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16 New Light Messages

Microscopic lifeforms, The Light of One, White Tiger, Red River, Obama,
The Lady of the Blue Light, fireflies, spiderwort, Titanic,
commitment, canned foods.

"March 29th, 2009"
~ ~

Yes, we do have this one. Frequencies are now stabilized and we do begin.

We do offer greetings to you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, yet we do say, as given, as is seen, the Great Awakener makes its way, leaving no one untouched nor unmoved by that which does unfold within your world. It is as it must be. Far too many do not accept that which is obvious. Many do find it difficult to accept that which does sweep through many places of your land and indeed other lands. There are microscopic lifeforms brought to your earth plane by those chemical particles released – some unintentionally – yet most intentionally by airplanes. Much that you do see unfold may been been diffused were there earlier acceptance, recognition, of the great damage and dangers being wreaked upon your planet [by these releases]. For many, recognition and acceptance doe induce a sense of hopelessness, and yet it is that very hopelessness that does drive one to turn inward toward the Light of One, to seek divine assistance through prayer, through focusing upon compassion, for self and others.

For this reason we do come to you in this hour, for you and others like you have long since turned toward the Light of One. You have long since sought divine assistance and development of your own higher consciousness through your many years of practice. You have become a more coherent focus for directing and propelling the hand of Grace. You have become more effective in interacting with that which is the Spiritual Light as co-creators in your plane of consciousness. And so, as you do see much difficulty, challenge, and suffering around you, you have become a source of inspiration. Through your prayers you are lifting the suffering and deflecting the greater destruction. As you do see, even now, your prayers temper the element of water in that area known as the Red River; the greatest dangers have been withheld and may be avoided altogether.

In that same vein, we do ask you to send forth your prayers of protection and guidance, you see, for one who is the descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama], (he) who does now occupy the seat of power in your land. For as he does travel forth, there will be passages of danger. It may be diverted, it may be transmuted! We do ask that you send forth your prayers, send out indeed a call to those who would join you in focusing upon safety and success and turning the tide away from the most grievous danger. Istanbul, Turkey. These (others yet to be identified) are the places of the greatest danger when he [Obama] goes abroad (crosses a broad expanse of ocean).

In coming weeks, heed well your inner voice, for we shall be with you and frequently call upon you to enter the sacred temple and enter into communion with the Divine Grace, that you may realize you can use your life force as a co-creator. You may aid in bringing about healing, peace, and greater balance amongst those who are without many resources. And to those who have much, we do say, enter the sacred temple (and learn to use more fully that which you have been given). Your White Tiger shall guard well the sacred temple. Many do not grasp the meaning of the White Tiger. It is an aspect of soul force, whose task it is to prevent disruptive or regressive elements of ego from dominating as you go about your work as Light Bearer and Keeper of the Eye of the Storm – for there are elements of ego that do not serve well those who seek to serve the Light of One. And so you have that which is a symbol of that force for turning away and, if necessary, devouring and transmuting regressive elements of ego.

We do also have this request: You will find the innocents and the young ones of all creatures undergoing increased suffering and danger. You are a force for their protection. Assist them through your focused prayers. Do not become so consumed with your daily diversions and tasks that you forget them.

As with the waters that have risen along the banks of the Red River, as with the winds that have come both as aid and destroyer, you may be and are, indeed, a force for the hand of Grace to be brought into play as co-creators. You must keep this awareness in the forefront of your consciousness at all times. We do continue to make our presence known, yet know this: We do so in a loving way. We do not bring harm to any, whether human, animal, or other form. It is not our doing [cattle mutilations]. We do follow, as you do, the Way of the Heart; yes, the way of kindness, compassion, and deep love for all. Know this and be comforted.

We do leave you with this blessing: May the golden light of the Holy One rain down upon you and keep you ever in the state of Grace. Go now with the Prince of Peace and follow the path of the Way of the Heart without waver. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

The Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamaan’s hands form a bowl and as she raises them to her face, she drinks the sacred water. She rests her hands over her heart.]

Thank you, my Lady. I will. Yes. She asks that we give prayers of comfort to the many, (the) very many who suffer the devastation of war and terror, the terror of being alone to face the Great Awakener.

She says those who refuse to be awakened shall be taken, and this is not to be regretted, for it allows those souls other circumstances in which to evolve, and makes room for the souls of Light and Love to do their work. Let not your hearts be burdened by regret. All will have their opportunity to find their way back to the Way of the Heart. [Shamaan holds out her hands.] She gives her blessing to you for that which (you) have come to do with joyous heart and willing spirit; for it is such a magnificent gift you give. The Holy Waters are yours – drink of them with gratitude; know she is with you in every breath. Blessings of the Holy One be upon you now and evermore.


Too fast, too fast – slow the roller coaster down; he’ll help get my feet on the ground. Oh no, he can’t stay, but wants to say – do a little more play. He was here and he dashed away – saying something about more play, more play.

Ha, ha, he’s all over the place – like fireflies – he is turning into fireflies.


Wild, wild oceans. Don’t forget canned goods!

Nicola Tesla is in the room. Some of his work will be developed into a healing light machine, soon.

Spiderwort, make sure you plant spiderwort. It has an unusual property. [Internet research results: (1) When exposed to air pollution, its flowers change color, from violet blue to purplish pink, so it has been used as a natural barometer for air quality. (2) Flowers become streaked in the presence of radiation.]

California quakes are building.

Yes you were, and still are, on the Titanic. For your civilization is the Titanic foundering among the icebergs released by those who did not heed the dangers. If we’ll all go down is yet to be seen, but know this: Without greater justice among and between the wealthy and the wretched poor, the violence wreaked through wars alone will sink civilization. All will share the same fate – or the sameopportunity! The potential to transform is still there; it’s not done yet.

Like a flash, everything changed in a twinkling of an eye.

Greece, more unrest.

It’s the best of times and the worst of times revisited all over the world.

I see a group of elders in a hogan around a fire – consulting, discussing, concerned, very concerned. All in agreement that there is cause for concern. [But their concern can generate commitment in the minds and souls of those whose task it is to ‘hold the Eye of the Storm.’ I saw that the elders in the hogan are Spirit Ancestors of the Light, who are working from the ‘other side’ of the veil to help us in our efforts to transmute and deflect the ‘Great Hammer.’ It was a comforting vision – supportive.]

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group