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6 New Light Messages

Hummingbirds, Iran, Contamination of food and water,
Prince of Peace

"June 22nd, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. Yes, we are among you. As given, the next stage of acceleration of the Great Awakener may be seen in every arena.

It does continue the task of bringing to awareness the many dangers and imbalances created by the dominant way of being upon the planet. It shall be seen that this way may not be maintained. Indeed, there shall be extreme expression [of the Great Awakener] continuing for quite some time. Now there shall come a great heat, great heat in many places – drought does follow flooded streets.

Yes, it is so. The brilliant creatures of the air that you do call hummingbirds have suffered greatly due to rampant frequencies generated by your technology – as do many creatures, as do ALL.

In coming months many will become aware of the inability to focus mind or memory –faltering and, indeed, loss of motor control within body. This shall be seen even among those who are not advanced in years.

It shall become known – the grave danger your planet does face from many directions. Yet we would speak to you of the one that does loom nearest, you see. For the Usurper King [Bush] does yet intend to move forward with plans to engage Iran. He does even in this hour seek to stir support from other nations. As this does continue (the) decline in that which you do see as your economic condition will continue within this country, you see. Because of this the distraction of war shall once again be sought.

Far too many are not yet awake. Now there shall come further shaking, further challenge in the physical plane. Let not these challenges deter you from your task of holding the Eye of the Storm. Indeed, too quickly the call for help, assistance, turns to cries of complaint that things are not as they should be. Know this: You yet stand among the blessed, and your focus is greatly needed in this time. The young ones especially do greatly depend upon your maintaining balance within the Eye of the Storm.

In coming months there shall be a great increase in contamination of foods and of water supplies. You must now begin to use in earnest, you see, that which is your sixth sense. For you do approach that phase of the Great Awakener where there shall be massive outbreaks of mysterious illness. Yes, a great deal of protection shall rely upon your state of mind, your attitude. All else will be given as needed. Do heed well, do heed well your hunches. Often those insights that are felt as ‘hunches’ are but our attempt to provide protection, you see. For as you do serve, we do serve all for the highest good. You are few, and growing fewer. As each challenge does become more difficult, many draw away out of fear, or because of feelings of hopelessness. Do recall: You, as co-creator, have the power to be of immense help, to indeed move the Hand of Grace in your plane of existence. Through prayer, much may be done.

Do not misunderstand – all is not lost. Choice may yet change direction. We do at this time request that you maintain your prayers to forestall engaging Persia in further war. The world will be engulfed in great struggle if this does unfold. You are only helpless if you lose hope, you see. At this time the hour for entering Iran has been pushed forward. It is now being considered; in fact, it is now being structured to take place in August. If it can be delayed further through prayer and focused intent, it can be diverted. For the Usurper King [Bush] may find the time growing short for his plans to unfold within the season of his rule, you see. The 14th of August through the final week is the danger zone. This must be a time of increased prayer, focus, by all who hold the Light in the Eye of the Storm, for much is in the hands of a few, as it has been from the earliest days of your sojourn upon this planet.

May you walk with the Prince of Peace, knowing that the ‘Prince of Peace’ is a frequency of Light-conscious(ness) attained by many Ascended Masters – both in male and female body, through many millennia, you see. Go now in this frequency of the ‘Prince of Peace’ with your hearts held steady in the Eye of the Storm. Let not your mind falter, nor your will be shaken by that which is yet to come. We are with you and shall remain with you throughout this great cleansing and beyond. For we do serve the One Source of Love, of Light, of ALL that is. We stand beside you in the Eye of the Storm. Know this and be comforted. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


[Hums a song.] Ha, ha, ha. Yes:
Love, Peace, and Gratitude,
Hope, Belief, and Trust!

These are the things that get you through when everything goes bust! But you must trust! We won’t let you go bust. [Hums a song.] He’ll give you all the song soon, but not now.

A word or two he must have with you: Where are my dancers? Where are my dancers?

Miracles must not be taken for granted – what do you do? You have gratitude!

Fly little butterfly,
Flutter, flutter,
Flap those wings that look like butter, butter.
Don’t let the good life pass you by,
Fly little butterfly, fly.

Worry doesn’t do it, fear doesn’t either. Oh, yes, you must brew a pot of hope and drink it by the liter! Yes, yes, yes.

He’s dancing around in a firefly suit, twinkling and blinking. Sometimes it helps you when you’ve done too much thinking and thinking. Fireflies just know. They don’t think about it – they glow! Yes, the firefly dance is very prestigious, yes.

He does feel like being silly today. Look for him in your garden. He’s sitting among the flowers. Ha, ha. It only takes minutes. You don’t need hours, you don’t need hours. There will be more, but he has to go.

[Shamaan spreads out her arms, leans over and flies like an eagle.] Oh yes, it all looks so much better from up here. Oh yes, soar, soar above the fear. It all looks better from up here, up to the top. I’m supposed to tell you this – go up to the top, go up to the top! You may think there are reasons for gloom, yes, but everything’s about to bloom. Don’t let the bubble pop! Ride it, ride it to the top! Stay at the top of your form! Stay at the top of your form; don’t get caught in the storm.

Ha, ha, ha. He’s still riding point for everybody! Onward through the fog! Ha, ha; he likes that! – saying "Onward through the fog!" He’s wearing something like a hippie headband. It’s not his bumper sticker – it’s his thumper ticker! Bye Roundhead!

Lots of fires, lots of fires in the west. Oh, California, California.

Europe will bake.

Another bridge is in trouble.

Your summer will not last long.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group