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3 New Light Messages

Walking Asleep, Wave of the Blue Light

"May 25th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Yes, greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. We must be brief, you see. As you do see, your spring season does carry forward with extreme expression of the elemental forces. For the Great Awakener does indeed have a difficult task. Far too many do yet sleep, do yet go about their daily lives unaware of that which does approach.

As often given, you are but few. Yes, there are indeed others like you who do also hold the Light within the Eye of the Storm. Yet they also, throughout all your world, are few. Most, you see, are content to allow the world as they find it to shape who they become. Too few choose to allow Spirit to shape who they become – and thus change, change the world. Those few do not accept it as they find it, but make an effort to become co-creators in full measure. And so you are among those who have chosen to express in full measure your role as co-creator, you see.

For this reason we do speak to you in this hour of that which has been given: that it may yet be altered. For plans to engage Iran have not been put aside, that which is the ancient Persian kingdom, yes, to engage that land of the Fertile Crescent in war. The Usurper King [Bush] does seek to extend his hand of destruction deeper into the Crescent, you see. This is to be done as a means of strengthening, strengthening, you see, of the position of one who has been chosen to carry forth [McCain], yes, to carry forth in the manner of rule that has been put in place by the Usurper King. For he too is a Warbird and does follow the Way of the Fist. Know this: If these plans do succeed, it shall bode very badly, very badly for your world. For it will lead many to choose to side with the Warbirds out of fear, and so, you see, the November choice shall be a poor one.

All is in flux, there is a great motility within the field of choice, and therefore you may impact it through prayers – through conscious holding of the Light within the Eye of the Storm, through conscious visualization as co-creator, you may send forth wave upon wave of the Blue Light, that the Blue Light may act as a transformative energy, assisting those who waver to make a choice that will generate peace and the Time of the Purple Sun. Heed well this hour and the days to come, (especially) in the early portion of June. This will be a crucial period of time wherein your role as co-creator may be felt most readily, you see.

Many are beset by challenge upon challenge – it is the Time, you see; for as one era does collapse unto itself, another era begins to generate that Light which will give expression to a new and brighter world. It is in the hands of you and others like you to assure that the new era does not follow the path laid out by the Warbirds. Do not allow your challenges to turn you aside or lose hope that each moment of prayer, of conscious intent upon your choice, can indeed turn the tide. It must be. It can be and you must see to it that it will be born in peace and in harmony with the laws of creation and the Way of the Heart.

We would request of you that you hold steady in the Eye of the Storm, remain true with unwavering commitment to all that you have chosen.

Yes, we do leave you now with this blessing: May you find within your heart a daily joy that does make your path lighter. Blessings of the Holy One now fall upon you, as they ever have and shall ever more. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


Poor Roundhead – a wallflower sitting all alone – no dance partner to call his own. Sleepy feet, sleepy feet, not happy feet, not happy feet.

[Shamaan hums a tune.] Okay, yes, yes, you can do the Turnip Boggie and the Asparagus Bump. You can even do the Babba Romp, Babba Romp, Babba Romp! (Babaganoush, that is.)

He has one more thing to say – keep an eye out for him every day. Bye Roundhead.

Berries! He’s stuffing his face with berries – strawberries, blackberries – he’s a member of the Berry Clan.

Lotus blossoms can make good tea – lotus blossoms. Ginger and orange blossoms too, with a squeeze of lemon and a bit of honey – worth so much more than money. What a tea! What a tea! Many, many, many will find themselves having a hard time. Lotus blossoms and/or (orange) blossom tea with lemon and honey – a gift of the honeybee.

Moss agate. They are showing me moss agate. It’s Moss Man time – moss agate will help you have Moss Man time, moss agate and amethyst.

Thunder and lightning will cause many problems – more than usual. Deluge.

Oh my, searing heat waves in Europe. Also, more earthquakes in Asia. All this is to awaken the heart from its ancient slumber.

One final message: Be careful of eating at a restaurant – lettuce – be certain as well as you can that it’s washed thoroughly!

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group