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1 New Light Messages

Water, Physical changes, Planetary shield, Kindness, a recipe

"May 4th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are among you in the sacred circle. We would have you know this: This one [Shamaan] shall yet be among you for a while longer. It is well that you do assist one another on your earthly walk. For in these times, as given, many unusual challenges shall be visited upon this Earth and all who are in body.

Yet we remind: You must, as well, attend consciously and subconsciously to your own bodily challenges, for none shall be exempt from extreme pressure. It is well that you do learn to attune to those forces that bear upon you. Become more aware, you see, of those moments when you must pay heed to your bodies’ call for repose. As well, you will find increased yearning for water. Heed well, and do provide your body with sufficient water.

In these days many in your world will find these unusual physical challenges very difficult, you see. As given, these are indeed brought about by that which you do refer to as the Purification. Yet know this: There are new, never before seen frequencies of energy streaming into your atmosphere. There are multiple releases from other galaxies, indeed, from within your own galaxy, of high energy particles into your field. These do put great strain upon the bodies’ defense system. Your shield [planetary shield] has been weakened greatly, the atmospheric envelope of the planet. There are instruments in use by your military that do continue to weaken and distort your atmospheric protection. All forms of life are altered by these changes within your atmosphere. Yes, and so we do see great stressors within the mental, physical, and emotional bodies. There is but one balancing factor that will aid you in meeting these difficulties – it is that which you, within your group, and others have undertaken: to raise your vibration by means of spiritual awakening. By these means you shall be prepared to meet these and other challenges in a more able and effective way. But it will indeed require assistance from those in your world and from those unseen from other dimensions that we occupy. And you shall have that assistance, for as it is given, thus it will be given. For those to whom much is given, much is also requested. Though your difficulties may be many, do recall others who would instantly trade places with you.

As given, you do now see acceleration within the elemental forces, and in every place the elemental forces do bring to bear the message of the Great Awakener – fires, winds, floods, earthquakes, and so you will see also continued crop failure as a result of extreme weather patterns – soil erosion and other causes.

You would do well to ascertain that which you may easily store. We do encourage you to think in terms of canned and well-packaged glass goods and other items. Your world will find difficulty piled up upon difficulty. Yet do recall: Within times of difficulty there are many, a great many miracles and blessings that shall sustain you and others. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by despair. For with the Great Purification does come extraordinary opportunity for multitudes of souls to make great leaps in their soul development, you see. It is the occasion for transformation, for opening of the Way of the Heart. Choices made by greed, or simply by the will driven by ego, have led to this juncture of destruction and chaos, you see. In your world there is a great disconnect, as you do say, between the way of nature and the way of your civilization. This must be corrected, and so shall it be.

Know this: As the summer months do approach, also does the danger to the one known as Obama, descendent of the Pharaohs. You may be instrumental in protecting him by prayer. Prayer, you see, may act as a shield. You may also aid by sending forth your prayerful thoughts, your positive and uplifting visions to those who are caught in the web of hatred. You may help set them free, and in so doing you may help the one who prepares to take the step that would lead to harm. You may help that one undergo an awakening of the heart, to put aside those plans and put aside the desire to do harm to others, you see. It may be done.

Yet you, and others like you who have chosen to hold the Light, to walk the path of peace and to bring healing and hope to others, must have faith and persistence in your actions, for if you waver now, much shall take a direction that will lead to a great deal more suffering than is necessary. We cannot impress upon you enough to understand (that) this is the hour, the time, your soul has prepared for. Do not waver, do not become distracted by minor difficulties, nor allow your personality to obstruct the path your soul has chosen. We do work with you that the Time of the Purple Sun may soon come to your world, brought by the Hand of Grace, and not brought by the hand of the Great Awakener. Though we do understand, there is much awakening necessary. Grace, grace may take place even among the necessary.

We do leave you with this request: Remember the important things and share the joys and pleasures of the body as often as you can. Kindness does assist in making this possible. Go now; walk in peace, for the Blue Light will offer you courage; and know that we are with you. May the Holies of Holies bless your every step. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

The Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamaan’s hands are outstretched, palms facing up].

Yes, my Lady. She comes. So many children suffer and die. Yes, your prayers of remembrance ease the way, and often lift the burden of karma and protect the innocents. Remember the children. Remember the children. [Shamaan drinks the (invisible to us) sacred water.]


[Shamaan taps her feet.] Do you see? Do you see? Life cannot be, life cannot be without a little magic! He cannot stay, but he’s been left standing far too long – waiting, waiting for you to come along and dance, dance, dance to a happy song. Any song, JUST DANCE! dance to a happy song! Ha! If you take it all too seriously, oh yes, you’ll take the ride perilously. Just Dance.

Message for all: The moon of May may make you sway, oh it will be strong; but if you laugh, you can’t go wrong!

Ah yes, I see. Ha, ha. And if you won’t dance – come together and sing a song – or two or three!

He’s cooking up a dish. What’s that? Onion, onion, little bitty bits – fluffy stuff in curry. Since he’s cooking up this dish it’s going to be de-lish! He’s got red peppers. What else? [Laughs] He’ll give me the recipe* in my sleep, for thoughts, conscious mind, will go deep.

*The recipe referred to above was for curried quinoa with chopped green onions, red bell peppers – diced – and shitaki mushrooms (substitute cashews for those who don’t eat mushrooms). Quinoa is alkalizing even though rich in protein and magnesium. At this time the magnesium is particularly important for the adrenal glands, as is the curry. Onion is for cleansing of the blood; red bell peppers are supportive of the immune system; and the shitaki mushroom is for strength and endurance. People who substitute with cashews get an extra hit of magnesium, but not the benefit of the shitaki. Moon, the moon, don’t let it make you swoon. Be careful of the full moon of May. He’s dancing around and bouncing around different things. He’s having fun. He says, yes, that’s how you will get through the moon’s pressure. Run, have some fun and play the Roundhead Way! For the moon of May, if you take advantage you can make it pay. Yes, you can make it pay, if you take advantage of the full moon in May. But you must ride the happy way if you want to make it pay. So start now and institute a little play. Hums a song. [Laughs] He’s dancing through the forest like a little fawn. Time to go, but he wants you to know:

You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

A little belief! That will do! That’s all I ask of you.

Quinoa, oh quinoa. He has a very interesting hat made out of a quinoa sack. Bye, Roundhead.

I want to dance with you,
I want to dance with you,
I tell you it is true,
I want to dance with you,
I want to dance with you,
So please pick up your shoes.

I hear it again! ALL are needed to get the new time seeded!

I’m being told that in this time there are many images I need not see, though I must remain open and maintain an open connection; and I may not see all of the images, for the Great Purification has now entered a heightened stage, and many souls, a great many souls are undergoing a cleansing that is essential to return your world to beauty and balance.

China’s humbling is not yet over.

Waltzing bears on Wall Street coming soon in June. Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group