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15 New Light Messages

Financial district, scarcity of Bees, tempers, sink holes, water,
animals, pain, garden of bliss,

"March 22nd, 2009"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this circle. It is indeed a great blessing. As given often, you do face challenge upon challenge in these difficult times, yet you are among the fortunate. A great many are not prepared, have not been prepared, you see, for these challenges you face. Many concern themselves with trivial matters, unaware of the truly momentous challenges underway in your world. Though many have been given warning, not enough have heeded these warnings; for, as given, yes, many, many weeks of warning early in this past summer (was given) that the Bears would take up residence in your financial district. Yet losses did occur that were unnecessary, for those who were given this warning did not heed. Do not be among those who are neglectful of opportunity to meet changes from perspective of preparation. Know this: In coming weeks chaotic forces shall arise once again. We do say: Those who are close, exceedingly close to the edge, shall teeter over into chaos.

[A message that came through this week: Almonds would become scarce sooner than expected because of the scarcity of bees.]

A great deal of frustration, anger, is seen as a possible choice to many. Yet we do say: Do not let your tempers flare. Do not contribute to this energy of eruption that does threaten the composure of many. Remember truly that you are among the fortunate, and indeed use your position of good fortune to hold forth in the Eye of the Storm. To maintain calm, you must focus the energy frequency of ohm, of peace, of prayerful intent upon co-creating a world you would choose to live in. For it does come hard to those who are unaware of the work of the Great Awakener. You may be as an instrument of Grace, of peace, as you do see unfolding around you, that which has been foretold. Do become by virtue of your own composure a model for others.

This, too, we would have you know: As the Earth does continue to move toward the great dryness, the cracking of the earth shall increase. Those tremblings and sink holes shall increase, and indeed, you will soon begin to see early stages of crop failures and difficult growing conditions. Now there are many items which may be stored for longer periods that are indeed valuable; preserved or canned – think upon this, think upon this. Do not be among those caught unawares.

We do call upon you in this time, that you send forth prayers upon the Wave of Blue Light to all who dwell beneath the symbol of the crescent moon and star, to all who dwell upon the continent of Africa, and to all those who dwell in the lands ruled by the Hungry Dragon. The Hungry Dragon thrashes about, angry at its failure. Much shall unfold in the coming weeks that shall turn the tide toward the direction of deliverance from difficulties, or toward greater danger of war and destruction. Do recall you are co-creator, and you may work with force of Light, amplified by your soul’s intent, to help those who are not in a position to help themselves. As we do assist you, so you do assist others.

Yes, we now must take our leave, as this one [Shamaan] has been under physical strain, as have a great many, including those within your circle. For indeed, it is so: That which does rain upon you from above, spewed by your planes in a vain attempt to alter, by forceful means, Earth’s climate conditions, brings a great toxic poisoning upon the body; and many who are not aware of the source of difficulty suffer, as well as this one and others within your circle. They [those who seek to alter the course of climate change by chemical spraying] do not understand how to alter the elemental forces and their impact. You must work from higher consciousness – from the spiritual center of self. In this manner you do work with the elemental change rather than against it; and then toxic metals are not introduced as poison into your system and your world. [Spoken slower, but with great emphasis:] Who shall heed the voices of the canaries?

Be conscious and aware as you go about your daily activities in the coming weeks. Accidents do not need to occur if you but heed your inner knowing. We shall be with you and provide warning when necessary.

We do leave you now with this blessing: The loving Light of the Holy One pour upon you and guide your steps on the path of the masters, now and evermore. Go now with the Prince of Peace as your companion. Be that which you seek. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


He’s here. [Roundhead] He’s quite comfortable in his tulip chair.

Asparagus! Asparagus!

The garden of bliss – you go to it after death. The Lady of Grace touches you with the gift of the Creator – karma is lifted, all is cleansed, memories cleared [after a] period of time – it’s a cleansing process that goes on, and then the soul is reborn.

It’s a wise one
Who welcomes advice.
Wiser still is one
Who follows advice.

Asparagus, asparagus, that’s nice.

It’s one thing to be open … but it’s not enough – you gotta do it. (Shamaan had not been eating asparagus.)

This time is what is meant by challenge upon challenge. Meet them with a brave heart. Don’t put the horse IN the cart! [Laughs] Your burden will be lighter if you keep your spirits brighter!

He must go. Musicals are good for you! (Shamaan can’t stand musicals!) Yes, yes, they can help you do the ol’ soft shoe. [Sings to the tune of "Dancing in the Rain" – Gene Kelly:]

I’m dancing through the pain,
I’m dancing through the pain,
There’s never a worry, I don’t feel a thing,

Ha ha, bye, Roundhead.

Shamaan is told to dance and pray.

He’s dancing through the pain,
Though he’s asked for some rain.

Pain is not the enemy; it’s the key that opens the door to the heart. He’s just gotta play. That’s the only thing that brings compassion.

This (above) is a message for the entire group – for everyone.

Pain is not having work, money, status; you feel the other person’s pain, and hearts that have been closed.

Many animals need your prayers, and all the little ones, the little ones.

Breakthroughs are coming! Breakthroughs are coming! Problems will solve suddenly. Breakthroughs are coming!

Everyone needs more water, fresh water.

Yes, yes, the wind is your friend. (It moves the chemtrails past quickly.)

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group