Systems. Although there are literally hundreds of chakras located within the human body, some are much smaller in actual size point than others. None of them is less important than the other either. The Chakras were originally Created to work with one’s Soul, mind and body. Each of these three key parts which make up the individual “you” reflect all the chakra energy in a steady consistent manner, so that the system literally envelops all aspects of yourself. The system also reaches out and expands all of its immaculate capabilities to unite with the systems of other people in a collective movement. Obviously this is in accordance with the Universal Law denoting “like adheres to like.’ Again this is about each system aligning with the systems of others who are on the same level, the same Soul maturity.

Chakras aid in governing the body’s health when needed and work diligently with Soul to assist in raising a person’s level of consciousness, among other things they do. So, when you agreed to PUSH, the system began a slow movement predicated on the confidence you may have needed and your INTENT to complete the project. Every part of the hand movements were the ones I brought with me from my own home in the Pleiades. Although I have conscious knowledge of many other movements which I myself use here when I feel the need to do so, it was the PUSH movements that were so vital and had to be aligned with the system. Over the years I have had to use a modified PUSH movement of course with the aid of the system, to literally defend myself from human attackers. Some animals as well. With Project PUSH however, there was only one movement that would be appropriate and that is the one we all used.

Every motion you made stimulated the system which simultaneously stimulated your Soul Voice and your thought patterns. From the very moment you began practicing, you set into place a foundation for the system to become grounded with. Every movement of hand, arm, finger, heart rate and pure thought, sent out a combination of the energetics of the system which combined with the ratio of energy of the consciousness levels FAR above the Super Conscious. You produced an incredible array of Light which then combined forces with GOD and all the other Luminescents and the diverse Sources of all the others who worked with us. Each time you practiced leading up to the very moment when the 7pm target time began, that invisible cord you connected to with God, became so strong, so Omnipotent that you were being raised far above the former “norm” levels of your consciousness and you became God I AM! Your chakra energies and the system itself have become hardier, soooooooo much brighter and radiate their own vibration on a more elevated level as well. That will not change for you, for you are coming into your destinies in a very big way!

Do you yet understand one of the most important reasons WHY you are alive at this time? You are needed to work with the Golden NOW and PUSH was pivotal to her bringing in the purer energies and upgrading organized chaos here. Simultaneously dark disorganized chaotic energies ready to bring in terrible things were sent off-world. Congratulate yourselves please, you have all done well! It is well-known by those who know me best that I do not hand out compliments indiscriminately. It does not matter a darn bit if you were nervous, unsure of yourself, or if you tried too hard. You still succeeded. Learn to thank your chakra system each day with whatever words you choose. After all, in a very real way, you are thanking yourself.

I salute you one and all …. Celestial Blue Star

Note: Blue Star the Pleiadian spoke about the effects and importance of Project “PUSH” in his latest transmission posted 10-25-13 entitled “Illusions – How they came into materialization and HOW they work.

Project “PUSH” /


Post-Project ”PUSH” Earth News

Post-Project ”PUSH” Earth News

September 21st., 2013

Hello everyone, we hope you have all had enough rest after PUSH. Most people who participated in this event are not used to working with the supreme levels of energy which PUSH required. This is one reason why we made the video and gave the written text as early as we did, prior to the actual event. It has allowed people to become more comfortable and relaxed with what they were agreeing to take part in. In a way you could say this was an initiation process in order for you to learn to use more evolved energetic forms to assist in the Creation Process. In this instance it was for this immensely important Project. You all were awesome! We knew many of you were a little nervous as the gridline intersection came closer. But in a wonderful way your dedication to answering the call overcame your hesitations. We were thrilled that so many young children were involved in PUSH. The youngest we know of so far was 7 years old. Although there were many others, the age started at 7, then 10, 14 etc. And yes, these children did understand what they were doing, thanks to their parents and other family members. These children will be perfectly aligned with and assisted by the Star Light Children as they grow older.

First we will tell you what we witnessed: from the first moment when the earliest of the time zones in other countries arrived at September 20th 7:00 P.M., all of Divinity was there Pushing and continued to do so long after the furtherest time zone had completed its PUSH cycle. We could see that Divinity, every aspect of the Divine including all the Luminescents of all other Universes were there. Many of them showing forms of themselves in their natural state, while others were figures blazing across the sky like comet tails with the greatest most brilliant White Light emanating from them. Everything was silence, and then we became aware of this loud whooshing sound that over time became softer the further it moved away from this sphere, this world. We could see that each Being held an object that was simultaneously in their hands and yet they were also pushing these objects in front of them. The objects were huge, round, brilliantly White balls of Light and yes, the Harvest Moon was participating with them as well.

From our point of observation this world became alive; the world herself suddenly had the most radiant beams and prisms of White Light shooting out from the core of this world, while simultaneously we witnessed Light beams being shot into the spots where the dark energy had been displaced.  In what seemed but an instant we watched as all the balls of Light being carried, pushed by, all these magnificent Divine Beings suddenly filled with dark beams.  Divinity was thrusting those balls out into the tornado configuration which the Universe provided in order for her to dispose of the dark energy streamers. This is what we did together as Co-Creators, not depending on God to do all of this for us. We were demonstrating our activated abilities to join together and Create a Movement predicated upon the missions of the Collective Consciousness. Each of us were sharing personal responsibility by coming together to answering God’s clarion call by using our dormant gifts and fulfilling an important part of each of our destinies. In time you will understand this was a part of your destiny, you just do not know it yet. “Why are you here, what are you supposed to do?” This is one big reason to the “why.” As God just said to us… “Many were Called, but not all answered.”

Another aspect of what we witnessed from the very beginning was this wave effect rippling across this world; like cascading waves of the purest energy, the most loving dedication to service. This was far beyond a rippling effect caused by dropping a stone into water. These massive waves cascaded all over the planet, one overlapping the next in a contiguous fashion. This is what YOU have been accomplishing by Taking a STAND for Just Cause. You have each surpassed your own expectations of yourselves, you just do not know it yet. You should all be very proud of what you have accomplished and BE proud of yourself, individually and collectively.

“Change” has its own process of continuous evolution. We assisted in Creating Change by helping to bring in New Earth Energies and dispelling as many of the dark energies as we could. Whenever change is enacted on a grand scale many events take place as a result of new changes becoming grounded. What this means is this; you have to remember that not everyone wants change. People who fight change and are addicted to the dark way of life tend to act out because the very foundation of life has altered. They will definitely do so now. So be aware that you will hear a great deal about people acting out in irrational ways. No, we may not be able to change that, but it will show you more clearly what happens when much of the dark energy grip is torn out by the roots. Yes we de-rooted a lot. At this point though just try to live as normal a life as you can. Remain firm in your beliefs, while remaining passionately detached as more Earth changes take place and as more people leave the planet.  We are not responsible for what the other people do, but we are responsible for what we each do. We will also witness in the days ahead much which has been shrouded in darkness, will be exposed by the Light for all people to see.  

God’s Message to all of you who were a part of PUSH: “Greetings to all My Children; I will give you a brief message; a message about PUSH.  Few of you understand that you were actually enacting part of a role that is in your Soul contract. Yes, I always must plan far ahead because human nature has a tedious way of repeating and recreating old situations instead of Creating new ones. There wasn’t a single one of you who did not perform to the best of your ability, qualms and all. Perhaps if I used a name such as “Sam, Marnie or maybe even Phil” and sent you a message and said, “this is Marnie, I need your help,” you would be less prone to become shell-shocked when you know God needs your help. So call Me what you will.. but Call ME! I am not disappointed  in any of you, although I would have preferred that many of you were much more at ease when you preformed PUSH. You are each a catalyst just as PUSH was. What you each did required a great deal of fortitude; it is not always easy to work on this type of project when you knew so much was riding on it. Relax your minds, rejoice in your hearts, none of you failed yourselves and you most certainly did not fail me. I am bathing MySelf in fatherly pride for when PUSH came to shove, meaning actually doing your part, you gave it your all. OK NOW, you may or may not be pleased to know, I will be calling upon all of you as future events unfold. I expect each of you to perk up when you hear Me issuing the call and be ready to drop what you are doing. I will ask you to do what you can as aspects of Myself there on this world, to enact more change when more change is needed. We have more than begun the process, it is in full swing now. I am sorry if I cannot tell you it is going to get easier from this point on. In some aspects it will be as you all walk as wide awake Beings in a society that is mostly asleep. Just remember, in the end it will be fine. Rejoice, do the most with the time you have allotted yourself on this sojourn and fear not. …… GOD!”   (end of His message)

We will be collecting the comments that you have sent so far by email and by facebook and ask that others may be willing to send their own. We may not be able to post them all but we will try our best. We decided to include one example below. It is an email we received and because of the circumstances and the geographic location where this woman lives we are posting this today.

“Hello, it’s Nathalie who lives in Haiti.  So there are a lot of negative energy bands in Haiti but there are some positive ones too.  I usually go by the ocean to receive and send energy and there is a spot I love to go to.  Which is why I decided that would be where I would push from.  About 15 minutes before PUSH the wind picked up and the storm clouds came in and there was all this really loud thunder!  I smiled and said “you’re not keeping me from doing what I’m doing so just deal with it” then I asked for protection as I was doing this.  At 7pm I did as we were instructed, the wind died down and the storm clouds gathered in the direction I was pushing and they were so dark that the street lights went on! The wind didn’t come back and all was calm.

I am grateful to you for sharing this and for giving me the opportunity to do my part. In love and light, Nathalie” (end of email)

Thank you to Maria to translating PUSH into Dutch, Samuel for translating it into Portuguese and the websites we are finding out about that translated PUSH into their countries’ languages. By the way, it will be about a week before we post the comments so please check back. I (Celest) in about a week will do a short video on what you have all accomplished with your own chakra system as a result of being a “PUSH-er.” I suggest you watch it please! We will notify everyone on Facebook when that will be ready and of course on our websites.

Now, if any of you still feel you did not do enough or well enough we would ask you to consider this. First you decided you wanted to take part in PUSH, then you reached out to others of like-mind who you thought may want to take part. Then you had over a month to roll it over and over in your minds and formulate what it is your intentions were to be. That was of primary importance with PUSH. This all took dedication and time.

We will leave you with yet another important thought: The Force is not only with us… The Force IS us!

In loving service.. Celest and David

Send your comments and experiences to  

Project “PUSH“ /



Project “PUSH”: The last of the additional information on PUSH

Project “PUSH”: The last of the additional information on PUSH

Project “PUSH” will occur on September 20th, 2013

at 7:00 P.M your time worldwide.

First of all we want to say “thank you” to all of you who have so eagerly expressed your intent to participate in PUSH. We do not have time to answer all the email we have received from all over the world about PUSH. People are joining together from all over the United States, South America, Europe, the East, Australia, South Africa, (no, sorry no one from the middle east so far) and people are  going to be participating in Malaysia, Brazil, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the U.K., Germany, France, New Zealand, and so many other countries. Sorry we don’t want to offend anyone by leaving your country out, there are just too many to name. Many of you are gathering together in groups on the 20th to expand PUSH and your intents collectively. Please understand that because everyone will be doing this at 7:00 P.M. regardless of where you live, what will be occurring is a continuous wave of collective energy moving around the planet as each time zone enters the 7:00 hour. The beauty of the wave motion with the assistance of Divinity will effectively PUSH the dark energy away.

This is what will happen next: as the dark energies are being pushed from areas all over this world, simultaneously the collective of new Earth energies will immediately fill the void which once held the dark energies. The Universe has already designed a manner in which she herself will be collecting all that we and Divinity PUSH from the planet. The Universe has Created these devices that are contiguous energy retrievers. These devices have tornado-like energy. They are similarly shaped like inverted tornados, countless numbers of them will be in place surrounding this world. All the energies that are being pushed out will be immediately collected by this vacuum and destroyed. Please remember, this is not being done with any hatred or malice or ill intent. The dark energies simply have not availed themselves of the other options to change themselves that were given to them.

What you can expect: Organized chaos will accelerate as vast amounts of disorganized chaos are replaced. Most of you should be able to feel a difference, it may be hard to explain to yourselves what it is at first, but you will feel it. Monitor your own feelings, your sentience, even your hearing. You should also be able to become much stronger as individuals who are part of the collective consciousness. We have all been offered an opportunity to participate in something that has never happened on this planet before. You will be participating in something greater than yourselves, yet at the same time you yourself will become greater. You are standing your ground and drawing a line in the sand. People who are ensnared in dark energies will be acting out more because the energies they depended upon will no longer be there. It would be like being thrown into the deepest part of the ocean without a lifejacket. There is nothing we can do about that one. In a perfect world this would all be unnecessary, however it is not a perfect world…. Yet. Now would be a very good time NOT to get involved in anyone’s dramas!!

No, not all evil will be gone at this time. God said we are only to do this part as co-Creators. We are only to do what God wants us to do at this time. After all, we have been called upon to participate in this portion of the Grand Plan, we should all be grateful for being asked.  

On the 21st we will post a message here on what we see and how we feel we all did. God said He will have His own message to relay to all of you. We welcome your own personal comments about your own experiences.

Email us at

Please send a reminder to those you have shared PUSH with, about the date and time of this event, and about this new information.

Project “PUSH” / and and and



Maria on Project PUSH and other comments

Maria speaks out on Project PUSH

Comments Updated 9-13-13

And some of the comments we have received

At last!

At last we can do something!

A lot has happened since December 21, 2012. The financial situation has worsened even further. The inequality has risen up to new heights. A number of whistleblowers have told us things that happen behind the scenes. Politicians are still pretending they are seriously working hard for us. The last disclosure was that the West German government was providing doping for athletes as a standard procedure. No shady Spanish doctors with unknown clients, just medical teams funded by the government as “support” for athletes and coaches and of course many guarantees that nothing could be detected. The people who found this reports have not yet been able to give any names for fear of gigantic damage claims. Ouch!

Many athletes from the former DDR are battling damaged bodies thanks to many medical experiments. They still are not receiving any help from the government. They still are not allowed to know what poisons were fed or injected into their bodies.

For Lightworkers these disclosures are emotionally stressful because they see that in spite of everything most people still look the other way and are not demanding a complete disclosure of the facts. They feel that “these things should not happen, but there is nothing you can do about it, it is just the way things are”.

I am happy that God – as CEO of our Universe – has taken the initiative for project PUSH.

A few weeks ago during meditation I spontaneously left my body and started to dance to very vague music. I made all kinds of movements with my hands. I made vortexes and long streamers. It was a very weird experience. When I asked Celest what had happened, she told me that I was forming energy with my hands and was helping the planet. Apparently I pulled the energy out from the Universe.

Anyway it was a good preparation for project PUSH. The plan is that on September 20, 2013 local time 7 p.m. (or 19.00) we are going to manipulate the energy around the Earth. We are going to remove the suffocating black layer that still covers the planet. It has to be done by beings who are actually living on the planet, but it will be supported in a huge way by beings from outside of the Earth. The darkness that we push away from the Earth will be collected by the Universe and I assume will be cleaned and recycled.

My only objection against this action is that you can only do it for 5 minutes! There are so many things I would like to remove from this world, that I could be doing it for much, much longer, at least an hour, but apparently 5 minutes is enough!  Really? Really? Maria at


We are adding a few of the email comments; sorry we do not have time to add them all. We would love to hear from you though. And PLEASE keep spreading the word.

Remember, two days before Project PUSH (September 18 th) we will be adding additional information on this Project so please check back.


Note from Celest and David: We have heard from many different people who are having their friends over to their homes to do “PUSH.” Some we have heard from will be gathering in groups as large as 30 people. Some are crossing state lines and traveling distances to be with others of like mind for this event. And we are so grateful that many many people have chosen to be active participants by sharing this information with all they can think of. They like us understand the importance of the gridline intersection occurring on the Autumn Equinox and the relevance of the Full Moon at this time. It really is quite remarkable the response we have received. From our hearts to yours we say THANK YOU and WE LOVE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!


I plan to join in project PUSH and at least 9 of my friends are also. I am grateful for your work. Debra


Hi David and Celest,

It strikes me that I have learned nothing if not that we are all one and the power of collective intention must be stronger than many singular conflicting intentions. I began thinking of us using one intention that honors and respects all beings, this is my suggestion, of course open to alteration if any of it is inappropriate, see what you feel! I feel strongly that I need to add NESARA IS NOW! to my collective push intention to anchor the Christ vibration, by the way in my last email, I forgot to thank three of my teachers, so a big thank you to both of you and Blue Star for the inspirational and transformational shifts I have felt since reading Blue Stars last book and Beyond the Journey, Life in the Hereafters. I gave my permission to publish my intention in the hope it is respectful and inspires others to be non judgmental. I am preparing for Friday with great intention and excitement. My thanks for the video as I find it difficult to visualize instructions!!

”It is our collective intention to push away the energies which promote the growth of fear, hatred, disrespect, cruelty, slavery, abuse and dishonor out of the energetic fields of Gaia. We thank and honor Gaia and all those entities who Created awakening and soul growth opportunities for all in earth school. It is our hopeful intention that the power of light and love each being receives in the push will once again awaken the living principles in their galactic heart so each may choose to return to the consciousness of love of Prime Creator, who never left them. All are one, NESARA IS NOW!, so be it!”


Sandra Roche.


“Now tell me, how exciting is this????  I feel so blessed to participate in this collective conscience movement.  Together in love, we will as one change the world.”

Sending you much love, protection, energy, and the best of health.


“To push the old away and welcome the new. To honor Gaia, myself, my children, for my friends, for my wife and all others who wanna create a new and better place for all beings. Hi Golden Now!”


“Thank you for making the video…it helps us to “get it“ now I can do the process without wondering if I am doing it right…I know I am …”


“Oh, Thank you so much for that video. That helped me so so much. Now I feel I won’t have a problem.” Love you always


Dear Lightworkers,

I have some questions about the intentions on this PUSH project. My basic intention is to have healing of mother earth. Is it possible to send intentions to stop negative things, like marshall law, greedy oil companies, etc? Not sure how I would send the intentions in a positive way. Thanks (name withheld)

(David’s response) Greetings.. so happy to hear you on board with us to go forward with God’s Project PUSH… first of all, your intentions are wonderful and keep on pursing them.. However there in all likelihood will not be any martial law in this country and if there is an attempt it will be short lived or stopped cold.. Second, the Light, the Jesus the Christ Consciousness, and all of Divinity, including yourself efforts, your intents of your thoughts, as a Light worker.. are pulling up all the ‘weeds’ the Dark have implanted on this world, evidence of this is all around. And we all need to keep reinforcing those efforts.

If you re-read what God had said in project PUSH you will see that this effort, this PUSH, is to COLLECTIVELY “PUSH” the remaining dark energies from this Earthly Realm and it our combined efforts that will accomplish this.. so we would suggest you focus on that concept for this event, and continue with you other efforts whenever and where ever you feel the need.. do you understand?? If not, please let us know, this is too important! This event is one of the many reasons we are all here now…  our love to you… David (and Celest too of course)


Count me and Jack in! I will post it on my FB too. Thank you! Jean


Hi there guys, here it is..Im going for it…lets try to see the light, but not from lack of breathing right 🙂 let them ride OUTTA HERE… in peace.

One of my thoughts to the NEW NOW is the expansion of awareness towards every visible and nonvisible energy present in our ongoing connection with the realm of vibration of the existence that it is. Samuel


Thank You David and Celest, I love you both, and you all! bye

Send your comments to

Project “PUSH” /