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14 New Light Messages

The illusion of control, grace, karma, being the eye of the storm, Starseeds, war birds, great hammer, chemtrails, White Buffalo Woman, earthquakes,
Lady of Grace, wall street.

"March 15th, 2009"
~ ~

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. There is much to be given. Yes, we do say you have indeed entered the days that are in the heart of the Kali Yuga, as is referred to. It is in these days (that) all will appear to spiral out of control. Indeed, it is for this reason that the Great Awakener does move forcefully through your world. The misleading illusion is that there has been control, you see.

As given, often those who dwell close to the edge mentally, emotionally, and indeed, physically, shall be swept up in the raging storm, and you shall see increasing signs of destruction, violence, and indeed, dysfunction, you see. We have said much does now play out in ancient karmic patterns. Many souls do take the opportunity to, as you say, ‘clear the slate.’ Yet in doing so many innocents do become swept up. This can be mitigated; it can even be avoided altogether. For as given unto this one [Shamaan], Grace may indeed replace karma and heal with love. It is with this prayer that you actively express your role as co-creator. For with focused higher consciousness, and with focused prayer, and enough Blue Light being directed to those on the edge in your world, much karma may be transmuted by the Hand of Grace, you see.

In these days a great many become consumed with fear and anxiety. In these days, many do succumb to the burdens brought upon the mind and body by those frequencies emitted by certain technologies that do greatly affect the balance of nature as well as the balance of minds. There shall be a collapse of the delicate balance within unstable minds, within societal structures, as you do see the continuing collapse of financial structures. Such occurrences, though painful, do awaken many hearts to the need for compassion, healing, and greater balance within all elements. Thus it is necessary for the Great Awakener to move through your world and manifest in many forms – be it fire, drought, economic collapses; be it by outbreak of unmitigated violence; (by the exposure of) illusions, falsehoods, and deceptions of all manner that must be revealed to all.

And so you see many who thought themselves immune to the vagaries of misfortune shall find it is not so, for all must indeed confront these extreme imbalances and injustices of your world. You will see a quickening in every arena. Some shall become paralyzed by shock, stunned by the great enormity of all that does unfold. Now you shall see why it has been requested, again and again, that you practice being the Eye of the Storm. For as all does fall away, a seething chaos does reign as the elemental forces do bring great and difficult changes. The inner heart of stillness, of peace, must arise from spiritual attunement, you see, not from paralysis.

The coming season of summer shall be a minor key played out of that which will unfold in the following three summers, as a full configuration of planetary and other forces shall bring nearer those frequencies of consciousness that would allow the Great Hammer access to your magnetic/gravitational field. The thought frequencies of fear, anger, anxiety, hatred, and judgment contribute to the weakening of your planet’s electromagnetic shield. Therefore, many more groups must begin to gather; many more must begin to offer prayers carried on the wave of Blue Light. Many more must, must send out calls to minds and souls, to those who waver in choosing the Light, that they may awaken the cells of the Starseed consciousness.

There is now but a short time; the greatest dangers do come from the Hungry Dragon, you see, China, Korea; [and those] that do come from the Persian land; also from the lost children of Israel [warbirds], those who have strayed from the path of peace. Know this: Disintegration of societal structures and random violence may be brought to an end with greater balance between those who have and those who have not. With a balance of resources, temptations to seek comfort in a world of drugs and entertainment sources that generate images of hatred and violence will begin to drain away. But without hope of a better balance, it cannot be. Yes, what you do see wears away at the soul, and the realm of higher consciousness seems imprisoned upon the Wheel of Karma. You, and others like you, must free yourselves and send into the world the energy frequency of the Starseed, which does generate peace, tolerance, justice, and harmony; that which promotes those activities which make the time of the Purple Sun a possibility. Such an energy frequency may yet deflect the Great Hammer. You have received two warnings, you see [recently, two meteors surprised astronomers and came very close to impacting the Earth]. A third time may not be a warning, but the impact. Know this and go about your spiritual work with due diligence. Do not falter; doubt not, nor waste this precious time in which you have chosen to come to be of service.

Yes, increasing extreme weather patterns and difficulties with raging wars – even these can be quelled by the work of those who have chosen the Light, who have chosen the Way of the Heart. Much has been given that you have seen unfold in your world, that you may learn to trust and understand the critical moment you face. Maintain your post in the Eye of the Storm. Know that your prayers, your conscious efforts, to bring balance to your world do indeed make an impact, a change, on many. Let not your attention be deflected from your task.

We do close with this request – that in coming days, do call upon the Lady of Light to move the hand of Grace throughout the world, transforming karma through higher consciousness. Let love heal, and Grace erase, all karma. We do leave you now with this prayer: The blessings of the Holy One guide you, strengthen you, heal you, and inspire you with each step you take upon the Path of Peace. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


Dancing feet, butts aglow! It makes for happiness, don’t you know. [Laughs] Don’t forget to dance, don’t forget to dance.

You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic!
Who could ask for anything more?

Chemtrails upset tummies, too, sometimes can even make you blue; tempers, tempers start to flare – too much chemical in the air! So what to do? You know! Yes – look for the magic!

Take it and break it,
And make it your own,
Open the egg of magic.

Wherever you travel,
You’ll always be home,
Even when life looks tragic.

And if you wallow in your blues, you’ll never find your dancing shoes! Magic! It turns around even the tragic. Try, try, try – you’ll see your heart can fly.

Sirius. It’s got much to teach you. It is the home of the White Buffalo Calf Woman and represents the power of the feminine principle.* (The Queen’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid was built pointing to Sirius. See The Orion Mystery, Bauvel & Gilbert.) __________

*NLM February 19, 1995: "White Buffalo Woman sends up a signal; she’s sending up a signal; it’s going into Sirius. The smoke goes up and touches the center of Sirius. It’s her star, Sirius, the star of White Buffalo Woman. It joins together the great cat, the buffalo and the pyramid. Sirius is her home. That’s her home." (One NLM participant remembers that Sirius is also the home of Isis, but can’t find the passage.)

The bees. Pray for the bees.

Up and down, up and down. Energy levels go up and down. Schizandra for all of you! Schizandra with ginseng (Siberian). Yes, schizandra with ginseng.

[Shamaan was beginning to see a vision that made her say, no, no!] He covers it with a flower curtain. Make your garden today, your crystal garden. Many things will be happening you don’t want to see – remember, some of it has to be. Hard times, dust, dust blowing, dust in the wind.

Bears will waltz on Wall Street – bears will set up shop! Now, many are bringing the bulls back, but the Pachyderms are standing in the way, Pachyderms are standing in the way. I see. Many should be in jail.

Being happy is not sappy – even in days like this. One thing to say – message, message: I don’t know – he’s sitting under the Bo Tree counting his treasures, and they are just things like – little things – okay, I get it – don’t feel poor, that’s a delusion. You must let yourself come to this conclusion: A hot shower, a cup of tea, a sunrise, and a sit with me! Yes, the mountain air, and you’ve still got your hair – gratitude is what you must say every day. Okay, now’s he’s standing up; he’s got the microphone, and he’s in a little green Leprechaun outfit. [He sings:]

Little things mean a lot,
Have a very happy St. Patrick’s Day,
You all must find how to be gay,
And let yourself sing with an open heart:

Gratitude, Gratitude!
That’s the only attitude!

When the green is not showing yet you know,
So you know what you gotta get,
Gratitude, Gratitude – it’s the only attitude.

You’ve got to get an attitude of gratitude. He’s leading a St. Patrick’s Day parade; trailing behind him are all the treasures that make life stay wonderful, wonderful.

Drought in many places.

[Laughs] He’s just showed me a trick – to help a lot of situations. Everyone who has a handgun or guns running around in the streets – visualize them melting like hot wax in their hand, melting like hot wax – falling apart. You can make co-creation fun by melting all the guns. It was funny! I saw a hood with a gun, and the gun went blooop! Melting their anger – melting their hearts. Melting their hearts, melting anger. Yes, I get it – melting their karma. Let the art of visualization change your world vision by vision.

Pray for the animals. They are really hurting.

Pray for the children. The Lady of Grace – I feel her energy – beautiful. You can help send out her love. Call her to you and send her love into the world. Send it out.

The blue/green serpent (means atmospheric and ocean currents, in this case the conveyor belt) – ocean currents shifting strongly.

More earthquakes under the sea will occur, opening volcanic rifts under the sea. I understand that’s one of the ways of Grace, the way it manifests by the Great Awakener moving the earth. Activity of the elements forces people to pull their attention away from violence and war, and toward each other to cooperate to survive.

Draco (the constellation) is still stirring things.

There will be times to go out, and times to stay in – ask your heart what is when.

Tense nervous energies are increasing. Many people will experience difficulty in sleeping. The next three weeks – restless, intense nervous energy. Soften those energies with music and laughter. Make people laugh (laughing), and it wouldn’t hurt to have a clown around – Roundhead.

You haven’t had your turnips. You gotta have your turnips – raw or steamed, mashed or cut into pieces – whichever way.

White Buffalo Calf Woman is weeping – too many people are still sleeping.

Pray for Mubarak.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group