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2 New Light Messages

The Great Hammer

"May 11th & 18th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. Yes, we are among you in this sacred circle. We must be brief, you see. Yet we would have you know that indeed the Great Hammer does continue on its course and a rendezvous is almost assured, you see, by the direction of choice that your world is taking – for the Warbirds everywhere do consolidate their hold on power – even in the face of great suffering.

And in your land the Warbirds do prepare to return to the seat of power, yes, yes, for as given, the ploy of the pachyderms does continue to succeed. Many, many do not see, nor do they heed their own inner doubts, for it is desired that their change, so eagerly sought, might come about without personal transformation; without that which you do call ‘the work.’ Be not deceived – there is much indeed to be cleansed, indeed to be recognized as needing to be cleansed. Yet it is not seen, and so all does move forward on a course of destruction. If it does continue to move in the direction of choice that has been made by ‘those who refuse to see,’ the Warbirds will again reclaim the seat of power within your land. This will further entrench and embolden those who seek the Way of the Fist in every land and lead toward choices made in the direction away from the Way of the Heart. The Great Hammer does draw nearer to the course that will bring it into your world’s sphere.

You must hold forth the prayer that there be an awakening of higher consciousness in quantum numbers. You must hold forth the eye of the storm. Be that which nurtures the Way of the Heart. Know this: The time of danger for that one known as Obama, descendent of Pharaohs, is June and July. That place of danger is in the Northwest of your land. We do now request that you continue your prayers for protection, for indeed there is a worst scenario that does include harm. It may be pre-empted (prevented). Yet the difficulty is (that) his victory shall lead to the victory of the Warbirds. There is one course that may be taken to alter these choices. You may see and hold forth the prayer for both: protection for Obama, of the house of Hussein, and victory for she who does stand for that which is the reclamation of the return of the feminine that it will stand embraced in equal honor to the masculine. For in this time they must work in greater harmony if there is indeed to be a balancing, a balancing of that which will allow the Way of the Heart to unfold – even within the corridors of power in your land and in all.

As given, the elemental forces do carry forth at the behest of the Great Awakener. It shall come hard upon a great many, in all forms of the elemental world. Yet with each blow, the more resistance to balance, the more resistance to love, and the more resistance to justice is blown away, you see. This is necessary, that in this time the Way of the Heart may replace the Way of the Fist. Those who have walled themselves off behind material comforts and judgments, shall awaken. Indeed, illusions of superiority shall fall away, and they shall find themselves at the mercy of the elements, as all are at the mercy of the Great Awakener. It shall be seen that the hand of Grace is needed by all!

We do call upon you to remain in the Eye of the Storm. Let not minor annoyances draw you away from the great task. Do recall: The intensity of energies will grow even greater still as you do approach the fullness of your moon. Extreme caution is required. Heed well your choices. Go now and walk with the Prince of Peace. Hold fast, hold fast to the Eye of the Storm. May the Blessings of the Holy One protect and lift you on your journey. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Roundhead is here but he can’t stay. He says not tonight; just keep your feet light! Bye, Roundhead.

Big danger that we can prevent. I just saw the asteroid. I see it.

We sing the Roundhead song. He’s smiling and dancing with buckets! Remember the impossible is possible! The possible – remember – is created in the word; he’s teaching me – "I am possible" – "I-am-possible" (a contradiction to "I-m-possible"). All that you dream is possible.

Asparagus. He’s showing me asparagus.

New Light Messages

May 18, 2008

Wind, winds. Strange weather in strange places continues apace. Landslides, torrential rains.

I saw the earth splitting in southern California along a fault. Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group