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12 New Light Messages

What is the "Way of the Heart?" The path has been chosen.
Floods, animals dying, failure of crops, Earth trembling
Star nation, magic, dowsing, Dreams do come true.

November 23, 2008
New Light Messages Prayer Network

The Lady comes, requesting prayers. So many hungry children, and frightened children. Please do not forget them. See them protected, nourished, with water, food, shelter. Help make it happen. You can help make it happen. She gives a blessing and offers her gratitude for your willingness to help.

Yes, she comes back. Children of every kind, of every species; human, animal, plants, every young thing struggling to survive – give them hope, give them your help.

"November 30th, 2008"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this circle, wherein is held the Sacred Light. As given, often that which may be changed will be shown; when it may not be altered it will not be given. Yet you do see in the events that have unfolded in recent days that indeed many, a great many, have not caught up, as you say, with the future that has been initiated by the victory of the descendant of the Pharaohs [Obama].

And so you do also see in this time a great need for the visual focus that was given some time ago, the visual focus that combines the tree with the dove, the crescent with the star. For in these days much ancient karma does play out as followers of the Western temples and followers of the Eastern temples do clash.

You (Shamaan) are given to the Seal of the Prophet to serve. You don’t carry it. Servants are given to it; many conceive of themselves as ‘the’ expression of the Seal of the Prophet. No one is worthy of the Seal of the Prophet, for the Seal of the Prophet is greater than any one.*

The conflict is not a difference in belief, as is seen by so many. For what beliefs can there be when lives are taken in the name of the Holy of Holies? This is not belief; it is the madness that is created by unresolved shadow forces within self.

For this reason we do continually beseech you to hold forth the Eye of the Storm, to hold forth the Light of Higher Consciousness, indeed, to hold forth the Way of the Heart. For as you do so, you do increase the radiant field of higher energies enveloping your planet; you do increase those frequencies that have the power to transform. You may mediate for those who are caught in the raging tides generated by karmic conditions, you see. For each one that does the work of evolving higher consciousness (higher consciousness refers to the dominance of benevolent thought patterns; simple, yet of maximum difficulty to accomplish), and maintaining direct connection to Divine Source –for each one that does accomplish this, many, many more who yet struggle are assisted in coming into the Light of their transformation. Know this: the efforts of the shadow forces do increase, even as the strength and number of the Light-Bearers increase. Yet they (the shadow forces) shall have no victory.

Many do ask, "What is the Way of the Heart" – this path that you have chosen to follow? It is the path of compassion, tolerance, kindness for allliving beings, all living creatures, indeed, all creation. It is a path that does require impeccable, as you do say,attention to development of higher consciousness within self, an unrelenting commitment to this task. The Way of the Heart does seek to serve the Way of Grace, you see, that does offer above all else love, forgiveness, yes we do say, forgiveness, for without that there can be no healing. Forgiving self, as well as others, is the beginning of Grace.

For in this time, as the future and the past do reside side by side, you shall see increasing efforts of those who serve the shadow, to bring about a collapse of the world that is seeking to be born. Know this: they shall not succeed, yet it shall come hard for a great many. It will appear as though all shall be caught up in the storm. Do not waver; do not leave your post, for you are the nurturing force for the miracle that will quell the storm and bring into being the Time of the Purple Sun. The path has been chosen, the outcome has not. For this reason you may not cease your daily attention to the task of holding the Light within and without.

There shall come soon another form of a viral outbreak that shall sweep through many lands – Asia, Africa, and beyond – even into this one (this land). This you must understand: while it will be necessary, indeed, to maintain support for physical body and other systems, your greatest assistance and protection will be the light that has been neglected by many. Yes, we do speak of the twilight and dawn rays which do serve to strengthen resistance to a great deal. Also know this: The blue ray does act to subdue viral forces within body; this, too, has been neglected. You must begin (applying these preventive practices), that you may meet any challenge from a position of strength.

We do walk beside you on this path. It is the Path of the Masters, the Way of the Heart. For what can be accomplished without love? What, indeed, can be accomplished without tolerance? And what can be offered to others without kindness, compassion? The courage that it takes to follow this way exceeds all else. Know this and go forward, that you may continue to be instruments of service to the Light that brings peace, love, and, indeed, joy to your world. Walk with the Prince of Peace now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


Patience, patience: visions continue. Flooding when it rains; mountains, South America, when it rains; China, flooding.

I see many species: whales, elephants, many going through the door to the next world, the next dimension, they’re dying. Know (that) their time has not come to pass; it has been brought upon them.

I see something in the wind, distorted, altered seeds, carried to many lands, bringing failure of many crops, interfering with the growth cycles of many crops.

Drought continues in Australia; earthquakes in Japan and China; many, many earthquakes beneath the sea. The Earth does tremble in earnest now.

But I also see legions of Light-Bearers rising up in every land. I hear these words: Miracles are in the making by the hands of the Light-Bearers. Not all can be saved, but much more will be saved than might have been. There will be the Star Nation … I see, they’re going to send "blast bolts" of high-energy particles that will disrupt the technology that surrounds this world, much more frequently, until it becomes seen that the dangers to and from the overabundance of signals in your atmosphere (is hazardous). More and more satellites will fail, towers and other apparatus. It is also a result of the heating of this planet and (its) lack of a shield.


Yes, yes, asparagus; asparagus makes the legs light, and the heart too; just like "baba" (babaganouch), asparagus will do.

Oh, tummies get tender when nerves get shot. He says, "Untie the knot."

Roundhead says he’s here for ALL of you, and his heart just gleams when you invite him into your dreams. Many joys to reveal along a single theme: when you become too much of an adult you’re often given to sulk about the way things seem, and you forget the most important theme. And what is that? Well? What does it contain? Magic, magic! The fact that you forget it is really quite tragic …. Sings:

Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!
Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home,
Even if life looks tragic.
Just remember to ride the wind,
You can be sure, that he is your friend,

Roundhead wants to fly off on the wind. [We sing the whole song again.]

He’s coming back now. He’s sitting on a pile of nuts (like piles of leaves). He’s _______, like somebody playing in a pile of money. Walnuts, almonds, brazils, cashews – every kind of nut for you.

Learn to find your water (dowsing). Learn to find your water. Begin now. Yes, he will help you learn. Okay.

The Dalai Lama continues to have troubles, too, with his tummy. Send healing thoughts his way.

The Queen (of England), the Queen is not well; the ravens over the Tower will tell.

I just heard a request to focus prayers for Grace on Indonesia, India, the entire East, and into the full continent of Africa. Tumultuous times may be lightened by prayers for Grace.

Dreams do come true! I’m telling you.

I’m hearing "Those events that may be changed, altered, stopped will be shown." There is one (probably a Secret Service agent) charged to protect, who may choose to neglect, at a critical moment (to protect Obama). Direct Light towards this one that Higher Self may make the choice, yes, duty must be performed in accordance with the Way of the Heart.


* From previous New Light Messages:

NLM July 14, 2002: "It is now necessary to put into practice a higher understanding of the role of "messenger," that the Seal of the Prophet may be fulfilled."

NLM April 7, 2002: "As has been given, __ this one has been given unto the Seal of the Prophet. …
Yes, you see, for one who does carry that which is the Seal of the Prophet must bear many things."

NLM April 23, 2001: "Remember the Seal of the Prophet. Choose well that you may provide for the Children of the Purple Sun."

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group