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8 New Light Messages

The Great Hammer, Chemtrails, Co-Creator

"July 27th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are with you. Message: We must be brief.

As given, the Great Awakener moves inexorably, at full expression. Yet these challenges that you do face in body are not solely of the hand of the Great Awakener. Your technology does exacerbate the work of the Great Awakener, for though mutations of viral lifeforms do accelerate greatly, there are those lifeforms, bacterial and viral, brought into your atmosphere by the vapors of those phenomena that you do call chemtrails. These microorganisms are not contained within the vapors; rather, they are introduced into Earth’s atmosphere by falling droplets of these chemtrails. For you see, many microorganisms inhabit the upper levels of your atmosphere. They do not enter your atmosphere from those levels without assistance. And so, when you do experience new assaults upon your physical form from those organisms that have not been experienced before, other aspects of your technology do compound the work of the Great Awakener. Yes, these influences then increase stresses upon the body, and in conjunction with the rapid evolution of consciousness that is being stimulated by the Hand of Grace. These are indeed extraordinary times bearing extraordinary challenges.

Yet know this: Extraordinary souls have chosen, and (therefore) been chosen, to participate at the highest level of engagement in this unfolding. Do count yourselves among those souls. It is, as given, a great honor and, indeed, a great calling to be present as co-creator in this time. As you do confront these multiple challenges, you do also have extraordinary assistance from our participation – for we are with you and offer assistance in ways you do not recognize. Be then strengthened in hope, trust, and encouragement – for with each challenge there shall be a corresponding gift, a gift given that you may continue holding the Eye of the Storm as co-creators IN the Light, OF the Light, and WITH the Light of the Holy One.

Yes, we do leave you now, and we offer this blessing now: That you may feel in every moment of your existence the presence of Divine Love filling you, surrounding you, and lifting you to the highest expression of your soul’s essence. Go, walk the path of peace knowing that we are beside you, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


[Smiles] In the Way of the Heart, you’re never apart. Roundhead says, "Even if the bug is dancing on your head, you must still embrace the vitality of red; and don’t forget: when you add the blue, you create the color that makes a bug unglue [purple]. [‘Bug’ refers to virus.]

Time will seem upside down.
Antimicrobial! Elecampane (herb)! They say it will help. Elecampane [tincture]! Not enough hands and feet touching ground. Roundhead popped in. [Smiles] Yes, tonic, it’s the tonic. The tonic that goes sonic. Smiles, wiley smiles.

Elecampane resembles Calendula in action.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group