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The Gifts of Experience

How Long to Evolve?

The Gifts of Experience

How Long To Evolve?

Message #26

(Note: Dave, the author of these postings is also an active participant in “The Gatherings.” You can find his contact information on “The Gatherings contact Information” page of this website. We encourage each of you to send him an email and INTRODUCE YOURSELF.)

Seems like a silly question doesn’t it?  Why would we try to put a time estimate on such a monumental task?  I just wrote these two questions and so therefore I believe that it could take hundreds and maybe thousands of lifetimes for a person to evolve to a point of being an EVOLVED PERSON.  So why do I often wonder why it takes me so long in this present lifetime to learn a few lessons that keep coming back time after time.  Now I am not going to describe the lessons in question only that the issues seem to come up repeatedly.  Even after I think that I have put everything in its proper perspective and place.  And then, BOOM, there it is again.  So it’s at that point that I sit back and say, “Will I ever evolve and get past this lesson?”  Then the question comes to mind, “How long will it take to evolve?”

There were times that I used to “blame” the shadow riders for these repeating issues that kept bugging me from time to time.  It was easy to take the easy way out and blame them for my slipping backwards and then having to relearn the lesson.  And maybe there were a few times that it really was the case of intrusions from the shadow riders.  But then I came to realize that they probably would not take that much time to bother with me.  They could, but I think they also knew that I could produce enough of the triggers to bring back these issues myself which would free up the shadow riders to spend more time on tougher subjects.

I read recently that it might be my own intellect that was doing the triggering for the issues to reappear.  I wondered about that and then found that the intellect could very well do such a thing when it thought that it would be protecting the personality in certain situations.  Now the lessons involved are “reintroduced” to the mind by triggers that have been developed during a lifetime of “just living”.  After 75 years of living there are a lot of issues that have been seen, heard, thought, acted upon, spoken about, etc.  And since they are always in your memories, the intellect can call upon them without you consciously wanting the issue to appear.  Now what I don’t understand is why the intellect would want to do such a thing.  The only thing that I can come up with for a reason for the intellect  to do such a thing is maybe the intellect is indeed working with the Soul to test the personality to see if the lesson is truly learned or not.

So in that scenario the Soul knows better than the present personality and just keeps testing and testing the present personality.  And the Soul may know that it needs to do this because in the previous lifetimes, the same issues have always come up and the personality never truly whipped the problem.  Does it take a lot of effort to finally leave the issue behind?  Yes it does!  I was in the Navy for four years and developed the smoking habit.  I smoked for about five to six years and was finally able to kick the habit.  It was a matter of quitting cold turkey one day and never picking up another cigarette.  Not an easy thing to do and for the next ten years or so, I had dreams where I was smoking again and I would chastise myself in the dreams for doing so.However quitting smoking was child’s play compared to resolving to leave some issues behind and never again to respond to the trigger.

Now some readers of this article may be thinking that the writer surely doesn’t have much of a connection between his personality, intellect and the Soul and the reader would be somewhat correct.  There are times when the relationship is good and then there are times when things seem to go haywire.  I have tried to analyze (intellect talking here) the situation and I believe the relationship is much better when I am grounded by reading articles and books that refer to spiritual concepts.  I have recently found a book that clearly lays out how understanding the Universal Laws and how they work can greatly impact a person’s life.  The book was given to my wife and me by a friend.  My wife had started reading the book and then put it aside and I picked it up about six months later.  The information contained in it is very important for a person who wants to understand how to be a spiritual person.  Will reading this book speed up the process of evolvement and shorten the time to evolve?  Well now that is really another silly question and really doesn’t deserve an answer.

So why do we have a propensity for wanting to get things done fast?  Is it just our competitive self that we have to accomplish a task quicker than another or is it just that we want things now and we don’t want to wait.  After all, a shorter time usually equates to having to put in less effort and we are all about wanting to get the most with the least amount of effort; or at least some of us seem to operate that way at times.  Why not relax a little bit and enjoy the ride to being a spiritual person.  Yes we don’t want to take the position of being lazy and waiting for others to spoon feed us, but sometimes hurrying and scurrying about can waste time.  So do a concerted effort to find the best sources that pass your discernment test and devour the material for all that the material can provide to you.  The God Books are sources that are a must to reread a number of times to really get all of the understanding that is contained in them.  God tells us in a later book that He purposely wrote them that way.

God has mentioned from time to time in the books, a phrase that goes like; “Little by little, My works will be done”.  Let us take that phrase and talk about it a little.  Maybe that is why the word evolution is use instead of revolution.  Both words have a meaning related to change but the word evolution has a connotation of taking a long time and the word revolution has a much shorter time period.  Then take the word evolution and use it to make the word evolving.  And using the word evolving we can understand that to evolve will take a very long time.

However using the word revolution we make a word like revolving.  And the word revolving brings up the vision of a person going around and around in a revolving door and virtually getting NOWEHERE!!  And that folks is not a place that we want to be stuck in.  I am afraid that I must add that it would appear that a lot of humanity may be stuck in a revolving door and have no idea that they are in that predicament.  But that is the path they are on and we should just accept that and not pass judgement on them and help them only when they ask for help.

Now I will hazard a guess that there may be an entity somewhere in the Cosmos that could have originally made evolution a much shorter stint of time, maybe with a flick of a finger, but I believe that was not done because then you would have the question, “Where was the experiencing?”  Evolving takes time and I believe that was so because then we could experience all the hills and valleys, twists and turns, anguish and euphoria, and all of the other descriptors that one can come up with to describe life in the physical.  Our physical bodies, personalities, and intellects must travel the LONG road each and every time we incarnate.

So why am I worried about a bunch of triggers that recreate lessons that I must learn in this lifetime.  The answer is not to worry but just buckle down and get the job done so that I don’t have to take these issues with me to future incarnations.

Until next time, Phil aka Dave

The Gifts of Experience /



The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience


Message #25

(Note: Phil (Dave) and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

Also, please check out their latest posting on “The Gatherings” Bulletin Board on the Awakened Hearts website about their long journey in the month of August 2016 to meet and connect with other “Gatherers”.  

Blue Star the Pleiadian mentioned them and their latest venture in his “Blue Star Transmission” – “In the Ears of the Beholders.” 


This word is simple enough and I expect that most people would have a quick definition for the word.  The word, truth, is used in multiple ways that would yield only limited interpretations of the word.  “I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God” is heard in the courtrooms all over the country on a daily basis.  Not telling the truth on the witness stand could lead to trouble for the witness in the form of a perjury charge filed against him or her if it is proven that their testimony was false.  “Truth or Consequences” was a game show program that was on television a number of years ago.  I don’t exactly remember the gist of the program only the title.  Little children are told by their parents to tell the truth when the child is asked how the lamp was broken.  Now the child may be looking for a way out of a spanking and is thinking up a good story to tell Mom and Dad and hence the admonishment being directed at the child to tell the truth.

But the characterization of truth that I am looking for is more complex and not as straight forward as the examples given above.  The truth that one establishes throughout his or her lifetime can be more complex if the person truly understands the meaning of the word and has developed such a belief for themselves.  I believe that most if not all awakened persons have developed a truth that they live by.  Conversely a person who is tied to the third dimension world of illusions may not have given a thought as to why they should have a truth to live by.  At best any thought process in this direction would be just how much can I get for me before everything is taken and I am left out in the cold.  In other words, they have an “I, me, my” type of truth; if you could even call that a truth.

I wrote an article earlier that was posted in Gifts of Experience that stated that I had a truth that I lived by for most of my life.  One might now ask, “Why not for the writer’s whole life?”  Well there were times when I wasn’t at my best in this lifetime and didn’t have a thought about having a truth or adhering to such a concept as a truth.  But that is in the past and I now only look forward to being the best that I can be in the future.  Some might be saying that this is a cop-out statement by the writer and an easy way out for past behavior but that is my belief and therefore I am what I am and I will leave it there.

A statement I made in that article is that from time to time I changed the truth that I lived by.  Again I speculated that some might have an argument to put forward that if one has a truth to live by, then that truth would not be valid if one changed it.  However I believe when one gains new knowledge, experience and understanding, there is the potential to change one’s truth.  AND here is where the definition of truth that we want to talk about really differs from the examples given above in the first paragraph regarding testimony, game show play and the child with the broken lamp.  The examples in the first paragraph really don’t provide an opportunity to change truth and still comply with the definition of truth as used in the examples.  Let us look at what some of the components that would have to be taken into consideration when developing a “truth to live by”.

When a person breaks out of the hold of the world of Illusions and starts to ask questions that can’t be answered by this world of illusions then the person can begin the journey down the path to becoming an awakened person.  As this person gains knowledge and wisdom, I believe they then have the need to develop a truth to live by.  As the pieces of knowledge begin to be acquired, the truth that they hold begins to evolve and take shape.  As new knowledge is found, the truth changes as each piece is acquired and put into place.  How long does this process take?  It could take a lifetime or many lifetimes, or as someone once said, “It will take as long as it takes.”

Now some may be asking, “When will this breakout from the world of illusions occur”?  Will there be sirens blasting to get your attention or will someone come up to you and say “You need to become a spiritual person”.  These two examples could have occurred but I think that for most people it will be a very quiet steady process that begins with a nudge from the Soul that you represent to a point that it becomes something that stays in the forefront of your mind until you take action on it.  There are timelines or gridlines that the Soul designs into your life plan that provide opportunities to begin down the path to being a spiritual person.  I believe it is at these times that one begins to put together the pieces that will make up the truth that one lives by.

As one begins this process, one learns and acquires knowledge of how the world of illusions has led humanity astray by the programming we all have been subjected to by our elders or the “system”.  We learn how those who supposedly had our best interests at heart, really didn’t have the real truths to teach us because they themselves were led astray by those who taught them.  This process went on for generation after generation.  But once we break out of this confine we then can search for the truth and in the process we may be able to help others who are also seeking answers to the questions they have.  And we get help from others that many times we don’t acknowledge because the help is so subtle that we don’t recognize it but it is there and it is there for our benefit.  You might say it is like Soul “A” making contact with Soul “B” to impart information from personality “A” to personality “B”.  Sound a little farfetched?  Maybe but I don’t think anyone can say for sure that it doesn’t happen like that, so let us just believe that it does and be grateful for the occurrence.

As a spiritual person you would have a belief system that would be grounded in the fact that one has a direct connection with the God of this Universe and that we don’t have a need for an intermediary such as a preacher or a priest to help us make a connection to God.  Thus we have a change in the truth we live by that says that religion is not for us anymore.  We know that we can talk to God at any time and in any scenario because we know that God is always at our shoulder because God has told us that He is always with us.  We also know that His Love is unconditional and has remained so for as long as we have been and will be for as long as we will be.

Another component of a spiritual person’s truth would be the knowledge that the Creator established Reincarnation that allows the Soul to design lifetimes that would provide experiencing in a myriad of ways for the many lifetimes that each Soul designs.  The fact that reincarnation exists and is included in a person’s truth is the most enabling concept that a person can have knowledge of.  It gives every person “freedom” in many ways.  To me the most important freedom is the fact that death is not the end but only the beginning for the planning for another lifetime.  There is no longer any fear of death, only that we all will pass over when our life plan calls for this action on our part.  AND EVERYONE’S LIFE PLAN HAS DEATH AT THE END OF THE LIFE PLAN!  IT IS WHAT IT IS!

The next important freedom that is contained in the reincarnation concept is that we can learn different lessons in each lifetime.  Now there are lifetimes when the learning is not very pleasant and at times downright horrific, but it is for the experiencing that the Soul wanted.  Yes at times we perish from lessor quality scenarios that are designed into the life plan.  But there are also scenarios where we flourish and gain great ground in our evolvement and provide help and service to others as well as to ourselves.  We know as we gain knowledge and our truth changes we can count on our senses to help lead us down the path that the life plan has designed into it.  We also know that when we stray from the life plan we know that we will probably have the same scenario designed into a subsequent life plan until we satisfactorily learn the lesson the Soul wanted us to learn.

Now if the truth that one lives by includes the knowledge from the above paragraph and such knowledge is applied to all of the family and friends that one has, such knowledge answers a variety of questions as to why some folks have different calamities occur in their lifetimes while others seem to have an “easier” road to follow.  There will be good times and there will be not so good times in everyone’s lifetime.  It will depend on the design of the life plan that the Soul that they represent decided for that life plan.  Now having this knowledge in the truth that one lives by will provide an explanation of the different scenarios.  But it won’t obviate any of the personal grief that a person can feel.  It is just after some time the knowledge will provide probable answers to why something happened.

In addition to the concept of reincarnation, the Creator gave the Universal Law of Freedom of Expression and a correlated concept of Non Interference.  So each entity can use their freedom of expression without having to worry about anyone stopping them because no entity can interfere with another’s use of their freedom of expression.  This sounds like a win-win situation for everyone doesn’t it.  But boy oh boy can we sometimes really get into a fix when we take the approach that it is always a win-win situation.  Yes we have freedom of expression and we use it daily I would guess, but there are times when we should back off and not use it.  How would we know if those times occur?  Well we have our intuition to “nudge” us that what we are about to do would not be a good thing.  And then if we disregard the nudge from our intuition we may get a nudge from our conscience that the thought, word or deed was not a proper thing to do.  Then we may have to make repairs to the thought, word or deed and this could cause us some anxiety until we have corrected the situation.

The knowledge of freedom of expression and noninterference adds to the truth that we live by.  We also know that thoughts, words or deeds by a personality can be part of a life plan or can be the result of using freedom of expression.  We don’t know which it is for us or more importantly we surely don’t know what it is for any other personality in the Universe.   And therefore we cannot and must not judge the thoughts, words or deeds of others.  This must also be a part of the truth that we live by.  Do we follow this part of the truth that we live by every moment in our lives?  No, I don’t think any of us always can say that we do.  But we have to try because that is what the Soul that we represent wants us to do.

I believe the truth that each of us lives by should also include how we relate to others in the world.  Do we have a truth that is allocated to only those that we “like” or “trust” or live in our area geographically?  And then maybe we have a different truth for all of the others who exist outside of our “territory”.  Well I believe that truth must apply to all of the Souls that the God of this Universe birthed, whether it is plant, animal or mineral.  If we have a truth that states that we should love all entities that represent Souls, then that truth must apply to all of humanity on the Earth Star Planet and all of the rest of the Souls, especially including Terra.  And if we love Terra, then why don’t we use our Power of Thought to change the environment to where we will have a conveyance in the future that doesn’t burn hydrocarbons as a source of power to “get around”.  We have this power of thought, but I will wager that few use it every day.  Many may not have the Power of Thought in the truth that they live by, maybe because it is a concept that they may not have thought about.  Well here it is folks, it is real and it is available to EVERYONE!  God said that we have the power of our thought.

My belief that the power of thought is a true concept comes from the realization that we know that we are a part of God and that God is a part of us.  God used His Power of Thought to form Gaia the Soul that incarnated as the Earth Star Planet known as Terra.  Since we are a part of God and God is a part of us and God used his thought to form Terra, then we should have the belief that our thoughts are power just like God told us they are.  So the only thing lacking from inserting the Power of Thought into the truth that we live by is us not taking that action.  People, please include your Power of Thought in your truth and use your Power of Thought every day for how you want the world of the future to be.  Don’t be shy about using your Power of Thought.  It can be part of your truth and if utilized for the greater good, will create the world that you want for yourselves and for your descendants in the future.

The content of the “truth that one lives by” is not limited to the truths stated above.  More than likely every person will have many more truths and each person will have a different set of truths than that of the next person.  It might be a fruitful exercise to sit down and develop a list of those truths that you would want to be included in a list for yourself.  And as you gain knowledge don’t hesitate to incorporate the new knowledge into the truth that you live by.

Until next time, Phil aka Dave

The Gifts of Experience /



~ Gatherings ~

Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts

Written by Dave (Phil) and Cyndi


(A special message from Dave and Cyndi about their recent expedition to meet in person with others who, like them, are a part of “The Gatherings.”)

Back in January of 2016, when Cyndi, Katherine and I (Dave) were working on the January 25th posting for the beginning of the Gatherings, I had the vision that we would receive many requests to be a part of something that was described in the January 25th Blue Star transmission as a process that would continue forever.  The start of the Gatherings didn’t occur as I had envisioned and I felt a mild form of disappointment that like-minded persons didn’t respond to the invitation.  There were responses and they came from all over the world, but not in the numbers that I had envisioned.  However many of the respondents have taken the initiative to expand their circle of people that they have met on line through emails and such.

So why have some begun and others have not?  I think in the latter case, people don’t really know how to begin and even though they wish to become part of a larger picture, (the non-ending picture) they hesitate to begin as they may not know how to start out to accomplish the task.  And they don’t want it to appear to others that they don’t quite know how to begin.  Isn’t this the way that we have generally conducted our lives to this point in time whenever we wish to try something new and different?  Think about how you felt when you thought you needed to take a new job but were hesitant to explore the new possibilities that may have been available to you.  Questions like; were you making the right choice or were there other better choices out there that you were not aware of.

Then you either jumped into something different or you stayed in the safe environment that you were used to and just stayed in the same job.  Maybe down the road you regretted the decision to not make the change because events proved that the other position you passed on would have fitted your skill-set much better.  Life is like that.  You just don’t know for sure where you should be at any time.  However, I believe in what I have read that says that you will be where you are meant to be at any given time.

So why would making a decision to pass on a job that would keep you in a place that you were meant to be, be the right choice when future events proved that the job you passed on would have fit your skill-set better?  Maybe the personality needed the experience of observing that it should have taken the chance to make a change so that when future choices come about and they do, that the personality will have a better discernment on how to go about making a change.  And when that new job becomes available, it indeed will be a better experience that the Soul wanted and hence the second job opportunity was the better choice.

So what is the writer trying to impart with this mumbo jumbo about taking a job or not?  TAKING CHANCES is what we are to do in life.  But don’t forget to use your discernment and intuition to evaluate the chance.  (Going off halfcocked willy-nilly and see where the chips may fall is not what I meant either.)  Playing it safe is very easy and we don’t really have to put much effort into staying pat in our lives.  And we can spend another incarnation just wasting the opportunity to learn and make a difference.

Cyndi and I took a chance by announcing on the Awakened Hearts website about the route for a trip that we were taking to visit relatives in the Northwest U.S. in August of 2016.  If we had decided to pass on the opportunity, it would have been easier to plan the trip as we had done the preceding three years and no one would have known the difference.  No one!  However that was not our choice and so we were delighted when we received a number of responses from people who wanted us to stop and have mini-Gatherings.  What difference does it make if there are two, three or more; it is still a Gathering.  God has said, “That whenever two or more are gathering in My name….”

How did agreeing to meet with other like-minded people change our trip?  Well it did extend the trip as it took six weeks and 6300 miles of driving, but we have never had a road trip like this before.  It was just wonderful and we made new friends at every stop that we made.  We have learned more than we could have ever hoped for.  We talked and listened in some of the most beautiful settings on this Earth Star Planet.  I really just marvel at the beauty that we were allowed to be in and I thank Terra for her wonderful landscape.  We hope to be able to travel again and meet with like-minded people in the future.

Now what was it like to meet with people we had never met and have a Gathering?  Somehow we never thought that we would be hesitant as some reading this may be thinking they would be if they were in our shoes.  As it turned out most of those we met have been on the spiritual path longer than we have.  Some were accomplished at things that we can only marvel at as to how they do what they do.  Did that intimidate us?  No, we just used the opportunity to learn from them and it was a wonderful experience for us and I believe for them also.  Most people really want to help others learn and the experience is good for both parties.  In all Gatherings on this trip, we wished that there was more time to spend together, but we are grateful for all who invited us and took the time to meet with us.  It was truly an experience that we will remember.  We have been involved with six Gatherings so far since January 25, 2016.  Each and every one has been a truly enjoyable experience and we felt that those that we met with had the same feeling.

So dear readers are you ready to take a chance and meet with others? I know most readers can say that there aren’t that many people near them and that they can’t travel like Cyndi and Dave do because, unlike Cyndi and Dave, they have to work to make a living.  Work does have its requirements and we do have a real advantage being retired with a certain amount of means to travel.  However we don’t fly because the expense is too great for us and that is why we always drive.  And also by flying over this beautiful planet you don’t get to see the beauty that Terra offers in her varied landscapes.

Now there are persons who have requested that their contact information be listed as Gathering contacts on the Awakened Hearts website.  And people interested in a Gathering can contact these people to express their interest.  I believe there may be some hesitation by some who aren’t making the contact because they may feel that they don’t have the ability or maybe the time to meet with someone who could be a fair distance away from where they live.  And so these people just pass on making the contact.  But there IS a way to make contact without the time and expense of physically traveling to attend a Gathering.

The group known as the “Pacific Northwest Pipeline” has come up with a method that worked well for them.  They set up a conference call program and they use this method for Gathering. Cyndi and I met with each member of this group individually before they had even met each other in person.  During the summer months they had some scheduling issues due to differing vacation schedules.  But they each said that they were ready to set up new schedules once all the summer travel plans for each had concluded.  Folks this Gathering method works very well.

Now for those who have their contact information listed on the website, you might consider requesting that your contact information be listed under a banner of “Conference Call Gatherings”.  In this way you are indicating that you are open to establishing a conference call arrangement for establishing Gatherings in your area.  Please contact Celest and David to have your contact information grouped with others under a banner that would indicate that you are open to establishing a conference call arrangement type of Gathering.

Respondents to the contact information could then begin an email communication that may eventually lead to a conference call arrangement to conduct Gatherings. This is a way for people of like-mind to make email contact which could lead to developing phone relationships within the conference call program and maybe someday have the opportunity to meet in person in the future. This would take out the hesitancy of traveling to meet others that some may be feeling at the present time just because it does takes time and expense to do so.  Good relationships may be developed to a point that the time and expense would be worth it to meet and Gather in person.

The conference call Gathering is a proven method that the Pacific Northwest Pipeline has formed in this fashion.  And as I mentioned earlier we met with each of the three in their home environment even before they met each other on a personal visit.  They make it work and have invited us to be a part of the conference calls in the future if our schedule permits.

Now those of you readers who frequently visit the Awakened Hearts website who have not responded to any invitation to join in on the Gatherings because you felt that traveling would require too much time to meet with other like-minded people might now have a different idea of how to establish a connection with others in the form of utilizing the conference call method of contacting.

So what did we talk about in our Gatherings?  Anything and everything would about cover it.  All of us told about how we began on the Spiritual path and what sources we have come in contact with during that time period.  We related the timing of our awakening and the materials that we utilized during that period of our lives.  It was interesting that most had used materials early on and then when new materials were found the older materials were put aside.  Not because they weren’t good materials that should not have been used, only that they were replaced by better material to better fit to the level of experience that the individual required.

My belief was that this was a very beneficial part of the conversation for all parties.  Were any of us intimidated by any of the others because someone had the perception that they were conversing with a more evolved personality?  There was no intimidation apparent to us even though upon reflection after the Gathering, I would now say that Cyndi and I were probably not the more evolved personalities in the conversation.  It didn’t make any difference to any of us; we just thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Did we help each other by being the teacher at times and at times being the student?  YES!  Did we realize it at the time that this was happening?  I’m not sure about that because I can only answer this question for myself and the answer is that I did not realize it at the time.  It was only upon reflection after the event that I realized that I had learned a great deal and that I hoped that I had helped the others in some small way.  And this is the real value to the Gatherings.  Learn by being the teacher at times and being the student at other times.

Until next time, Phil, aka Dave


The Gatherings Bulletin Board

The Gifts of Experience /

Let the Gatherings Begin


Note from Celest and David;

If you would like to be a part of “The Gatherings” in this aspect or wish to start up your own “Gatherings” please email us at

and we will do our best to share your contact information with those who have already stepped forward to be facilitators. YOU SHOULD ALSO contact the individual “facilitators” directly; all their contact information is posted on the Awakenedhearts website.

Any facilitator who has a desire to expand their groups by adding the option for voice communication to their ever-expanding “living as a true human Being” life résumé PLEASE contact us and we will put a note by your name and appropriate contact information expressing your willingness to do so.

Remember, time IS an illusion (everything happens in The NOW, here-forth eternally and fondly referred to as The Golden NOW) and distance as well can be viewed as an illusion if you take into account the advances in technology, which we should all use as the “tools” they were intended to be. Also the fact that most people these days have free long-distance calling on their phones “Bridges the Gap” of perceived physical limitations. Likewise those who “live across the water” can utilize the vast reach of the internet and utilize phone services such as Skype or other “free conference calls” phone-lines and websites which are now becoming readily available. So you see there really is no reason why any of us should feel alone when we are all merely a thought, or a click, or a call away. There is no need to wait to connect with one another during “The Party of an Infinite Kind” we will all be attending once this current incarnation is over to once again be united together. Celebrate life for the “GIFT” it truly is. Learn to “Live in the Moment, not for the moment.” Most of those whom we call our dearest friends we met through the internet and over time have forged relationships with which will continue into infinity and last throughout eternity. The fact that we may never meet in person during the course of this life-experience does not negate in any way the fondness and closeness we feel for each of them.

WE OURSELVES will also be willing to take part in these “calls” as our time allows.

So what are you waiting for, the multidimensional UNIVERSAL Time Clock is tick, tick, ticking…

Salude and “Gather” because YOU CAN!



Previous posting on “The Gatherings Bulletin Board” which describes their intended travels to meet with others

Spiritual Friends of Awakened Hearts  

Notice of May 30, 2016 pertaining to the month of AUGUST 2016

Dave and Cyndi are part of the group of three which includes Katherine that developed the first notice of the Gatherings that was posted on Awakened Hearts in late January, 2016.  This group currently is the only one overseeing any of “The Gatherings” in the state of Texas and surrounding areas.

Dave and Cyndi wish now to disclose the more involved relationship they have had with Awakened Hearts for some time now.  Since June of 2013, Dave has been a contributor to the Awakened Hearts website by writing articles under the pen name of Phil.  These articles were written by Dave and edited by Cyndi and are posted under “Gifts of Experience” on the website.  We are truly grateful for the experiences we have had since the beginning of the writing and the posting of the articles to the website.

Dave and Cyndi are retired and travel around the country visiting friends and family, mostly during the summer months.  We are planning a trip during the month of August to the Northwest to visit our family member who lives in the Washington/Idaho area.  Our plan is to leave northeast Texas and travel west through Texas, tentatively over to the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area, then through Southern Colorado over to Colorado Springs.  From there north to the Denver/Fort Collins area, west to Utah, up through Boise, Idaho and on north to the Pullman/Moscow/Spokane area.  This route is similar to that which we have taken in the past when traveling to the Northwest.

We would like to meet with any person(s) who would like to do so and would ask that you contact us on in the near future to facilitate the planning of our venture.  The sooner we can gauge any interest the more we can establish our travel plans and set meeting dates in the various areas.  We will be in the Pullman/Moscow area for a two week period of time and could weekday travel to a meeting within a 150 mile radius from that area.

We welcome anyone reading this website to contact us at the above email address to express their interest in meeting for a short time for coffee or lunch or dinner.  We are flexible and willing to meet one or more during these meetings.  Again we would need a little time to plan our trip and would appreciate an early indication of any interest to meet from anyone reading this message.  Once the trip is firmed up we will post another notice on the website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dave/Phil and Cyndi/Kaye



Viewing our Evolving Selves

The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience

“Viewing Our Evolving Selves”

Message #24

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

Also, please check out their latest posting on “The Gatherings” Bulletin Board on the Awakened Hearts website about their ongoing trip in the month of August 2016 to meet and connect with other “Gatherers” of like-mind.  

Blue Star the Pleiadian mentioned them and their venture in his current “Blue Star Transmission” “In the Ears of the Beholders.” 

Warning!! This may be a little convoluted because I really don’t know how to judge how evolved I am or how advanced others are or appear to be to me, or not.  Five to ten years ago I would have said that I was just a “newbie” on the journey to becoming awakened.  By that time I had read a number of books including the “Matthew Books” and the first few books of “The God Book Series.”  I would read about many issues that were new to me and they somehow resonated with me and encouraged me to continue down the path of learning more to become a spiritual person.  But was I one of the personalities that were mentioned in the books as being an important entity forthe hope of the future of mankind and the Earth Star Planet?  Back then I didn’t view myself as such even though I now think that I may have been a “person of interest” on some level or another.

But when you really think about it, how important is it to have a label attached to you designating your spiritual progress?  Everyone, and I include EVERYONE, is on a different path of evolvement and as they say, you are what you are, so get over having a label that some might think would make them better(?) or more advanced than someone else.  We all should be working together to achieve that level of evolvement that the Soul we represent had designed into the present life plan that we are experiencing.  And we should be working to help all others to achieve their goals also and not be just a taker.  As a very spiritual person once said, it is better to give than to receive.  And I believe that really applies to helping others achieve the very best level of evolvement that they can.  Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with others and you may find that both of you will learn and advance.  You can’t continuously expect others to feed you forever.  You must extract yourself from their coattails and venture out on your own to help others and by doing so you will learn even more.

How does one know if they are evolving at a pace that is satisfactory to the Soul that they represent?There is no way that I know of, consciously that is.  This is a good question and so maybe one should take the temperature of the mental mind so to speak.  Now that does sound convoluted doesn’t it.  But consider how you feel from day to day.  Are you satisfied with your general mental wellbeing or are you a little off balance and that there may be something missing and you should have a more relaxed attitude from day to day.  That is the way I feel sometimes and then I believe that my mental mind temperature is a little off kilter.  So how does one get to feeling better in their mental state and more importantly in a spiritual state?

I find that I need to read books or articles that deal with spiritual matters.  It seems to ground me and then the feeling that I am off kilter seems to go away until that period of time when I again slip back into the habit of “not reading enough”.  So why does reading about spiritual matters do the trick for me?  I think that the Soul that I represent “likes it” when I read about spiritual matters.  Now some may be saying the Soul does in fact know a great deal more about spiritual matters than the personality will ever know, so why does the author think that the Soul likes hearing such things.  It may be just an indicator to the Soul that the personality is working at establishing a better connection to the Soul and even if it seems to take an extraordinary amount of time, the Soul is “happy” that this is the direction that the personality is taking and not another direction that leads the personality away from the Soul.

Sound crazy; well maybe so but that is the only thing that comes to mind as I write this article.  I have said before that I can start an article with some heading and then a somewhat different subject matter comes out of my typing and appears on the paper.  I have learned to trust such occurrences and just not question what shows up on the paper.  Some may now have stopped reading this article because they think the author may be getting a little daft.  And that is okay with me.  Someday they may begin to write and find out how therapeutic such a task can be.  Just let it flow from somewhere in the back of your mind.

I seem to have gotten off course so let us return to the subject at hand.

So how do you view your spiritual self?  Are you an advanced person and could be considered someone as described in the God Books as a Light Weaver, a Light Worker or some other descriptor.  I suppose there are persons who take the approach that they are very spiritual and consider themselves to be very advanced in their evolvement.  Then there are those who may take a different approach and consider themselves as “a newbie” just like I do at times.  And that could also come from the lack of confidence that we may have in common.  I guess I just don’t want to be perceivedas something I am not and having an ego trip about what level of evolvement I presently am at.  I just am what I am and that’s all there is to it.  I will help anyone who has a question that I can answer but it will probably only be a plain vanilla answer.  It won’t be some esoteric answer that involves a great deal of technical spiritual data that some people seem to have at their beck and call.  I‘m not denigrating them because they are doing what they can do; it is just in a different manner than I would do it.I am just an average person that wants to learn from others and in the meantime if I can help teach others about some things that I may know and they don’t then I am happy to do so.

Let us now approach this matter from the viewpoint that God has mentioned in his God Book Series.  He stated that we all are a lot more than we consider ourselves to be.Now I am not saying that we should all do a one eighty and end up with having a “big head”, but just to consider this different point of view.  We are all reading this article on a website that is extremely accomplished and knowledgeable about how to become a more spiritual person.  So we should give ourselves credit for doing something right just because we visit this website and read much of what is contained therein and read from the recommended list of books.  We are doing something right and maybe we don’t view ourselves as Light Workers, but we are surely on the path of becoming one if we continue to work at this task.  Yes, it may take a while to achieve that status and maybe we don’t get there in this lifetime, but we very well will be a Light Worker in some future lifetime, maybe not on Earth, but somewhere else in the Universe that we live in.  And that is a good feeling to have.

Whenever you are in a place where other spiritual people are together, do not be intimidated because you think you may “bump” into someone who is indeed a True Light Worker and you won’t know how to act.  Whether Light Worker or newbie, we are all representing Souls that God has made.  We are just on different paths and have different timelines and different grid lines that affect our respective paths.  Just be your honest and straightforward self because you may have something that they are seeking and you will find a common ground to start a friendship.  And that friendship will be part of advancing both yourself and the Light Worker to whatever spiritual goal that the two of you may have.

Now that some may have changed their minds about their spiritual opinion of themselves, you should remember to just continue to be your humble selves and work toward that goal of helping others and the Earth in any way that you can.Take a chance and be more than you consider yourselves to be!  Find others in your area that you can talk to and meet with.  Some may be saying that they don’t have the time to go to a meeting without knowing anyone there and then worrying about wasting their time. Just consider how much time the Soul that you represent has experienced while reincarnating a thousand times or more prior to this lifetime?  Then these meetings with others will only take a very minuscule fraction of time compared to the time that the Soul has spent on itsSoul’s Journey.  This time spent meeting with others could very well be the most important moments spent in the last thousand years of lifetimes you have experienced.  So I know we all have the time to meet with others and give ourselves a chance to branch out.  Yes, you will probably be the student at times but also you may very well be the teacher at other times and that is why we are here.

Every personality on the Earth Star Planet represents a Soul that was birthed by a Luminescent of a Universe located somewhere in the Cosmos.  Yes some of the Souls are from the dark side but that is their issue to have to deal with.  Just be cognizant that these dark Souls exist and then concentrate on those personalities who represent Souls that are of the Light.  We were always meant to work together for the common good and we are all here to work toward reestablishing that end.  Some Souls are old Souls and some are younger Souls and all Souls have varying levels of evolvement, but working together we can all advance in our evolvement and turn the Earth Star Planet back into the Garden of Eden that she was always meant to be.  Work with others and become a catalyst for change.  We all agreed with God to be here and do our part in this endeavor.

Until next time, Phil

The Gifts of Experience /


Note: you can find out more about “Phil” and his wife and their dedication to be of service as Co-Creators on “The Gatherings” pages on this website.


Achilles’ Heel (s?) or Addictions

The Gift of Experience

The Gifts of Experience

Achilles’ Heel (s?) or Addictions

Message #23

(Note: Phil and his wife are such beautiful Souls and have so much to share that we asked them to start writing down some of their vast experiences so that others may learn from them… Enjoy!! Celest and David)

Also, please check out their posting on The Gatherings” Bulletin Board on the Awakened Hearts website about their upcoming trip in the month of August 2016 to meet and connect with others of like-mind.  

I have read a few spiritual sources lately that have talked about being mindful of having an Achilles’ heel.  A definition of an Achilles’ heel found on the internet is as follows:  “An Achilles’ heel is a weakness in spite of overall strength, which can actually or potentially lead to downfall.”

(Greek mythology reveals that Achilles’ mother dipped him in the River Styx, believed to be a magical river, to prevent the effect of a prophecy coming true that stated that Achilles would die young.  However she held him by his heel and thus his heel did not get washed by the magical powers of river.  Achilles became a man of war and survived many battles because of the protection afforded to him by the actions of his mother.  Achilles was invincible until a poisonous arrow hit him in the heel, his only vulnerable place, and he died.  Greek mythology is generally regarded as just something interesting and entertaining to read.  However there is also the view that many events in Greek mythology may have really occurred and that the “powers that be” may have wanted to keep the message of an actual occurrence from gaining too much credibility.  It wouldn’t be good for their position and their control of the masses.  I will let you decide which side of this coin you prefer.)

Another way of taking the definition above and restating it would be: even if you are spiritually strong but have an Achilles’ heel, it could potentially cause you problems or could actually diminish your spiritual strength and even worse could cause you to devolve.  Now notice that the word Heel has an (s’) it.  Think about that for a minute.  Do you believe that you or I have only one Achilles’ heel?  No, I don’t think so either.  We could have had a multitude of Achilles’ heels at one time or another depending on how much baggage that we have accumulated during this lifetime and maybe even previous lifetimes.

For the rest of this article, let us use the term “addiction” as being somewhat similar to the term “Achilles’ heel”.  Now some may be saying that this wouldn’t be a good substitution because a lot of people don’t do drugs or aren’t alcoholics, so why is the writer equating an Achilles’ heel to an addiction.  (Synonyms for addiction: habit, compulsion, dependence, need, obsession, affliction, craving and infatuation.  Pick the one you prefer.)  Addictions can involve many sources besides drugs and alcohol.  A short list of some of the ones I have come up with besides drugs and alcohol include: money, lack of money, greed, gambling, power, entitlement or privilege, feelings of superiority, feelings of inferiority, feelings of fear, lack of confidence, futility, pride, arrogance, vanity, envy, grudges, hatred, materialism, films, television, shopping, covetousness, egotism, sex, pornography, lack of compassion, lack of love and lack of caring for our fellow man.

Some may now be saying that some of the things on this list are surely not addictions. And I agree that some may not be thought of as an addiction per se, but which ones would be and which ones would not be?  Take the list and analyze each item, one by one, and then do your own classification of which ones you believe are addictions and which ones are not.  Maybe the ones that you don’t believe are addictions could really be best described as Achilles’ heels.  So then maybe we are talking about two terms, Achilles’ heel and addictions, that sometimes can have similar meanings.

Maybe some of the items on the list would only be considered as a crutch that we unconsciously use in our everyday lives.  Maybe we don’t use them every day, but only occasionally; but even if only occasionally they still exist as a crutch that we may or may not be aware of using.

Do I exclude myself from all the items on the list?  No, at various times in this lifetime of mine, I have had visits by some of these items and then there are also some items that I have never had a visit from.  Now to be honest with you, I don’t believe that there is an easy way to rank how bad any of these items are from the “worst” to the “not so bad”.  I believe it also depends upon each person’s set of circumstances.  It may not be an easy task to examine our lives and admit that we have had visits from some of the items on the list.  An item like “feelings of superiority” could very well preclude a person from acknowledging that they do suffer from the effects of this item.  It might take the proverbial two by four up alongside the head to get the person’s attention.

Some of the items are more severe than others but that doesn’t mean that an item couldn’t affect our level of spirituality even though we might consider the item to be somewhat harmless.  I believe it is important to be aware of the existence of an addiction or an Achilles’ heel in our lives and to try to understand how it affects our lives and more importantly how it affects our spirituality.

Let me take an item and discuss how it has affected my life for a long time.  That item is money.  Early on in my career I felt that to be considered successful in life one had to acquire a great deal of money.  I used to buy lottery tickets for a long period of time.  Never mind that odds of winning were less than the odds of being struck by lightning.  In the world of fantasy one never takes that fact into consideration.  I would contemplate how I would handle the winnings.  It was even to the point of setting up a spreadsheet on how the effect of winning a lottery prize would provide me with wealth.  The initial spreadsheets were set up to “grow” the lottery winnings by taking into consideration the effects of taxes and investment returns to maximize the total value.

As time went on I would stop the purchase of lottery tickets for a period of time.  Then something would spur me to begin to buy them again.  Over time I changed the spreadsheet to reflect, not how to maximize the prize, but to see how many people and organizations I could help with the winnings.  This came about many years ago after I read about an elderly couple that gave away the vast majority of the winnings that they received when they won the lottery.  That idea appealed to me so I set up a big list of charities and organizations and family and friends that would receive funds from my winnings.  It was a pleasant fantasy to consider how much I could help various people and charitable organizations with my gift to them.  I had a spreadsheet that was formula driven throughout and the spreadsheet would instantly recalculate each gift by just putting in the lottery prize and the cash value of the prize.

Then I drastically reduced the purchase of lottery tickets and stopped updating the spreadsheets when I took to heart something that I read in the past year.  I have interpreted the message from spiritual sources who have said that “you can’t help everyone”.  I know that the message was meant to cover a host of other things and maybe not money directly, but I started thinking how a gift of money would change the level of experience that the person was having in their present lifetime.  Maybe it was not my place to ease their financial situation so they could relax from the worries of being financially strapped.  Maybe the Soul that they represent didn’t want to have the financial burden eased because the personality needed to have the experience of suffering the consequences of mishandling the resources that the personality had available to it.  I now just ask the Universe to help such individuals in any way that it can.  And I know that the Universe would never go against the life plan of any individual.

Is it easy to always be conscious of the various items identified above as addictions that may plague us?  Not always.  Some of the items could easily be identified because they are ones that we would never entertain being involved with.  However, there are those that can be so subtle that we wouldn’t recognize them unless we spent time analyzing our lives up to the present to see if any existed.  How subtle you may ask?

Millions of people watch television or go to see the latest blockbuster film at a theater.  The content and programming that is contained in films and television shows may be the catalyst that will lead to an addiction from the list above.  Many films contain content that glamorizes conduct that could only be categorized as being one minor step from being labeled as pornographic.  Of course the “industry” has established a rating system but that has been watered down so much over the years that anything can get a rating that passes the test of decent entertainment.  The rating system is to protect certain audiences so that they won’t view the film or television show.  I sometimes think that there are film producers that really want an “R” rating so that the box office proceeds will be greater.  Money trumps all.

It is not just sex that sells movies.  Think of the last ten movies that you have seen on television or at the theater.  How many of them would contain many of the items of the list above, such as:  arrogance, vanity, envy, hatred, fear, materialism, greed or power.  The video games that are directed at our youth are causing a de-sensitizing of their feelings of compassion for the less fortunate.  The games that people play on the internet call for aggression of the highest order in order to “beat” the other player or wipe out all of the “enemy combatants”.  Is this an exaggeration of the definition of the term of addiction?  Somehow I don’t think so after viewing many of the stories that make up the evening news or are portrayed in the newspapers.  There are those who think that the video games can cause a young player to become desensitized and the youth might be inclined to act extremely aggressive against those who the youth considers to be persecuting him or mocking him.  Then you have someone who goes off the deep end and a number of people are injured or killed.

Do you think that once every year or two would be a good time period to evaluate if we suffer from an Achilles’ heel or an addiction that may be of the more subtle type?  That would work only if we always lived with our heads in the sand.  As we live in this world of illusions, I believe that it would be beneficial to do an evaluation at the end of each day just before going to sleep.  Why then?  Well it is the end of the day and you shouldn’t be having any more visits from any on the above list.  Do you think that once a day might be a little excessive?  Well, let me ask you this; How important is it to you to know if you evolved or if you devolved during the preceding 15 to 20 hours you have just spent awake?  Well, when one looks at it that way, maybe the writer is not being excessive.  Then it might also be good to review any type of trend to see if the last day’s activities are a continuation or a change in direction of a trend.  If you listen to your conscience during the review, it might be rather easy to determine if you are going forward or backward.

Achilles’s heel or addiction, whichever you choose to call it, we have to be aware of those traits that creep into our behavior from time to time.  I am pretty sure that the shadow riders are aware of any change in a personality’s behavior, so it would be good for us to have the same awareness of any behavior changes that we have experienced.  There may be a few thousand people in the world that would not suffer from any of the items on the list above, but I would be surprised if there were more than that out of the 6 billion plus on the planet.

Until next time, Phil

The Gifts of Experience /