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9 New Light Messages

Much danger has been averted by prayer
Hold a vision of the Blue Light
The hand of Grace
Remembrance of daily blessings
Israel , White Buffalo Woman

"August 3rd, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are among you.

Know this: Much danger has been averted by prayer. The one known as Obama, of the royal house of Hussein, does yet remain in danger. You may continue to deflect these dangers through prayer. Yes, we do also offer protection. Yes, it need not unfold in that which you do refer to as tragedy. Much has been deflected and may yet be deflected through protective thought and prayer, you see. For as with all things, the Way of the Heart must prevail; even in this instance, you see. And so we do request you continue your vigil to deflect that which is danger in Iran, yes, that which is and has always been the ancient kingdom of Persia, for that revelation has occurred. [ Seymour M. Hersh writes about secret meetings between Bush and Cheney about how to invade Iran, entitled: "Escalation," published in The New Yorker, July 7, 2008.] Many still do not heed, and you will find that which you do call mass media has avoided, and will continue to avoid disseminating the information, you see.

While there are powerful forces within the world, as well as in your own country that do stand to benefit if Iran can be brought to its knees, yet the ancient Persian pride will not allow nor succumb, ever, to manipulation, you see. The Persian Lion does lie awaiting its opportunity. You must pray it does not come. For you, and others like you, who do stand in the Light and work as co-creators to bring about peace, to bring about a healing of your world, the human soul and heart, you determine more than you know. Hold steadfast in the Eye of the Storm. As August 14th and thereafter does approach, you will have the greatest opportunity to turn aside this danger. Yield not to doubt, it can be done. You must stand forthright in your role as co-creators, knowing that each moment, each moment, each soul and each choice is in this time absolutely critical.

We must now take our leave. Hold a vision of the Blue Light radiating throughout your world, flooding every mind, every heart, with a deep yearning for peace, for healing and upliftment, that the Time of the Purple Sun may come quickly. We do offer blessings of the Holy One that you may know peace within your own heart, mind and soul, and may you know joy that, together, you may use those gifts to help heal your world. Walk now with the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Mayhem in Denver, Colorado [a reference to the Democratic National Convention, August 25-28, 2008; it went unreported by media, but was contained]. Blue Light. Flood Denver with Blue Light, daily, daily, daily.

China’s humbling is still not over. The Hungry Dragon overreaches [imprisoning dissidents].

Where Sheba walked, starvation strides across the land now. Ethiopia. The children must not be forgotten.

Remember: The Hand of Grace can ease karma. Too many, too many soon will face famine. So many children. The Golden Light of Melchizedek shines, shines through many, many of them. Many souls have chosen to come forth in dire circumstances, to live through awful things, that their suffering may awaken the heart of compassion. Many are innocent, though the river of Karma does flow for so many souls. But do not judge, for you will be amiss! Send forth your prayers for relief, for lifting the souls out of the depths of so much pain.

I’m hearing these words: The Lady of Grace, Our Lady: A simple remembrance of daily blessing sent to those – the little ones – of every kind; a simple remembrance can work miracles. You must know this in your heart. Act with this knowledge. This is the power of transformation. One day, one day there will be no hunger in your world because of the work of those who care.

I see a vision; a beautiful vision of brilliant Golden Light streaming forth onto the Earth. Remember the miracles. They (those who are sending this Light) are trying to say – live as though each thought, each action, each breath you take has the power to change the world for the better. Know that it does.

Roundhead & Visions

[Laughs] Yes, Roundhead has this message: Oh, come on now – a little dance won’t hurt you!

If the corners of your mouth droop,
Don’t sit on your stoop,
Shake up your root!

It’s the root charka.

Shaking and quaking. Lots and lots of places are going to quake.

He has another surprise for us. It’s swell, but he won’t tell.

Yes, he showed me what life is like on the inside of a lotus – especially in the morning light.

I’m seeing a flood of stuff, and every now and then some things are highlighted. I saw a number of people being sent to disrupt the Democratic National Convention. But these people are being sent by a shadow force. I don’t know who they are. They operate in the shadow.

Australia. Australia. Drought will end soon – not very soon, but soon.

Pray for Africa.

Oh my. Israel – they are behind a strong push to break Iran before he [Bush] leaves office.

He’s [Roundhead] got celery sticks in his hands. Celery, celery, these are the days of celery – celery and tomato. Flush, flush, flush.

White Buffalo Woman: She has a message: Abundance is created through love. None need lack for anything. Abundance is your gift. Share it in love. She will help us discover our gift of creating abundance. Call. She will appear.

Water is going to be very appreciated.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group