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Why GO To Earth?

The Gifts of Experience

Message #29


(Note: Dave, the author of these postings and his wife Cyndi are also active participants in “The Gatherings.

They are also contributing a message they received from God for the next “God BOOK” #8, “Avatars in the Valley of the Ancients” which is almost finished.

You can find their contact information on “The Gatherings contact Information” page of this website. We encourage each of you to send them an email and everyone else as well on “The Gatherings” contact list and INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Salude, Celest and David)


Strange question and a strange title for an article isn’t it.  But that may very well be the question that the Souls of my wife and I had to consider before our present incarnations on the Earth Star planet.  How do I know that?  Well in Blue Star’s transmission that was published on Awakened Hearts website on August 25, 2016, Blue Star made a disclosure of sorts.  In the last paragraph Blue Star mentioned the Texas GATHERERS who made a trip to visit with other Gatherers in the Pacific Northwest.  Blue Star used the phrase, “…each of yourselves for being a true human being, although you each originated on other planets”.  That type of statement certainly does get one’s attention.

A number of years ago when my wife and I began reading the God Books and found references to different origins for persons presently living on Earth, we mused about where we might fit into the equation.  Were we Earth Seeds, Star Seeds, Walk-Ins, Born-Ins or just what were we?  We wondered also if we should make an attempt to find out our origins; you know go to some person who could take us back through our many incarnations to see “where we came from”.  We made the decision to just table that idea because we felt if our Souls wanted us to know then we would be told in some fashion.  And until that time frame appeared, we would not spend any more time asking ourselves the question.  I guess it would appear that we got a partial answer on August 25th in Blue Star’s Transmission without going to an earth bound person to provide the information.  Our Souls may have decided that we did need to know that we originated from a planet other than Earth.  (I would speculate that the majority of the persons reading this article also originated on a planet other than the Earth Star planet.)

Even though we have a portion of an answer to the question of where we came from, the knowledge has not changed anything about how we consider ourselves or how we continue to conduct our daily lives.  So to me this means that it doesn’t make any difference where you come from; you still have to conduct your lives in the best fashion that you can.  This knowledge is the very same as letting go of those events that have occurred in the past.  Let the past stay in the past and then make a commitment to conduct your life in the best way possible going forward into the future.  So with that said let us try to answer the question posed in the title of this article.

The first thought for an answer that came to me is:  “Why Not”?  I have read in the God Books that the Earth Star planet is the most beautiful planet in the Cosmos.  When one sees different pictures, or movie scenes or videos made from above the Earth, Earth is truly a sight to behold.  And the people making comments that accompany these types of media also express their awe of the sight of Earth from space.  Now I am not a world traveler but I did spend time in the early 60’s in the Navy and traveled to the Mediterranean Sea on cruises aboard an aircraft carrier.  The ship stopped in many ports and I took tours to see various sites.  I also had positions with companies that required me to travel to Western Europe, North Africa and Central and South America.  Everywhere I traveled, the varied landscapes were just a wonder to behold.  It was only where humanity had made its indelible mark on the landscape that the landscape was changed to something that was diminished in beauty.

I have traveled to a majority of the states and have always found the landscapes to be spectacular, even those that some might not think of as beautiful.  But when you look closely and see how the existing vegetation is working hard to grow and stay alive in the countryside of places like West Texas, it is still a thing of beauty.  And this has been going on in these locals for a long time.  And then you also have the landscapes that mankind has greatly changed by the harvesting of a lot of what grew in that area and this action has changed the landscape in this region forever.  Sometimes Terra can adapt to the actions that mankind has committed and sometimes the actions are to the detriment of Terra.

I try to thank Terra every day for all that Terra has given to mankind that day.  Regardless of where you buy or acquire what everyone uses on a daily basis, Terra is the one who has supplied the raw materials to produce whatever is used by mankind.  So I think that it would be a good thing from time to time for everyone to thank Terra for all Terra has provided.  Because Terra is the one who supplied it all to us; it didn’t come from outer space.  Maybe you might think that thanking Terra every day is a little much.  So let us look at a hypothetical scenario this way.  Let’s say you thank Terra every day for all that Terra has provided to you and your family.  But then one day someone says to Terra, “I can’t thank you today because I am much too busy”.  What do you think your reaction would be if Terra then said to you, “that is okay because I too am too busy cleaning up the messes you, humanity, have made to my body, so I’ll just skip providing you what you need this day”.

Now, wouldn’t that be truly a “WAKE UP” call.  It would scare the pants off of you wouldn’t it.  I would venture to say that Terra skipping “one day” would create a really large problem for the world.  Without thinking too much about it one might think that just one day would not be so bad.  Okay, one day without water added to a day without reflective heat from the Sun (keep in mind that Terra’s atmosphere cancels out a lot of harmful rays from the Sun), would cause a very large problem that might take a whole lot longer than a day to correct.  And that is only the first thought that came to mind and I am sure there is other just as pronounced consequences if Terra “took a day off” from all that Terra does for us.

Terra taking a day off is not a good thing at all if the hypothetical scenario that I described truly is a probability.  Is this the writer’s fantasy or could it really happen?  I don’t know if anyone could truly say with a great degree of accuracy that it could not.  The world might never recover.  So why take a chance and just make a sincere statement that you thank Terra for all Terra has provided to mankind this day.  Now I am pretty sure that there are some readers that are thinking that the writer is really being way too melodramatic today.  But have you ever really thought before about how much Terra does for us each and every day?  Yea that’s what I thought!!

So getting back from hypothetical land, Terra has never taken a day off and wouldn’t because Terra’s love for all of mankind is as consistent as the Sun rising in the East and setting in the West.  Terra knows every Soul that has ever incarnated on her surface better than the personality of the Soul even knows about itself.  Terra has watched an individual Soul reincarnate over and over multiple times and many times has sadly watched the personality make the same mistakes that have affected Terra’s body.  I have read that personalities most often take the same body shape and temperament and have gravitated to the same type of employment for their life’s work in consecutive lifetimes.  As this occurs over and over, Terra can only wait and hope that the next lifetime will be different.

Then again I am sure that Terra has greatly rejoiced when a personality on a subsequent incarnation has changed its impact on the planet because it followed a nudge that made the personality awake and take notice of the harm that had taken place to Terra’s body.  The present personality is unconsciously correcting the damage that the preceding personalities had done.  Can you imagine the feeling that Terra must have to see humanity waking up and taking stock of the devastation that has occurred throughout the life of the Earth Star planet; then see humanity taking corrective measures to undo the harm that was done in the past?  For a moment think about the news stories that reflect how protests by various groups have given the public an education of the environmental problems for various areas.  And then on the other side also remember how some in the media and others have tried to label these people as being crazy and that there is no such problem.

Well I believe the environmental problems are real and will become more evident even to the detractors as the earth changes become more severe in nature to correct the environmental problems.  When will the earth changes start some may ask?  Those asking this kind of question must not be aware that earth changes are occurring all around us and these changes are accelerating.  Some may also be asking why Terra would have to take the actions that are evident in the earth changes.  It is so Terra can rid Herself of the pockets of negativity that have accumulated over time.

At the present time we are seeing many changes in the weather patterns that have been occurring.  What changes some may be asking.  Well there are no predictable weather patterns anymore it seems.  We have a website that we scan daily to see what the forecast is and the site includes a ten day forecast.  This ten day forecast is pretty useless to count on the weather beyond the next day or two because it very seldom is correct for anything further out than two days.  The weather is also changing in many places where it is hotter during the day, unseasonable so, and colder at night in those same locals.

There will be more changes to come and one may ask what we can do about it.  One thing is to be prepared for those times when services may be interrupted and we can’t obtain all the necessities that we may need for the short term.  The other is to be prepared to help those who may need our assistance when a major earth change occurs.  So what can one do when these major changes occur far from us, like half way around the planet?  Well we can use our Power of Thought to send out Light, Love and Healing Energy to those who are suffering from the effects of the earth changes.  Now, are we interfering with the Soul Contracts of the people suffering?  We could be if we don’t also put a caveat into our thoughts that we only want to help to the extent of moderating the effects of the earth change.  Our intent should be to work with the Universe to help others.

We can be of assistance because we have the ability to help others with our thoughts.  And that is the reason I believe that the Souls of my wife and I chose to come to the Earth Star planet.  Our Souls were either asked by God to be present or our Souls asked God that we be present during this incarnation that we are experiencing at the present time.  Either way, we are here and we thank God that we have the ability to help others through our efforts to make a difference.

Until next time, Dave aka Phil


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Light and Love

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Message #28

Light and Love

(Note: Dave, the author of these postings and his wife Cyndi are also active participants in “The Gatherings.” You can find their contact information on “The Gatherings contact Information” page of this website. We encourage each of you to send him an email and everyone else on “The Gatherings” list and INTRODUCE YOURSELF.)

Recently I have read where there may be some incorrect usage of the two words in the title of this article.  That could occur when people use third dimension logic to come up with the understanding that some people have.  So maybe we should not use such logic but instead look within to determine what the correct usage of the words is for us.  Writing such an article on a subject like this may be foolhardy for the writer but this is the nudge that I got some time ago before dropping off to sleep.  Before I could get to sleep, I had to get up and write myself a note to start writing this article.  So here we are.

Now I have a little hesitation in laying out what my beliefs are but then the readers can see if they have the same idea or maybe they will deduce that I am 100% off base.  Either way the writer and the reader will have thought about how they each interpret the two words.

The understanding that I have is that Light and Love go hand in hand but they are not the same.  I think many people may believe that the terms are interchangeable and that used to be my understanding also.  Then when I read that humans don’t have a correct understanding of the two words I began to re-evaluate what my understanding is and if it needed to be changed.

Let us take Light first and see where we may be going.  As people grow in their knowledge through reading and remembering what they may have forgotten since incarnating, they have been just living life and experiencing.  And as they go about living a spiritual life they evolve to higher and higher levels of spirituality.  And many people believe that Light is the quality that more evolved personalities have in abundance.  It is also believed that the “more evolved people” may be those who are able to ascertain such things as another person’s aura and can see the large amounts of Light that are emitted from such a person.

However I don’t think that we should judge how “evolved” a person is, just that we should only be concerned with our own evolvement.  I believe everyone has some quantity of Light even those who would be considered as being “children of the lessor god”.  These individuals may only have a small spark left and would have to make a very drastic change in their behavior to increase their Light.  God has said in the God Books that it is possible for such individuals to do so, but only a few do make the change.

I believe that the Light that each of us possesses from time to time will be used as a tool to influence others that we come in contact with.  That doesn’t mean that we do such action consciously but that our Light is always present and others will unconsciously be impacted by our Light.  Now if the other person is of the Light also, it will be a pleasant unconscious experience for them and us.  However if the other person is not of the Light they may have an adverse reaction to us and will not know why they do.  So as we ride public conveyances or walk down busy sidewalks or drive on the interstate, we are spreading our Light to all we meet.  Will we run out of Light?  Not a chance!!  I believe that the level of Light each of us possesses stays constant no matter how much Light we send out on a daily basis.  We only reduce our Light when we take any action, speak any words or have any thoughts that will cause us to devolve.  We can however increase the amount of our Light by just living a good life in a spiritual manner.

The Luminescents and the Creator emit such gigantic quantities of Light that very few beings are able to be in the same area with these entities unless these divine beings “tone down” their light for short periods of time.  I have never had such an experience in physical form that I know of, but my understanding is that such occurrences can happen when we are discarnate and back in Nirvana.

There are occasions where Light has produced magnificent results such as that event that started seventy some years ago when the God of this Universe received a request for help from Terra.  God sent out an “all hands on deck” request to the Cosmos for help and ALL sent massive amounts of Light to Terra on a continuing basis.  This ongoing receipt of Light has proceeded to help Terra to stabilize her orbit and help Terra to deal with the vast amounts of dark energies that abound on this planet.  In doing so Terra was able to leave the third dimension and begin the journey through the fourth dimension and on to the fifth dimension.

This is an event that not many inhabitants of Earth know about because they are ignorant of the fact.  Now labeling someone as ignorant is not really as bad as we make it sound because the term just means that a person doesn’t know a particular fact that is available for knowing.  And so someone is either ignorant or stupid depending on their individual knowledge.  Being ignorant is really not that bad because it only means a person just does not know about something and this may or may not be a serious situation.  However being stupid is when a person does know a valid fact and does not utilize this knowledge or chooses to ignore the knowledge for whatever reason.  Ignoring a nudge from a personality’s Soul to take the road less traveled and begin down the path to awakening and becoming a spiritual person, might be considered an act of stupidity.

Now I believe Love is a feeling that comes from the heart.  Love is what a Soul feels for any other Soul in the Cosmos.  And by this I mean any Soul whether they are animal, plant or mineral.  There are personalities and their Souls who do feel just like that and they are truly blessed to do this on the personality level.  However there are many more personalities who limit their definition of love to love for family and close friends and that is it.  And while that is surely good to love like this, these persons are missing out on a great opportunity to expand their horizons.  I used to be something like this and then many years ago I seemed to change and I now look consciously for those occasions to love others.

Even though my wife and I raised two children, who are now in their forties with families of their own, I only enjoyed being around other children when the children were those of family or friends.  That changed the day I was waiting to see my oncologist at the cancer center that I use to go to for periodic testing.  We were in a seating area waiting for our appointment along with other folks who were doing the same.  A little girl about two years old came up to me as I sat reading a book and just touched my arm.  I smiled and said hello to her and she smiled and went back to her mother and grandmother who were telling her not to bother me.  A little while later she came back and again touched my arm and then raised her arms up to me so I could pick her up.  I picked her up and she hugged me around the neck and then just slid off my lap and went back to her mother and grandmother.

The mother and grandmother were astounded at her action and said that the little girl had never done anything like that before.  I was overwhelmed with the wonder of the little girl’s actions and how was it that she could have performed such a nice action with someone that she definitely did not know.  To me it appeared to be an act of Love.  I now believe that the little girl was unafraid of expressing Love to someone because maybe the little girl’s Soul had recognized my Soul at the Soul level.  On a Soul level she and I may have known each other in past lives and she just wanted to comfort me in some way.  And being as young as she was at the time, she didn’t have the programming about not “talking to strangers” that an older child would have.

Now the example I just gave is truly an occurrence that actually happened.  And maybe this example should point out to us that there are many Souls that we meet in our everyday lives that we experience an instant recognition with even if it is just in passing at an airport or along a busy sidewalk.  Now think back to the many times you have had such an “instant recognition” occurrence.  Were these people all the same race or same gender as you are?  Were they of the same economic status as you are?  Were they all the same religion or spiritual belief that you have?  No, I don’t think that would always be the case.  So think a little bit deeper on this subject, could that have been a person that you shared a love with and I don’t mean romantic love.  If that is a possibility, then we potentially have “loves” all over the world.

Some may now be saying that the writer is really stretching this a bit too far because the reader may not have traveled outside of the country that the reader now lives in.  Guess what?  How about all of the thousands of lifetimes that you potentially have lived on the Earth Star planet?  Could those “loves” have occurred then and you are now maybe just starting to understand how these chance meetings (instant momentary recognitions) really do occur.  Isn’t that a wonderful thought?  We have potentially thousands of recognition “loves” all over the world.

So now I ask the question, “Why can’t we love everyone?”  Just add each of these new “loves” to the ever expanding list of those that our Soul has loved over the thousands of lives we have lived.  Wouldn’t it be nice to rid humanity of all the descriptors and criteria that we have been programmed with all our lives as to whom we should love and who we should not love?  Let us get rid of these programmed criteria and be free to love all personalities.  How do we go about doing that?  Use your POWER OF THOUGHT.  Put the thought out to the Universe that you want to be free to love whoever you want without having to bend to society’s dictates.  And yes, you can include even romantic love to this equation if that is what you desire.  Forget about society and be yourself.  Better yet you should be your Golden Self.

There may be people who have a difficult time expressing love for anybody, yet they do exhibit the ability to love when they dote on their favorite pet or animal.  Some people just are that way and it would appear that they don’t have the capacity to love anything more.  But we must not judge because we and they also, do not know what is contained in the Life Plan (Soul Contract) that they are experiencing during this lifetime.  Everyone is on a different path and some may only want to experience loving animals because their Soul wanted that experience during this lifetime.  And there may be some people who could be speculating as to why that would be.  But that is just foolhardy because it is virtually none of anybody’s business why people act the way they do, is it?

There may be many who believe that Love is limited to only the type of love that I call romantic love.  And yes romantic love is a part of the definition of love but it is certainly only a minor part.  Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you”, and this is the stance that we all should take in our lives.  Now Jesus did not restrict that statement that He made to only those who were like Him in skin color or religious belief or lived in the same country.  The statement that Jesus made was an unrestricted statement!  Why can’t we take the same position and not restrict our Love only to certain others.  It is not like there is a limited amount of Love that each of us has to send out to others.  I believe that there is an UNLIMITED amount of Love that is available to each and every one of us and that we can send this Love out to others all over the world regardless where that may be.

If some may have a hesitation about using their thoughts to send out Love to everyone in the world, maybe just sending out Love to all the children in the world would be a good way to start.  How intimidating would that be?  Small children are just so cute and the look in their eyes of wonder is a special event to behold.  Just visualize seeing those innocent eyes looking back at you as you send Love to each of them regardless where in the world they are living.  Then visualize the soft smile that they give to you just as the little girl did at the cancer center where I had the experience that I related earlier in this article. If you are like me that thought brings a smile to me every time that I send out Love to all the children.

Then as time goes on one can expand that statement of Love to all the children which would include all those that God talks about in His books when He refers to all of us as His Children.  Think about how this practice might be the way for all people in the world to change how they feel about all others in the world.  And that is just what we need for all of humanity to begin caring about all others in the world.  Use your Power of Thought to send a petition to the Universe that the Golden White Light will seek out those in humanity in all parts of the world who are ready to awaken.  And as these individuals awaken they will lead lives that allow others to observe their actions and inquire of these people how they made themselves into such better individuals.  Then these awakened persons can give to others who are inquiring, the information that may cause the Golden White Light to be effective on these people as well.  Then we shall see a snowballing effect begin and in time we will have the world that all of us desire.

Hopefully in the near future there will be no more time for wars or civil conflicts or political turmoil.  How long for this to occur?  Well it won’t begin to happen without your efforts to make it so.  So send out your Love to all others in the world and use your Power of Thought to make it happen.  You do have this POWER that God has told us many times that we have, so use it.

Until next time, Dave aka Phil


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Earth Changes and Humanity Changes

The Gifts of Experience

Message #27

Earth Changes and Humanity Changes

(Note: Dave, the author of these postings is also an active participant in “The Gatherings.” You can find his contact information on “The Gatherings contact Information” page of this website. We encourage each of you to send him an email and INTRODUCE YOURSELF.)

We have read in various sources that there will be Earth changes of undescribed severity because Terra needs to rid herself of negativity that has built up in different locals.  You can have your pick of how severe the changes will be from differing weather patterns that cause problems in certain locations to earthquakes and erupting volcanoes in other locations and maybe even land masses rising in some areas and falling in other areas.  No one knows where the changes will be.  I would guess that there are those who could make a guesstimate of the locations but I believe it would only be a lucky guess at best.

We have also read about changes that are occurring where humanity is acting out in very different ways; at least much different than that observed in the past.  These changes were also mentioned in various sources and the changes may be occurring because of the increasing amount of Light that is being beamed at the Earth.  Basically the shadow riders and the dark get agitated because they don’t like the Light and the large amount of Light is giving them problems.  Again, as in the earth changes you can speculate on how severe the acting out will be and in what form it will take place.

We have seen in America that the political environment has greatly changed with the new administration coming into power in January, 2017.  We view the various events that have occurred and we get much of the information from the newscasts, stories on the internet and the newspapers of the world.  Again, as we see in the earth changes, we don’t really know all of the details because for hundreds of years the media that we depend on to give us the true story has been controlled by the shadow riders.  So we really don’t know the TRUE story about anything that occurs.  Much of the media newscasts and the stories that are reported on the internet are meant to create fear and anxiety in us because that is what the shadow riders want to accomplish.  Even the horrific stories in the past about tsunamis and earthquakes in the Far East and other parts of the world were not told in truth according to those who have studied such occurrences and have found discrepancies in the reporting.

So how are we to approach these events and not become a victim of the false reporting and then how do we really understand what is going on regarding the Earth Star planet?  We must use our observation powers to record, for the lack of a better word, the various events without investing any personal energy into the equation.  This is not an easy thing to accomplish because this is the world we have to live in during this lifetime that we are experiencing.

And therein lays the crux of the matter.  We live in this world!  Another way to put it, we agreed to be here during this time period did we not?  I believe our Soul Contract with the God of this Universe specifically states that we will be here and we will do whatever we can to help humanity and the Earth Star planet heal herself in any way that we can.  That knowledge alone should make it a tad bit easier to make ourselves observe the events occurring on the planet at the present time without expending a great deal of personal energy in the process.  Again, this is not an easy thing to do.

Now back to the first two paragraphs of this article.  We have read that events in the future will become much more troublesome before they get better.  Let me repeat; changes will get much more troublesome before they get better.  Both earth changes and humanity changes will follow that scenario.  This is not the writer of this article saying this.  This information has come to us from sources where God has stated this.  Now I ask you the question.  “Did you believe that one tsunami and an earthquake in the Far East that destroyed a nuclear plant would be the extent of the earth changes?”  Or “did you believe that the political environment that we have experienced in the first few months of 2017 is the end of that and we will soon see everything come together and we can live happily ever after?”  No, upon further deliberation on these matters, many of us probably believe that these events may only be the beginning.  As a side note, there are those who believe that the events in Japan were also really more of a manmade event than that of Terra doing her thing.  Someday in the future the historians will write about the truths of what has really occurred on this planet over the last few hundred years or so and then we will finally have a disclosure for all to learn about.

So what do we do?  We must reach inside of ourselves and follow what our heart says that we must do.  We will have to observe the events that will take place in the future.  We must use all the weapons that we have in our possession to help alleviate the effects of all the events to the best of our ability.  That means for most of us, who are not in any great position of influence, that we must use the gift that the Creator and God gave to us and that is the Power of Thought.

We know that one can never predict where any event will occur from political turmoil to earth changes so we must be in readiness to act when the time comes.  I said act and not “go into fear” when the event occurs.  Of course an earthquake near us will initially scare the daylights out of anyone nearby, but after the initial surprise (Ha!) we must gather our wits and help those who may need help.  And this help does not just concern injuries but we must also work with those who are not awakened to let them learn about how this was foreseen.  We don’t want to convert them to being a spiritual person on the spot, just tell them enough to assuage their fears so that they can become an asset in helping others.

Later when things have quieted down and they ask for more information then we must use our intuition and discernment to determine if we should go ahead and give them enough basic information to answer their initial questions.  Don’t overload the questioner and don’t go into the scenario of attempting to defend your beliefs if they don’t believe you.  God has told us on many occasions that we should never follow that path of defending our beliefs.  We all have a “knowing” and that is “All That There Is”.  If someone wants to debate you, just walk away from them and go on to help those who truly want information because they have reached a grid line and feel the need to talk with you.  Place the event into your memory banks for future reference.

I know that there are readers of this article who are now saying that the writer always comes back to the idea of using our Power of Thought.  And some may be saying that they don’t think that this is enough.  I agree that it may not be enough to make the immediate change that we always like to see because we are not very patient at times.  Well actually, most of the time we are not patient.  But that is life on the Earth Star planet at this point in time.  Get used to it and do what you can for changes to be made for the long term.

Both earth changes and humanity changes will come, guaranteed.  So why are we so upset when these events do happen?  Again we let ourselves invest too much personal energy instead of just observing the event for what it is.  What is reported in the media may not be the actual reason behind the event.  And just because we don’t particularly like what has occurred, we do not have the knowledge to enable us to judge anyone who may or may not be reported as the cause of what has occurred.  We have read in the God Books that there are Souls who have incarnated as “Black Hats” for a very good reason.  Sometimes the Black Hats are not following the Soul Contract and are just utilizing their free expression.  That is something they will have to account for and then judge themselves when the time comes.  BUT, we must also remember that there are Souls who are incarnate at the present who are portraying a Black Hat so that the results of their activity will foster a change in humanity that is desperately needed.  These Black Hats are following the Soul Contract that the Soul made with God and whether we like their actions or not they are endeavoring to accomplish their mission.  Their mission may differ greatly from ours but it is a purpose just like we have a purpose that we hope to accomplish and which we also agreed to perform during this lifetime.

Now I believe that for most of us, we are constantly asking ourselves if we are doing enough or if there is something that we need to be doing every minute of the day and for some maybe even while they sleep.  And then we are reminded that God has mentioned many times in the God Books the expression that, “when you do nothing, you are doing everything”.  We recently had a conference call Gathering where this topic came up and I made some comments during that call.  I now wish to further comment after I have had more time to ponder the expression.  I may be going out on a limb here but that is what my heart says I must do.

I think that it is true that we all want to do whatever we can during this lifetime.  And I know for sure that I have felt this on numerous occasions and sometimes it seems that is all I think about.  There was an instance when I asked the question of Celest and David about what I could do to help.  I was thinking at the time that the help I could render would be physical work like helping somehow with all the tasks that they have to accomplish.  Their immediate answer was that I should write an article.  About what, I asked.  Anything that you want was the reply.  Furthermore they said they would post the article on their website.  Well we all know how that turned out.  This event occurred to one person who never had the slightest idea that he would be writing articles.  I don’t know why it turned out to be me but I guess the Soul that I represent knew and had inserted the activity into the life plan that I am now experiencing.

Now should everyone be writing articles?  I’m not sure that would be a practical thing for a great number of people to do.  Now the crazy thing is that I also wonder if I am doing enough at the present time because I see people who are helping a great many others with all kinds of spiritual activities that they have knowledge of and I don’t.  Should I endeavor to copy their activities and try to create some activity that I presently don’t know of?  I believe the answer to that question is no, I should do what I can and just admire all the others who are doing what they know how to do and just be appreciative of the fact that they can do all that they can do.  There are many such individuals that I know and some are part of the Gatherings Cyndi and I have been a part of.  We all have a purpose that we agreed to accomplish and should be satisfied that we are doing all that we can.

We are all doing everything every day just by thinking about the events that are taking place in the world.  And as the event is occurring we can also have thoughts of how we would want the event to be different in its context.  That thought of wanting the event to be different is doing something.  I believe that many of us believe that we must be doing something all the time that would be considered proactive and physical in nature from protesting in a gathering for some cause or working with others in a group to accomplish another different cause.  And maybe all of these events that we participate in are what we are to do, but I don’t know if that is required of all of us.  I believe we can also sit on the sidelines and send a thought that a protest or a gathering will be successful in its outcome and that is doing something even though we are not physically present and are doing nothing, so to speak.

But during those times that we are resting so that we can go another day, we are doing something because we are doing nothing.  It just appears to us that we are doing nothing.  I believe it is at these times when we view ourselves as doing nothing and may have a guilty feeling about it; that this may be a time that God may be referring to when He says that “to do nothing is to do everything”.  In others words TAKE A BREAK!  You will awaken tomorrow morning and begin your “doing something” when you have rested.

There is also another way to view the “doing nothing” times of our lives.  We are incarnate on the Earth Star planet which has been described by God as the “school house planet” for a really valid reason.  It is tough as nails to be here at times and especially during those times when events are occurring that we are loath to observe.  Among all the tasks that we are to accomplish during this lifetime, observing and recording these events is one of our prime tasks.  By recording I mean that the whole Universe and probably the whole Cosmos is getting a firsthand view of what we are observing.  To record something doesn’t necessarily mean that is has to written down.  Recall the expressions that once something is seen or heard, a person cannot un-see or un-hear it and hence whatever it was is recorded for all time.

Everyone reading this article should be giving themselves a modest pat on the back for even agreeing with God to be here.  You may have volunteered or God may have asked you to be here, but however you came to be here really doesn’t make the experiences any easier at times.  You are here and by sometimes doing “absolutely nothing” you are “doing everything” just because you are here on the Earth Star planet at this point in time.  You agreed to be here and during those times that you feel that you are doing nothing are the times that you are doing everything.  Congratulations!!

Until next time, Phil aka Dave

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How Long to Evolve?

The Gifts of Experience

How Long To Evolve?

Message #26

(Note: Dave, the author of these postings is also an active participant in “The Gatherings.” You can find his contact information on “The Gatherings contact Information” page of this website. We encourage each of you to send him an email and INTRODUCE YOURSELF.)

Seems like a silly question doesn’t it?  Why would we try to put a time estimate on such a monumental task?  I just wrote these two questions and so therefore I believe that it could take hundreds and maybe thousands of lifetimes for a person to evolve to a point of being an EVOLVED PERSON.  So why do I often wonder why it takes me so long in this present lifetime to learn a few lessons that keep coming back time after time.  Now I am not going to describe the lessons in question only that the issues seem to come up repeatedly.  Even after I think that I have put everything in its proper perspective and place.  And then, BOOM, there it is again.  So it’s at that point that I sit back and say, “Will I ever evolve and get past this lesson?”  Then the question comes to mind, “How long will it take to evolve?”

There were times that I used to “blame” the shadow riders for these repeating issues that kept bugging me from time to time.  It was easy to take the easy way out and blame them for my slipping backwards and then having to relearn the lesson.  And maybe there were a few times that it really was the case of intrusions from the shadow riders.  But then I came to realize that they probably would not take that much time to bother with me.  They could, but I think they also knew that I could produce enough of the triggers to bring back these issues myself which would free up the shadow riders to spend more time on tougher subjects.

I read recently that it might be my own intellect that was doing the triggering for the issues to reappear.  I wondered about that and then found that the intellect could very well do such a thing when it thought that it would be protecting the personality in certain situations.  Now the lessons involved are “reintroduced” to the mind by triggers that have been developed during a lifetime of “just living”.  After 75 years of living there are a lot of issues that have been seen, heard, thought, acted upon, spoken about, etc.  And since they are always in your memories, the intellect can call upon them without you consciously wanting the issue to appear.  Now what I don’t understand is why the intellect would want to do such a thing.  The only thing that I can come up with for a reason for the intellect  to do such a thing is maybe the intellect is indeed working with the Soul to test the personality to see if the lesson is truly learned or not.

So in that scenario the Soul knows better than the present personality and just keeps testing and testing the present personality.  And the Soul may know that it needs to do this because in the previous lifetimes, the same issues have always come up and the personality never truly whipped the problem.  Does it take a lot of effort to finally leave the issue behind?  Yes it does!  I was in the Navy for four years and developed the smoking habit.  I smoked for about five to six years and was finally able to kick the habit.  It was a matter of quitting cold turkey one day and never picking up another cigarette.  Not an easy thing to do and for the next ten years or so, I had dreams where I was smoking again and I would chastise myself in the dreams for doing so.However quitting smoking was child’s play compared to resolving to leave some issues behind and never again to respond to the trigger.

Now some readers of this article may be thinking that the writer surely doesn’t have much of a connection between his personality, intellect and the Soul and the reader would be somewhat correct.  There are times when the relationship is good and then there are times when things seem to go haywire.  I have tried to analyze (intellect talking here) the situation and I believe the relationship is much better when I am grounded by reading articles and books that refer to spiritual concepts.  I have recently found a book that clearly lays out how understanding the Universal Laws and how they work can greatly impact a person’s life.  The book was given to my wife and me by a friend.  My wife had started reading the book and then put it aside and I picked it up about six months later.  The information contained in it is very important for a person who wants to understand how to be a spiritual person.  Will reading this book speed up the process of evolvement and shorten the time to evolve?  Well now that is really another silly question and really doesn’t deserve an answer.

So why do we have a propensity for wanting to get things done fast?  Is it just our competitive self that we have to accomplish a task quicker than another or is it just that we want things now and we don’t want to wait.  After all, a shorter time usually equates to having to put in less effort and we are all about wanting to get the most with the least amount of effort; or at least some of us seem to operate that way at times.  Why not relax a little bit and enjoy the ride to being a spiritual person.  Yes we don’t want to take the position of being lazy and waiting for others to spoon feed us, but sometimes hurrying and scurrying about can waste time.  So do a concerted effort to find the best sources that pass your discernment test and devour the material for all that the material can provide to you.  The God Books are sources that are a must to reread a number of times to really get all of the understanding that is contained in them.  God tells us in a later book that He purposely wrote them that way.

God has mentioned from time to time in the books, a phrase that goes like; “Little by little, My works will be done”.  Let us take that phrase and talk about it a little.  Maybe that is why the word evolution is use instead of revolution.  Both words have a meaning related to change but the word evolution has a connotation of taking a long time and the word revolution has a much shorter time period.  Then take the word evolution and use it to make the word evolving.  And using the word evolving we can understand that to evolve will take a very long time.

However using the word revolution we make a word like revolving.  And the word revolving brings up the vision of a person going around and around in a revolving door and virtually getting NOWEHERE!!  And that folks is not a place that we want to be stuck in.  I am afraid that I must add that it would appear that a lot of humanity may be stuck in a revolving door and have no idea that they are in that predicament.  But that is the path they are on and we should just accept that and not pass judgement on them and help them only when they ask for help.

Now I will hazard a guess that there may be an entity somewhere in the Cosmos that could have originally made evolution a much shorter stint of time, maybe with a flick of a finger, but I believe that was not done because then you would have the question, “Where was the experiencing?”  Evolving takes time and I believe that was so because then we could experience all the hills and valleys, twists and turns, anguish and euphoria, and all of the other descriptors that one can come up with to describe life in the physical.  Our physical bodies, personalities, and intellects must travel the LONG road each and every time we incarnate.

So why am I worried about a bunch of triggers that recreate lessons that I must learn in this lifetime.  The answer is not to worry but just buckle down and get the job done so that I don’t have to take these issues with me to future incarnations.

Until next time, Phil aka Dave

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The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience


Message #25

(Note: Phil (Dave) and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

Also, please check out their latest posting on “The Gatherings” Bulletin Board on the Awakened Hearts website about their long journey in the month of August 2016 to meet and connect with other “Gatherers”.  

Blue Star the Pleiadian mentioned them and their latest venture in his “Blue Star Transmission” – “In the Ears of the Beholders.” 


This word is simple enough and I expect that most people would have a quick definition for the word.  The word, truth, is used in multiple ways that would yield only limited interpretations of the word.  “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God” is heard in the courtrooms all over the country on a daily basis.  Not telling the truth on the witness stand could lead to trouble for the witness in the form of a perjury charge filed against him or her if it is proven that their testimony was false.  “Truth or Consequences” was a game show program that was on television a number of years ago.  I don’t exactly remember the gist of the program only the title.  Little children are told by their parents to tell the truth when the child is asked how the lamp was broken.  Now the child may be looking for a way out of a spanking and is thinking up a good story to tell Mom and Dad and hence the admonishment being directed at the child to tell the truth.

But the characterization of truth that I am looking for is more complex and not as straight forward as the examples given above.  The truth that one establishes throughout his or her lifetime can be more complex if the person truly understands the meaning of the word and has developed such a belief for themselves.  I believe that most if not all awakened persons have developed a truth that they live by.  Conversely a person who is tied to the third dimension world of illusions may not have given a thought as to why they should have a truth to live by.  At best any thought process in this direction would be just how much can I get for me before everything is taken and I am left out in the cold.  In other words, they have an “I, me, my” type of truth; if you could even call that a truth.

I wrote an article earlier that was posted in Gifts of Experience that stated that I had a truth that I lived by for most of my life.  One might now ask, “Why not for the writer’s whole life?”  Well there were times when I wasn’t at my best in this lifetime and didn’t have a thought about having a truth or adhering to such a concept as a truth.  But that is in the past and I now only look forward to being the best that I can be in the future.  Some might be saying that this is a cop-out statement by the writer and an easy way out for past behavior but that is my belief and therefore I am what I am and I will leave it there.

A statement I made in that article is that from time to time I changed the truth that I lived by.  Again I speculated that some might have an argument to put forward that if one has a truth to live by, then that truth would not be valid if one changed it.  However I believe when one gains new knowledge, experience and understanding, there is the potential to change one’s truth.  AND here is where the definition of truth that we want to talk about really differs from the examples given above in the first paragraph regarding testimony, game show play and the child with the broken lamp.  The examples in the first paragraph really don’t provide an opportunity to change truth and still comply with the definition of truth as used in the examples.  Let us look at what some of the components that would have to be taken into consideration when developing a “truth to live by”.

When a person breaks out of the hold of the world of Illusions and starts to ask questions that can’t be answered by this world of illusions then the person can begin the journey down the path to becoming an awakened person.  As this person gains knowledge and wisdom, I believe they then have the need to develop a truth to live by.  As the pieces of knowledge begin to be acquired, the truth that they hold begins to evolve and take shape.  As new knowledge is found, the truth changes as each piece is acquired and put into place.  How long does this process take?  It could take a lifetime or many lifetimes, or as someone once said, “It will take as long as it takes.”

Now some may be asking, “When will this breakout from the world of illusions occur”?  Will there be sirens blasting to get your attention or will someone come up to you and say “You need to become a spiritual person”.  These two examples could have occurred but I think that for most people it will be a very quiet steady process that begins with a nudge from the Soul that you represent to a point that it becomes something that stays in the forefront of your mind until you take action on it.  There are timelines or gridlines that the Soul designs into your life plan that provide opportunities to begin down the path to being a spiritual person.  I believe it is at these times that one begins to put together the pieces that will make up the truth that one lives by.

As one begins this process, one learns and acquires knowledge of how the world of illusions has led humanity astray by the programming we all have been subjected to by our elders or the “system”.  We learn how those who supposedly had our best interests at heart, really didn’t have the real truths to teach us because they themselves were led astray by those who taught them.  This process went on for generation after generation.  But once we break out of this confine we then can search for the truth and in the process we may be able to help others who are also seeking answers to the questions they have.  And we get help from others that many times we don’t acknowledge because the help is so subtle that we don’t recognize it but it is there and it is there for our benefit.  You might say it is like Soul “A” making contact with Soul “B” to impart information from personality “A” to personality “B”.  Sound a little farfetched?  Maybe but I don’t think anyone can say for sure that it doesn’t happen like that, so let us just believe that it does and be grateful for the occurrence.

As a spiritual person you would have a belief system that would be grounded in the fact that one has a direct connection with the God of this Universe and that we don’t have a need for an intermediary such as a preacher or a priest to help us make a connection to God.  Thus we have a change in the truth we live by that says that religion is not for us anymore.  We know that we can talk to God at any time and in any scenario because we know that God is always at our shoulder because God has told us that He is always with us.  We also know that His Love is unconditional and has remained so for as long as we have been and will be for as long as we will be.

Another component of a spiritual person’s truth would be the knowledge that the Creator established Reincarnation that allows the Soul to design lifetimes that would provide experiencing in a myriad of ways for the many lifetimes that each Soul designs.  The fact that reincarnation exists and is included in a person’s truth is the most enabling concept that a person can have knowledge of.  It gives every person “freedom” in many ways.  To me the most important freedom is the fact that death is not the end but only the beginning for the planning for another lifetime.  There is no longer any fear of death, only that we all will pass over when our life plan calls for this action on our part.  AND EVERYONE’S LIFE PLAN HAS DEATH AT THE END OF THE LIFE PLAN!  IT IS WHAT IT IS!

The next important freedom that is contained in the reincarnation concept is that we can learn different lessons in each lifetime.  Now there are lifetimes when the learning is not very pleasant and at times downright horrific, but it is for the experiencing that the Soul wanted.  Yes at times we perish from lessor quality scenarios that are designed into the life plan.  But there are also scenarios where we flourish and gain great ground in our evolvement and provide help and service to others as well as to ourselves.  We know as we gain knowledge and our truth changes we can count on our senses to help lead us down the path that the life plan has designed into it.  We also know that when we stray from the life plan we know that we will probably have the same scenario designed into a subsequent life plan until we satisfactorily learn the lesson the Soul wanted us to learn.

Now if the truth that one lives by includes the knowledge from the above paragraph and such knowledge is applied to all of the family and friends that one has, such knowledge answers a variety of questions as to why some folks have different calamities occur in their lifetimes while others seem to have an “easier” road to follow.  There will be good times and there will be not so good times in everyone’s lifetime.  It will depend on the design of the life plan that the Soul that they represent decided for that life plan.  Now having this knowledge in the truth that one lives by will provide an explanation of the different scenarios.  But it won’t obviate any of the personal grief that a person can feel.  It is just after some time the knowledge will provide probable answers to why something happened.

In addition to the concept of reincarnation, the Creator gave the Universal Law of Freedom of Expression and a correlated concept of Non Interference.  So each entity can use their freedom of expression without having to worry about anyone stopping them because no entity can interfere with another’s use of their freedom of expression.  This sounds like a win-win situation for everyone doesn’t it.  But boy oh boy can we sometimes really get into a fix when we take the approach that it is always a win-win situation.  Yes we have freedom of expression and we use it daily I would guess, but there are times when we should back off and not use it.  How would we know if those times occur?  Well we have our intuition to “nudge” us that what we are about to do would not be a good thing.  And then if we disregard the nudge from our intuition we may get a nudge from our conscience that the thought, word or deed was not a proper thing to do.  Then we may have to make repairs to the thought, word or deed and this could cause us some anxiety until we have corrected the situation.

The knowledge of freedom of expression and noninterference adds to the truth that we live by.  We also know that thoughts, words or deeds by a personality can be part of a life plan or can be the result of using freedom of expression.  We don’t know which it is for us or more importantly we surely don’t know what it is for any other personality in the Universe.   And therefore we cannot and must not judge the thoughts, words or deeds of others.  This must also be a part of the truth that we live by.  Do we follow this part of the truth that we live by every moment in our lives?  No, I don’t think any of us always can say that we do.  But we have to try because that is what the Soul that we represent wants us to do.

I believe the truth that each of us lives by should also include how we relate to others in the world.  Do we have a truth that is allocated to only those that we “like” or “trust” or live in our area geographically?  And then maybe we have a different truth for all of the others who exist outside of our “territory”.  Well I believe that truth must apply to all of the Souls that the God of this Universe birthed, whether it is plant, animal or mineral.  If we have a truth that states that we should love all entities that represent Souls, then that truth must apply to all of humanity on the Earth Star Planet and all of the rest of the Souls, especially including Terra.  And if we love Terra, then why don’t we use our Power of Thought to change the environment to where we will have a conveyance in the future that doesn’t burn hydrocarbons as a source of power to “get around”.  We have this power of thought, but I will wager that few use it every day.  Many may not have the Power of Thought in the truth that they live by, maybe because it is a concept that they may not have thought about.  Well here it is folks, it is real and it is available to EVERYONE!  God said that we have the power of our thought.

My belief that the power of thought is a true concept comes from the realization that we know that we are a part of God and that God is a part of us.  God used His Power of Thought to form Gaia the Soul that incarnated as the Earth Star Planet known as Terra.  Since we are a part of God and God is a part of us and God used his thought to form Terra, then we should have the belief that our thoughts are power just like God told us they are.  So the only thing lacking from inserting the Power of Thought into the truth that we live by is us not taking that action.  People, please include your Power of Thought in your truth and use your Power of Thought every day for how you want the world of the future to be.  Don’t be shy about using your Power of Thought.  It can be part of your truth and if utilized for the greater good, will create the world that you want for yourselves and for your descendants in the future.

The content of the “truth that one lives by” is not limited to the truths stated above.  More than likely every person will have many more truths and each person will have a different set of truths than that of the next person.  It might be a fruitful exercise to sit down and develop a list of those truths that you would want to be included in a list for yourself.  And as you gain knowledge don’t hesitate to incorporate the new knowledge into the truth that you live by.

Until next time, Phil aka Dave

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