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4 New Light Messages

Hold the eye of the storm, Co-Creators

"June 1st, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this circle. We shall be brief. Yet we would have you know: As given, your world shall see ever-increasing evidence of our existence among you. For the time does grow dangerously short wherein choices may mitigate the hand of the Great Awakener.

Indeed, many others have seen and shall continue to see our presence, that your world may be alerted to that which is the true nature of the universe and beyond. We do remind you that you, as co-creator, may call upon elemental forces and thus usher in the Hand of Grace to balance the hand of the Great Awakener. You must act upon your knowledge, through prayer, through visualization, indeed, through actualization. For you may actualize your intent with sufficient focus on higher consciousness and sufficient connection, you see, to the Source.

We do call upon you to strengthen and utilize that which is the role of co-creator. Know this: The journey to be undertaken by this one [Shamaan] is for All, you see. Yes, there shall come hardship, yet we say, "Be not concerned; we shall see to it that this one is returned to be among you," for there is yet more work to be done by the whole, as well as individuals, you see. Know this: It is synchronistic that this one shall undertake the Sacred Journey at this time (a Quest). For in many places within your world many of those who have chosen to serve the Light of One, as each of you have done so, have been called forth in this season. For much shall turn on a single choice, yet the choice can be uplifted, illuminated, by those who hold the Eye of the Storm. Much suffering and loss can be deflected. Each one here shall also journey with this one through that which is your spiritual bond and your own commitment to serve the Light of One. Do remain alert. Do remain, through your spiritual consciousness, connected to the journey. For much shall unfold for each one. As much shall unfold for many within this world that is generated by the actions, prayers, and intent of those who do work to bring about the Time of the Purple Sun. We do work as one with you, as you do work with one another; so it is and has ever been. Yet now, in this time, it is of greater importance than ever before that there shall be harmony and unity of spiritual focus, you see.

There is much to be given, yet it must be enough for now. We do once again remind you: YOU ARE CO-CREATORS. You do and must work with the elemental forces that there should be Grace even within the time of the Great Purification. You are as much the instruments of Grace by your intent and your focus as that force that you do call upon; know this and act accordingly.

Yes, we who are among you are of the Summer Triangle. We join you in your effort to generate peace and unity among nations within your world. Do not lose hope for she who stands in line to take the seat of power within your land. All is not as it does appear.

We do now leave you with this blessing: May you walk with joy and hope in each hand on the path of peace, that you may bring to this world a renewed understanding of the gift of life. Go now with the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Oh yes, beautiful, beautiful. The Prince of Peace – they show me all of the Holy people who have ever lived, everywhere in the world – male, female, old and young – all woven together into one great Light, one magnificent beautiful Light (the Prince of Peace). It’s not a single person; it is the Light of millions of beautiful, transcendent souls. The golden Light brings a brilliant, golden-white shower of rain – the Sacred Shower. Beautiful!


In a twinkling of an eye – remember: magic can happen in a twinkling of an eye. One day you are wondering how; the next day you may be wondering why, until the next day – oh my – you could be surprised by a twinkling of an eye!

He says he’s going now – but one message: He says he’s going to be my point man – riding point once again off into the wind! Okay, thank you, Roundhead.

Oh my, they’re going to find life on Mars!

I just had a vision: A flurry of swarms – there will be swarms of sightings this summer – swarms. It has something to do with the Mars mission. I see. They’re trying to make their presence known to the multitudes to force the government to reveal what they find on Mars. May even be in the form of writing. They tell me to look at the sky.

There are more earthquakes. I see them.

Volcanoes, volcanoes. A lot of power outages this summer, many, many, many. They are dismantling the system (the grid – to force change). Many places will claim squirrels are at the root of the outages (in the major power outage in the Austin, Texas area back in 198_), a squirrel was blamed, but Shamaan and another psychic we know received messages at the time that put responsibility on the Star People).

Australia. Oh my goodness – fires and drought. Poor Russia, not used to such heat.

Bees will suffer again this year.

Somebody just told me not to eat salads in restaurants.

Roundhead popped in with a great big grin and said you have to pay attention or you will miss him.

Roundhead came through with a new ditty:

Hope and belief,
Hope and belief,
Leads to sweet relief,
When your head is too tight,
You can try with all your might,
But you can’t let go without –
Hope and belief,
Hope and belief,
Leads to sweet relief.

Hope in one hand, belief in the other.

The Sun starts its cycle early.

[Chinese games] The summer games – disappointment after disappointment.

(Obama) He’s called descendent of Pharaohs because of many past lives in Egypt wherein he was in the Pharaoh’s caste. He grew fond of power.

Then I saw Native Americans – they were the ancestors of tribes that dwelt in the Appalachias. They were gathering forces. They are sad about the destruction of mountains. They are gathering to protect the earth and the environment. Sinkholes – in many areas; more are opening up from drilling times.

Land is Gold. (Treat it as you would precious gold.)

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group