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11 New Light Messages

We do see a need to remind those who have chosen the path of Light-Bearer,
of keepers of the Eye of the Storm, of that which has been given.
The Egg of Magic that shall birth a miracle.
Money, Salmon and Asparagus

"September 28th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. We do see a need to remind those who have chosen the path of Light-Bearer, of keepers of the Eye of the Storm, of that which has been given. For we do see in this time of great turmoil, as the hand of the Great Awakener does continue the work of preparing for the New Time, that great fear does arise in many. Yet it has been given often the need to prepare for such. Were you to recall what has been given, you might have been prepared for that which does unfold. For it was given that your market, your financial market, was on false supports and would crumble; and that manipulations would be attempted, yet they would not serve to correct the problem, for the problem does not lie in the market, but rather does the problem lie in that which is deemed valuable, you see. For this reason, the Great Awakener does proceed.

It was also given that those who had placed their trust in material security would find that they are not exempt, you see, from the hand of the Great Awakener. Those that deemed themselves above the homeless; those that deemed themselves safe and secure and separate from those with fewer material possessions shall find indeed that they are the same. Many who in other times did judge and, indeed, disdain those who were homeless, now do find themselves in similar straits. As given, also, your world would face storm upon storm, flood upon flood, great rains and mighty winds, great heat and dryness in many places, yet overabundant water in many others.

These things were given that you might be prepared, that you might expect there to be some degree of chaos, as you do now see. Yet we did request, and do now repeat this request: Remain in the Eye of the Storm, for you are among the blessed, you see, and fear should not be your companion in these days. Many shall turn to you for hope, clarity, comfort. How can it be that you might function as an instrument of healing, of help, if you yourself are caught by the storm’s edge and tremble with fear? We do offer this: you must practice, practice seeing that which does unfold as the difficult birth pains of the new Time of the Purple Sun. Yet do recall: all things do operate in pairs, in pairs you see. It shall be that the Time of the Purple Sun does bring the Golden Age of Consciousness, for the Golden Ray is the complementary color of the Blue-Violet Ray that shall emanate from your skies.

Yes, as given, often, once again, we do say that you SHALL BE TESTED, for you also are not exempt. Yet in your testing you shall find greater cause for gratitude, GRATITUDE. You must in this time practice remembering the many reasons for gratitude. You must share the many reasons for gratitude in your life. Learn to refocus your attention; learn to see that which IS, rather than that which is not. From within this great tempest, from the collapse that shall unfold in your financial and many other areas of your world, hidden beneath the timbers of your old world is the Egg of Magic that shall birth a miracle.

You have been given to understand that, as co-creators, you may be instrumental in creating miracles, many miracleseven the miracle of bringing to the halls of power one who walked among the Pharaohs. We do call his name of the royal house of Hussein. Yet those who are caught in fear see this name as a threat, you see. Know this: It is an ancient and honorable name that harkens back to some of the holiest people who have walked in Arab lands. All must be reminded that many who seek peace and have honored the Source of all creation, and whose souls have achieved higher manifestation, have been called Hussein. [It shall be seen that in this time all will be challenged to see beyond ancient fears, prejudices, and misperceptions that block soul growth, you see.]

Much, much in this time has been brought forth to strip bare illusions, prejudice, fears in closed minds and closed hearts. Be not among those that judge the name versus the person, indeed, or an idea based upon fear. And so we do say, as the Great Awakener does prepare the way, you must find within this world the Egg of Magic, and go about your task of co-creating and generating miracles, that you may rise above fear, you may find peace in knowing that that which comes is far greater, more beautiful, and just than that which passes.

Rejoice! Rejoice in the breath you take; rejoice, rejoice in the beauty that you see around you. Rejoice, rejoice in the love you share, and the life you share with others. Rejoice, rejoice in your body’s continuing ability to overcome, rather than succumb to each challenge. Rejoice, we do say, rejoice, rejoice! And in your rejoicing and celebrating that which is present and abundant in your life, you shall forget fear, and therefore become more effective, you see, and a better keeper of the Eye of the Storm. Rejoice that you are here in this time of great opportunity, of soul transformation. Rejoice, rejoice and know that we stand with you to help, to support, to provide that which is material for the making of miracles. Now we do leave you with this blessing: that you find in your life daily delights, daily reminders of the greater good that surrounds you; and that you become open, fully open to the abundance poured upon you. Receive it in its fullest measure, now and evermore. Go with the Prince of Peace. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Same old song: not enough butt glow! (Not enough dancing.) Not enough asparagus either. [Laughs]

You leave him sitting on a shelf, as you forget to call for help. Help, Help! Remember to ask for patience, too, and happiness while you wait, yes, and happiness while you wait. [Laughs like the Monkey-King.] That’s the secret to number 8 – happiness while you wait.

Oh, I can’t stay. One thing he has to say: Pay attention to your dreams, yes, yes, if you are coming apart at the seams. I’ve got a lovely bunch of numbers waiting just for you to call; all you have to do is move your shoes, and I will let them fall. Yes, yes, the root chakra enriches life in all ways. Brighten up, brighten up your days with the master of laughter.

[Shamaan said later that evening:] Money – Flow. Money Flow has its rhythm and its time. As its moving, you have to find a way to be happy – enjoy the movement, enjoy the flow.

Message: Salmon (x10 or more) – to keep your brain sharp. Roundhead says, "Keep the mind sharp, and not the tongue. Yes, yes, and so much more fun, don’t you know."

Roundhead must go, but he wants you to know: Singing in the shower is not enough, especially when times are tough. You have to sing his song. Yes, it will help you get along. What is it that you have?

I’ve got Roundhead,
I’ve got Two-Bear,
I’ve got magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

You want more? Okay, yes, more! [We sing again.] He can ask for one thing more – that we believe it! To believe it, you must count the many times you have received itthe magic of course, yes the magic.

He has asparagus spears in his ears. Why, it’s the happiness vegetable, don’t you know: Salmon and asparagus. Bye Roundhead.

To feel relief, you must believe and hold onto the egg, the egg that holds the seed of magic.

Only one vision they are showing me: Now, more than ever, hold the vision of the tree and the dove and the crescent moon in the tree. They have a new image for the vision: In the forefront a rose bush, for now only love can bring them together.

Play, pray, play.

Joy in one hand, and sorrow in the other. If you are feeling uptight, and close the hand with all your might, you smother the joy. So to find the joy, but you can’t make a fist and make (just) one smother (without the other).

Ah, yes, you can let Tui show you the way. (The puppy named Tui, which means joy in the I Ching.)

He’s at the table. Come, come, let’s go waltzing with the bears (the market is going to the bears is what is meant by this). Who cares if the fabric (of the economy) tears and tears. Oh please, oh please. Don’t make him get on his knees. Dance!

From the outside world of illusion, images will make an intrusion to test your resolve; do not dissolve into a pool of fear. So make it a point to be very clear where your allegiance stands. You can be sure it’s not on your hands. Need he say more? It’s on the dance floor! He says, "Trust, just trust."

He’s dressed as the Great Pumpkin, with green silk ties and green silk tights. He’s coming out of the pumpkin as he trills around the dance floor. Coming out of the pumpkin are these visions and images of things that make you happy. It’s happy balls, that’s what they are. All are different, like bubble balls – you can see through them, and among them are all these asparagus spears.

Why, it’s not just the season. He’s turning … pumpkins make fun; they hold the light and delight for the child within. So spin and spin. (He’s spinning off to the table.) It’s not just my thoughts that are in the bubbles, it’s everybody’s. He says, "Come to the table."

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group