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10 New Light Messages

The descendent of Pharaohs
Live to love, love to laugh
Play more
The way of the heart

"September 7th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Yes, we do join you. Much is to be given.

Yes, as given, we do now reveal the power of prayer as co-creators, for indeed, August has transpired without further incursion into war with Iran. That which was the danger was deflected, yes discharged, you see, through that conflict which did manifest with Russia in the ancient Slavic land known in this time as Georgia, thereby defusing a far greater danger. And so it may be through vigil, through prayerful thoughts directed in the role as co-creator, (that) many miracles may transpire.

As given, he who is the descendent of Pharaohs [Obama] did indeed face grave danger in both July and August. Yet through prayer, through the choice of many to follow the Way of the Heart, that danger, too, was deflected, defused. The difficulty that did manifest as a mechanical problem with his plane was indeed intentional. As you do say, it was sabotaged. Yet a safe landing was accomplished, though it may not have been, were it not for the intervention of prayer.

So, too, was it given that there were three who were intent upon harm to the one known as Obama. Three men were specified, three were caught. Had they not been caught, indeed, the sacrifice that would have occurred [Obama’s death] would have brought great sorrow. Harm was prevented. Indeed, it was the driver whose inner conflict made it possible that they be stopped. [Note: The driver was caught weaving in traffic with reckless motion.] Then he turned on his two co-saboteurs because of the inner conflict. It was soul versus shattered mind. The soul did not want to do the dictates of the shattered mind. Thus, bodily movements reflected that inner conflict, and so they were discovered.

Yet, know this: Because you did choose the Way of the Heart and offered prayer, visualizing protection, it helped these miracles to unfold. We do speak of this because, in this time that you do enter, more miracles must be created; and you must realize the critical role of prayer – of co-creators. Yes. All arises from choice. From many choices your nation has turned away from embracing the feminine principle in this time. Yes, though one has been put forth by those who have chosen the path of the pachyderms, she does follow the path of the masculine [Sarah Palin], and so you do have imbalance even within the collective psyche. Where there does continue to be imbalance within the psyche, within your world, the governing world, you see, there does continue chaos and decline. There shall be continuing war, for it is the nature of the [unevolved] masculine principle to generate aggression, to generate war. [Added message given 9-10-08: "We do not speak of gender in referring to feminine/masculine. Rather do we speak of soul expression and the balance reflected between will and heart – mental constructs in relation to intuitive perception.]

And so, indeed, the plot of the pachyderms moves forward with mounting success. Complete success will lead to the Warbirds, once again, reigning supreme in your land and thus in the world. We do beseech you to do all that you can through prayer, thought, and visualization, calling upon all who might join the ranks of those who hold the Eye of the Storm, to call upon the intervention of a miracle once again. Know this: There is a limitless supply of miracles; you may be of assistance in bringing these miracles into manifest form. Though the path may be difficult, indeed, fraught with many, a great many challenges, nothing, nothing, nothing must turn you aside from focusing upon your task. For with each challenge you do overcome, with each challenge you do become stronger as co-creators. For if you remain intent upon your spiritual task, upon your spiritual focus in the face of great difficulty, so too grows your spiritual strength. Then your voice for the Light becomes much more effective.

Know this: Although danger has been averted, it is not past. To the one who is the descendent of Pharaohs, known as Obama, protection must continue to be sent. We do also request that you send forth a prayer that many, many do awaken to see more clearly that which does unfold, to understand truly what has been brought about by the pachyderms. Although he has come to great power, through the machinations orchestrated by those who follow the path of the pachyderms, it may now be useful for those who seek peace. For now by his (Obama’s) inspiration, many more might awaken and realize that to choose the path of the pachyderms is to choose devastation, war, and continued suffering for untold millions [i.e., the pachyderm plot may backfire]. YES, OPPORTUNITY ARISES IN OCTOBER; THE TIDE MAY BE TURNED TOWARD THE WAY OF PEACE, THE WAY OF THE HEART.

Yes, the Great Awakener does continue in many forms, in many places; wind, water, trembling earth, and now fire once again shall come in many places. Yet the Great Awakener does also manifest in influencing through other ways; think you that the daughter [of the one chosen as second place] is with child a coincidence? Yet many do miss the message of the Great Awakener. That message, you see, IS TO PUT ASIDE JUDGMENT; FOR NONE MAY JUDGE, NONE MAY JUDGE ANOTHER, NONE. Yet those who have chosen to call themselves right, offer judgment upon all those who do not follow their way. And so you have dissent – and from dissent can only arise greater conflict; conflict over beliefs. Dissent does often manifest as war. So it is now in the land of the crescent moon and star: that same path of self-righteousness does also create the same conflict. Those who claim to be right are those who do give rise to dissension, to conflict and to war. It is a never-ending circle of karma, and can only be ended by COMPASSION, THE WAY OF THE HEART. Yet that way will not be chosen by the multitudes unless the Great Awakener breaks the rigid will of the self-righteous. [Added message, 9-10-08: "There are those who seek truth, and those who claim truth. Be among those who seek – not among the claimants – that your discoveries will be closer to the heart."] And so you will see a continuing onslaught of storm upon storm, quake upon quake. You will see a great rising up of the elemental forces. You may pray that they continue their work, for it is far less destructive; farless destructive indeed than the war that threatens. Fewer shall die than if the Warbirds are allowed to come to absolute power and have their way again. Do heed these words and continue to work for miracles to unfold. And where there is danger, deflect through prayer. The work of the shadow force may be stopped. Where there is the sleep of the multitudes, caught in illusion, there may be an awakening of the heart, that the soul may stir, rise to the challenge, and bring into being a miracle that will usher in the peaceful Time of the Purple Sun; not amidst the ashes of a world crushed beneath the work of the Warbirds, but that it may unfold gently, within the hearts of those who awaken to a new Light of Hope, of Tolerance, indeed, of cooperation that your world may live in peace.

Yes, we must take our leave at this time. Yet we would have you know: Though you must endure much, it is little in the face of that which does loom. And so you must be strengthened, tested, made resilient in the face of difficulties, each in your own way. For to be a light-bearer requires resilience, courage, and an unwavering commitment. Know this and go forth, knowing that we go with you and assist whenever possible. Though we may not lift your difficulties, we may ease them and do so. Go now. Follow the Way of the Heart with unwavering commitment. May the Prince of Peace keep you strong, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


[Shamaan taps her feet.] Oh yes, he did enjoy so to see those butts glow. Put a little twinkle in your toes.

A little dance will do ya,
A little dance will do ya.

He can’t stay, but he must say: You’ll get through it if you play more! Look at the blessings that surround, and your mind can’t help but be round. He has a secret. You must learn to bend in wind and keep always before you this magic secret, and willingness will get you through. Simple, but so hard to do. Oh yes, Roundhead is a master of … what you say? Why, of laughter! Here’s the secret you must know, and never, ever, let it go. Yes:

Live to love, love to laugh.

That’s the secret of the masters. That’ll keep you from going daft.

Live to love, love to laugh.

Roundhead put some sparkle on my neck! [Bad chiropractic adjustment left her in a great deal of pain.] [Laughs] You forgot the song! [We sing:]

You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

When your chin is on the floor, you can always ask for more. He’s got lots of sparkle. Okay, many, many will find themselves in need of a song. Yes, yes, it’s not just you – even masters hurt too! Why, look at the Dalai Lama; he had a trauma. But he’s had a song to help him along, and so do you. But you have to use it, too! All week he has waited for you to sing this song. "I will ask for magic, even when life looks tragic." (2x) Roundhead can’t make it all go away, just enough to make you want to stay.

Just like the bee, you’re going to need a song. Yes, many songs, many songs. Especially when you’re feeling blue, you have to do the ol’ soft shoe.


At least three times a week, three times. Get those butts to glow. Three times a week. Yes, move those feet. It does not have to be long, just dance for three songs.

We’ve got Roundhead,
We’ve got Two-Bear,
We’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

Everybody’s been low – you’re not letting that magic flow!

Asparagus, asparagus.

Bye, Roundhead.


The warming sea. Pray for the oceans. High seas again this winter: tsunamis.

Much manipulation of the market; false props put in place, but some will not work; much manipulation in the market. After the election, prices will accelerate upward quickly, very quickly.

To protect against the virus, use more L-Lysine.

Rampant electric fields will be breaking down more defenses. That’s why we were told to touch the earth, touch a tree – re-establish the natural frequencies often.

Egypt. [Turmoil is at the door.]

Once again, Pakistan and India.

Hungry Dragon. [Korea]

Atractylodes, to help strengthen stomach. Atractylodes: strengthen the stomach.

Indonesia in uproar.

Stomach virus mutations. Plane travel speeding up mutations.

Remember: if it can be seen, it can be changed.

[Note: A new and different voice is speaking here:]

I keep seeing the Land of the Buddha. The physical plane will be difficult in this time. Transcendent mind may transform resistant body. It is not the will of which they speak. It is the mind of the heart, the soul, in communion with the Great Mystery that is the transcendent mind. You do not overcome the body, you transform the body.

Light must be used against the virus, blue light through glass.

Oh my, the voters won’t buy the lie. Help hope win!

[Message from August 10, 2008:]

Pray, pray that the army be kept out of more land in the Pinon Canyon. There is a plan to introduce nuclear activity there. Near Lamar [Colorado], grasslands.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group