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5 New Light Messages

The Great Awakener, Economy, No part time Spiritual Warriors
Hope, Trust, Belief, Action, – Chaos

"June 15th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. As given, this one [Shamaan] has been returned, as well as the other [Tui, the puppy]. Yet know this: The full engagement and vigilance of ALL shall be required within your world. For now you do see what is necessary in that you may fulfill – manifest, you see – your dream, your goal.

Indeed, the time of the Great Awakener is now coming into full expression. That which you do see sweep your land, indeed, your economy, shall accelerate and quickly slide to such a degree that it shall become abundantly clear that no one is independent, no one is without need of the other! It will be a difficult birth of the new time, but it shall come, and all shall know that survival does require the full expression and engagement of each soul. Yes, you do now see this is the foundation, this is the central core of your desired community – wherein you may provide for your needs and the needs of others. This is not a revolutionary way of life; it is indeed based upon multiple generations, millennium upon millennium of human existence. Yet your world has created a false conception of what is required for life. Seeking security within the material plane has created a greater illusion in your world than has ever been seen. Know this: Each one was, and is, a critical part of the journey – while one or the other does venture out to face danger, others do remain to face challenges, as well. One single choice made around the illusion that the self does not matter, one such choice made on the basis of fear, on the basis of unwillingness to surrender material comforts, might have yielded a much more unhappy result (of Shamaan’s Vision Quest and Tui’s brush with death). There are no part-time spiritual warriors. There are no part-time builders of the Time of the Purple Sun. You shall either choose to dissolve with the constructs of the old way, or you will allow the rebirth to occur within you and through you. For indeed, that is the essence of what you do call ‘quest’ – rebirth, you see, rebirth. You do allow the rebirth of all that is of the highest frequencies within your soul, with each Quest.

Do not misunderstand. You may not escape unscathed the Great Awakener. Yet through awareness of that which does unfold, you shall be given greater protection. Choices made on the basis of spiritual service and spiritual commitment shall be supported and, whenever possible, brought to fruition – for it does take many, many co-creators to generate a miracle. We do work with you. We do work with you that the miracle you seek may be brought into manifestation, as were many miracles that grew out of your enjoined work. Yes, you may create the miracle that will place you upon the land in shelters that shall also sustain you. We will be of assistance, yet you must continue that which you have undertaken to learn what community does truly mean.

You may see a need to, as you do say, downscale your shelters.

You may see that the time of unfolding does not proceed apace with your expectations. Yet, as given, as this one was returned, as the little one was returned, so we do say, it shall come into form. Do recall the only obstacle would be your full engagement. So we do say, there is one last element to be given to this one in her journey. Yes, you will require hope. Indeed, you will also require the creative power of belief; and you will require the soul force of trust, you see. Yet, if you wish to make manifest your long-held dream in this material world, you must add a fourth element: Action, yes, action; daily you must take an action committed toward fulfilling your wish. Do not lay your head upon your resting place a single day without having taken an action – however small, however great – even though it may be simply to record a concept, an idea, a thought that does bear upon your chosen goal. For as this one was shown, indeed, the time is short. Chaos shall increase in your world. Procurement of certain necessary materials shall become ever more difficult. Yet, as one way of life dissolves before the onslaught of the Great Awakener, assistance shall be given, wherever possible, to bring into form your vision, hopes, dreams for a new way of life. Indeed, much of this assistance may be seen as miraculous (as was that assistance given to this one during her journey, and to the little one whose life was spared). For she did indeed stand as a symbol of that which will be needed to attain that which you seek – the Time of the Purple Sun).

Know this: It was indeed a great risk for this one and for the little one, yet all is possible, all, through the force of spiritual atunement. If you do wish to help create further miracles, maintain your spiritual attunement. For as the time of the Great Awakener does proceed, you shall be tempted, greatly tempted to fall away from your practices. Let not that occur! You must maintain the Eye of the Storm and take up, without hesitation, the fullest measure of your role as co-creator. And we now do leave you with this: Hope, Belief, Trust, Action may manifest all that is necessary to create miracles, you see. We shall be with you in every endeavor. We do commend you and send you blessings of the Holy One that you may walk in the Light of Joy upon the path of the Heart, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


[Taps feet.] It may be time to re-ignite the Light – it’s such a beautiful, beautiful sight! Victory, victory. Ah yes, he rode point. Yes, yes, do a victory dance!

All is not settled yet, but the path is set, so you may as well dance! Okay, he must go, but he wants you to know you’re his kind of clan. When the winds blow hard you still can stand. You’ve got Roundhead to help you through.

A little red will do you. Vim-vim, vitality! Yes, spiff up that energy field. Black makes a lovely shield, but red strengthens the field – just not all the time (to wear).

Happy to see us together again.

I know you wondered then, but he didn’t have a spot under the Bo Tree ready for little Tui. Not time, not time, not for me either. Not time. But don’t waste time, don’t waste time. Vim, vim, vitality! Red and blue come together to make the best color for you.

Asparagus, Asparagus …
Buckets, galore. Try it once more! [We sing again:]
He’s off and running. He’s got his asparagus crown on.

Yes, pray, pray, pray for Tibet and Peru – the spiritual bridge of the emerald light and the amethyst must remain a strong energy bond. Yes, I see it. It’s an energy bridge that radiant enlightened spiritual masters travel. They use it to connect spheres of consciousness on higher planes.

There is more, but he must go.

[Smiles] No worries mate! You did great. Oh, one more thing – oh my goodness – he’s dressed all in purple. What an outfit! He’s the purple ball – the ball symbolizes the globe. Yes, he’s on the victory team! Will attuned to the heart creates impeccable action. The wisdom of the heart – the will attuned to the wisdom of heart creates the Time of the Purple Sun. Seek that attunement always before taking action – the wisdom of the heart derived from alignment with the Spiritual Source.

Lemuria shaking. (China is a remnant of Lemuria.)

Message: Weave your creation with positive perceptions. They say (that) where lower emotions flood the mind, they plug the mind. Oh I see. They (negative emotions) raise the levels of your emotional river. Line the banks with positive perceptions. Yes. Think not that you will be washed away, but how clean your floor will get today! Positive perception is the thread of all beautiful creation. Somebody’s saying: "Happy rebirth." [We sing:]

What the world needs now,
Is prayer, sweet prayer;
That’s the only ing
That will get us there.

He’s singing and swinging buckets around, but you got the idea, yes.


Oh my, they’re really going to shake the market loose now. Bears will be back on Wall Street. Now ….

No money in the government till soon. Crash. Looks like in August a group of people will be making plans to try to forestall it (the crash). Oh, they know it’s coming though. They are trying to protect their profits. Oh, they know it’s coming, they’re trying to protect their profits.

Lightly stroke her tummy down. Pup-pup (Tui, the miracle puppy).

Oh my, they are still pressing towards Iran. People will take to the streets in protest, if they do. I think an enemy has been created.

He’s got a plan that will get us on the land – with a little left over to play in the sand.

Look out for the Sun, big flares, big flares. Powerful particles, high-energy particles blasting the nervous system. Silver water balances.

Be careful of contaminated water. An ongoing problem escalates in many waterways. Toxins have contaminated many waters. Toxins have contaminated many waters. Sometimes brush your teeth with tea, if you are in an unprotected place to be.

Drought will follow flood. Although the water has drenched the land, soon there will be no water to quench the land from thirst.

Oh my, they say the threat of food poisoning is over, but it isn’t. Be careful of eating in restaurants.

Quest message: Your dream will come. In the meantime, have fun!

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group