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13 New Light Messages

Egypt, France, Solar Winds, Water shortages, Farmers in trouble,
Dragons, Dalai Lama, Followers of the Crescent Moon and the Star,
Navigation and magnetic patterns, Drought, The economy

"February 15th, 2009"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Do know this: There does continue to be acceleration you see, of decline in all areas of your world. Many do see economic decline as the primary concern. Yet it is decline in your ecological circumstance that is far more critical. Yes, for many do yet seek to gain security in the material plane, yet do not seek to address the imbalances that have given rise to that which is seen as insecurity (collapse of economy).

As given, drought does follow abundant moisture in many areas. Fire shall once again be of great concern. The oceans shall again rise up in many places to erode lowland areas that are artificial. It shall be seen in many places – businesses, schools, transportation areas – it shall become apparent that mental faculties are being hampered.

Yes, an increasing difficulty in mental focus – continuity of thought – shall be seen ever in those who are considered youthful as well as those who are considered elderly. For in recent months there has been an exponential increase in rampant electromagnetic and radio frequencies that do arise from your technology (Wi-Fi). It shall be seen within the coming spring season a disruption of magnetic patterns of those who do use the air for their means of navigation (humans as well as birds, bats, etc.). It shall also be so for those creatures who do use the oceans. You may ask, why, why has it taken indeed so long for the multitudes to understand the true basis of their sustenance, security, and indeed, physical survival. It is merely that multitudes have been separated, torn away from the very roots of nature. Now it is to be seen that nature shall re-establish the balance and the connection. Though it may not be experienced as pleasant, you see, it is necessary, as is the collapse of your economic structure, that it may be reestablished on a basis of justice and balance. And it shall be seen that artificial sustenance cannot support life on your planet. Many succumb to fear and confusion. Let your mind be clear, your soul steady within the eye of the storm.

As you do remain in the Eye of the Storm, you become as a magnet force to draw toward the eye those who seek understanding, those who seek transformation, and indeed, those who seek to serve the Light of One in the time of the Great Awakening.

Know this: He who is the descendent of the Pharaohs [President Obama], shall require continued prayers for protection and indeed strengthening. For many voices shall rail against him. Many voices shall shout condemnation. Know this: These are the voices of fear, of desperation as they do continue to lose their grip on those edifices they have depended upon to shore up broken egos. No one shall be immune, no one untouched by the Great Awakener, for your world now does enter the next phase of its transformation, cleansing, you see. Be not amazed, but be true to your task. Hold steady in the Light, hold steady the Light forth, and know that this is the time you have been preparing for over many lifetimes.

We do request once again prayers of protection, of assistance and comfort for the innocents and the children. In this time it shall be greatly needed in coming weeks.

As given, our presence shall be more recognized as we do continue increasing contact with a great number of nations, that there shall come a day when it is possible to embrace the true beginning of your (human) race.

We do now leave you with this message: May you go forth in the Light of the Holy One strengthened, encouraged, and comforted in knowing that it shall be achieved through your gift of spiritual intent and attention. It will be possible to help save many species. It will be possible to lift the suffering of many souls. Know this and rejoice. Go forth upon the path of the Prince of Peace. May the blessings pour forth upon you now and evermore, yes. Eloheim. Eloheim, Eloheim.


Water shortages begin soon.


Much to say, can’t stay. Well, a few messages: More asparagus, more asparagus. It suits us, it suits us – the banner carriers.

Yes, yes, you’ll get a lot more done after you have fun. Every day a little play, even if it’s a short time – you’ll find life’s sublime.

Message: Followers of the crescent moon and star must remember who they truly are. And those who follow the Way of the Cross must realize they are not truly the boss. And those who follow in the Way of the Purple Sun (the Way of Peace and Higher Consciousness) must remember along the way to have some fun and dance, dance, dance! Yes, you can dance inside as well as outside – it doesn’t always include your feet – a dancing heart can be a treat.

[Shamaan holds her arm out to the side like the statue of Liberty holding a torch] Hold it high and light the sky. A torch of hope, you see, yes, yes.

Oh, butterflies need your help. They are in trouble too. Their signals are crossed. They won’t know what to do, which way to fly.

Bye Roundhead. Oh, send him off with a song – the one you can’t go wrong:

You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

Bye, Roundhead! Remember life is magic! Fly little butterfly . . . , bye.

Don’t forget to rub your toes. Reset your vibrational frequency after being fried – get your nerves untied. Put your hand, your foot on the ground, or hug a tree round, round, round, or hold a rock to ground. Chrysoprase! Or quartz.

Get to the dinner table as soon as you are able. He has a joke for you. It’s a bit of a riddle too. Get to the table as soon as you are able, yes, he’ll share the joke with you. [Laughs] The Dalai Lama knows it too! They laugh all the time, it’s true.

Visions & Messages – continued

The Pope’s in trouble.

Crops in trouble. Water shortages, wheat rot.

I’m given a message that says: Remember that consciousness can re-direct the elemental forces in many cases. Don’t forget to practice focused intent in working with elemental forces. Roundhead pops in – you can do better than the chemtrails (in affecting weather) – higher consciousness never fails!

I see. Dragons are cool. I took a trip to the blue dragon. He’s very blue moving through the air, through space. I saw Draco (the constellation) blowing a wave of energy toward us. From Draco a powerful blue wave – the star is the breath of the blue dragon. It’s going to really stir things up.

Swiss mountains are melting.

Many farms will cease to exist. Farmers will have many tribulations.

I’m hearing something about babies. Oh my goodness! Another round of toxic foods. (Pay attention to intuition to avoid toxic foods!)

Egypt steps forward in its role now. The weaving of the cloth of peace does now accelerate in the hands of Egypt. There are still many prepared to set fire to this cloth. Hold Mubarak and his agents in the Blue Light of Peace, that they will be victorious in their weaving. It may cover all the lands of Islam.

France, many storms.

Another blast from the solar wind – big one.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group