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7 New Light Messages

Time of the Purple Sun, Intent, Great Awakener,
Asparagus, Visions

"July 6th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. Yes, we do join you. We shall be brief. Yes, challenge upon challenge does continue, yet you do see that with each challenge there is greater sharpening of your spiritual focus. There is also greater cooperation amongst one another. Indeed, there is greater sharing of all resources; and so what you do have is the opening of the heart, increasing, maintaining, and widening, you see, the circle.

And so it must be, to quicken the pace of generating those patterns and, indeed, those thought-forms that must be in place (so) that the Time of the Purple Sun may be created. Yes, for you shall continue to see an accelerated pace of the Great Awakener with every elemental force: wind, water, fire, and earth shall bring many to the altar of transformation wherein the heart may be opened, the mind turned, turned, you see, toward the Light, and the soul rendered willing. It must be if your planet is to regenerate those lifeforms that are going toward extinction.

Your scientists will find increased change in the course of the Blue/Green Serpent.* All will outpace projected scenarios of change. That which you do see unfolding within the poles of your planet will quicken beyond all expectations. Further shifting of electromagnetic forces shall impact weather patterns, endangering many crops. Shortages shall appear much quicker than projected, as the animals do suffer great disruption and threat to their existence. So shall those human beings who consider themselves safely removed from all danger. Yes, further mutations of microorganisms do arise and give new forms of illness. You have been prepared by learning to meet each wave with those substances that do strengthen your body. Yet know this: That which does give the greatest strength, resistance, you see, is attitude. Yes, there must be more, as you do say, sunnyside up, not in pretense, but in intent, you see, intent.

Plans do continue for Persia. You shall see each day – news in that which you do call your media – support for such plans by giving much praise to those efforts seen as successful in thwarting that which is called "acts of terror." Your media shall paint a picture supportive of the Usurper King [Bush]. Do not be misled, for the House of Israel is used as an excuse, you see, to subdue the Warbirds of Iran. Persuasion would be more wise than subjugation. Do continue your prayer vigil.

As you have seen in recent weeks, miracles may be generated by the work of the co-creators. You are among them. Yet you must have a vision toward which to direct your hope. You must invest your belief where hope is placed. You must hold trust dear, close to your heart, and take action, actions to support your vision. In this way you become more effective as co-creators and you may assist in giving birth to many more miracles, many.

Yes, it does come hard upon many, many in the tree kingdom, animal kingdom, and upon many in the insect kingdom. Yet far too many within the human kingdom do yet sleep. The Great Awakener is at hand; none shall remain untouched. Know this, and maintain your prayers that Grace may be called into play, for Karma and carelessness do make harsh teachers. Heed well our request: Maintain your prayers, your hope, and raise up your attitude beyond that which you deem possible. For you are called upon in this time. The need is great – enormous, as you do say. Each soul must answer the call.

We do continue. Each soul must answer the call. You may find yourself in the path of the Great Awakener. Know this: In these times none may remain neutral. We do leave you now with this blessing: That the gentle Light of the Holy One ease your way. Go in the path of peace, now and evermore. We do walk beside you, as always, and shall always. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


[Shamaan smiles, shuffles feet, hums.]

Dance in the morning,
Dance in the evening,
Dance in the noon-time.

At least just dance one time. One time could make him happy. It can help you feel less sappy.

Tea of the golden flower,
Oh, what a power!
Tea of the golden flower,
Oh, what a power!>p> Chrysanthemum a-mum (yellow chrysanthemum).

It’s true. It can help you.

Well now, frozen will do (asparagus). Good for you and you. [Laughs] Yes, yes, asparagus – whether you cut it fresh, or take it out of the ice, it’s nice, it’s nice.

European afternoons! Coming for others very soon – once or twice a week will make for rosy cheeks! [The tradition of a glass of red (or white) wine with lunch, followed by a brief nap.]

Fly little butterfly,
Flutter, Flutter,
Flap those wings that look like butter, butter,

Don’t let the good life pass you by,
Fly little butterfly, fly.

Ha, ha, ha, close calls, yes, yes, close calls for all. But now you know the power of prayer, ah yes, in many ways it’s the only thing that will get you there. Trust until you bust! So …

Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your worries on the doorstep,
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny side of the street.

And dance a little song, too –
Do the ‘ol soft shoe!

Don’t forget to pray for Grace for the challenges others will face. In the meantime:

You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?


Monsoons of India disrupted; China too must brace for drought. Careful of the airways.

Help. If he [McCain] is chosen, the Warbirds will run rampant. So many will suffer.

Blanket the Earth with Blue Light; blanket the Earth with Blue Light. Use them now, during prayer vigil – the helpers [lapis, chrysoprase, and smoky quartz].

The ancient trees need your prayers.

More water sweeping over lands. Ho! The old ones know this. They have the vision. They are listening to the heartbeat of the Earth. It grows weak, but it shall not fade. [Shamaan then speaks a different language, something somewhat like this:] Gai ya Bitcheebe Tan Ya Too.

[Nicole asks Shamaan, "Who were you with?"]

Caretakers of the Earth are listening to her [the Earth’s] heartbeat. It won’t fade away; if it gets too weak they will call upon the powers deep within the mountains – volcanoes. Volcanoes will speak and they will say, "No more." We will not hurt the Mother anymore. (Then …) "Gai Shta ta you, uyway tuo urge chee."

Nelson Mandela appears at the doorway. (Don’t know why.)

He (Roundhead) stands along a planted road – he’s going to –

"Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow the Way of the Heart.
Whoo Whoo!

[Sung from "Follow the Yellow Brick Road," Wizard of Oz] Follow the Way of the Heart. Okay, I get it.

He’s explaining to me the message—the snake. [Shamaan and Sandra saw a snake on the road where they walk dogs.] I thought it was injured. It’s symbolic of the life force. It did not bite anyone. It was peaceful. The life force must rest, but it’s not in danger. It was facing the sacred mountain. Face the sacred mountain. Keep your focus there. Ha, ha, ha! Was that an illusion or did you really see it? Roundhead’s wagging his head, but you get the message.

From NLM April 4, 2004: The Blue-Green Serpent has been referred to numerous times in these messages. It has two parts: the jet stream (blue) and a world-encircling ocean current (green) called the conveyer current or escalator current. These two aspects are major factors in climate change.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group