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17 New Light Messages

Use your position of privilege, Warbirds, Land of Israel,

Star seed consciousness,
Quakes, North Korea, depleted Uranium, Syria,

California, Cosmic Fireworks

"April 5th, 2009"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are with you in this circle. We do join you in this time in holding forth the Eye of the Storm, in holding forth the Light – that which is the Blue Ray. It does indeed make way for the time of peace in your world. We shall be brief.

Yet know this. As given often, those whose balance is delicate, who are close to the edge, do find the energies overmuch. These challenges that come are too great for some, and so you do see a continuing lashing out in despair, in anger; and you do see violence, randomly directed, yes. But do not let fear enter. Know that as you have chosen to serve the Light of One, so you have been chosen, and so you will be provided guidance, protection, and assistance. Yet it is imperative that you use your position of privilege to project into your plane focused thoughts, prayer, intention, to create peace, healing, and move the gentle Hand of Grace, that it may replace karma and heal through love.

We would have you know this: Your planet does now move through a wave of great intensity; higher energy particles rain down upon your plane, bringing greater disturbance to those who are indeed near the edge of complete dysfunction. Further disintegration will continue in both your societal and financial planes, as well as in the force of nature, wherein the elemental forces do now carry forth the bidding of the Great Awakener. That disintegration will also be reflected in the minds of those who have not chosen. In your daily goings about, do pause, if but for a single moment, (and) visualize the Blue Light flowing out into the world, bringing calm, hope, bringing inner peace, the stillness that does allow the soul to rise and allow higher consciousness to infuse and transmute that which is karma. You may find increased restlessness and anxiety within self as you pass through this wave. It will assist you to increase your intake of water. Do not neglect your silver. You may also rebalance your energy frequencies within the light of dawn and twilight.

In this time Warbirds rise again to power in the Land of David. Israel does grow arrogant, and does bring close those who would seek to destroy the Star of David. Through your prayers, hold the leaders of David in the Blue Light and request that their hearts be cleansed of fear and vengeance. You must do the same for those who follow the crescent moon and star, for the Warbirds have not gone to rest in those lands, as well.

Special prayers also must be directed to the Hungry Dragon, and to all who dwell on the continent of Africa. Great unrest does continue in the lands of Quetzalcoatl. The Lady weeps as blood does stain their soil. Do recall: You are the instruments through which Grace may express. As you pass through the intense energy wave, maintain your balance by using often that which is given as the Beja seed chant. It does assist you in realigning your energy centers, that you may not be caught up in the storm. You must remain ever in the Eye. We do now leave you with this. Know that you have a unique opportunity in this time to achieve soul growth, unprecedented for many millennia in this world. Use this opportunity well.

The one known as Obama, descendent of the Pharoahs, does indeed disappoint many, yet his presence in the seat of power does yet hold forth hope that the greatest destruction may be deflected, avoided altogether. There are those who, at this moment, do seek to sow the seeds of failure for him by creating false barriers for him; do recall, if you, through focused intent, hold in the Light those who you deem probable saboteurs, you may bring about transmutation, an awakening. More will be revealed soon regarding the machinations and manipulations of the Pachyderms.

Go about your work with full trust and, indeed, gratitude, that you are chosen, as you have chosen, and shall be assisted in every way to bear the fruits of your choice, those fruits of peace – attainment of higher consciousness wherein the 13 cells (of the Starseed Consciousness) are activated, and you return to the frequencies of your star ancestors. Know this, and be comforted.

Walk with the Prince of Peace, and may the Lady of Grace ease your way, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


He just wants you to know: cosmic fireworks won’t burn if you live what you’ve learned. Keep up the good work. And then he sings:

"He’s walking beside you,
All the long-long way.
Everyday, everyday
He will surprise you …"

Nerves will seem on fire. You have to pump it up a little higher; pump up your aura-glow and just go with the flow.

Bunny time (Easter). Not enough play; your imbalance is showing; not enough playing to balance your day.

Message. North Korea. The rocket fell short of its intended distance. The Hungry Dragon is angry at its failure, and will be a greater danger. Send prayers that the Hungry Dragon will find the Blue Pearl of Peace.

Anarchy will continue to spread. There are people in need who vent their anger at betrayal [by those who hold great financial power]. The danger from Israel is greater than you know. An opportunity is present to alter the course that it has recently begun in Israel. Now is the crucial time to prevent plans for further war from unfolding. Mubarek is the key figure in helping to alter the course that could lead to nuclear conflagration. Now is the time: If it is not met by the prayers of the Light-Bearers, it may well occur. [Israel may once again invade Palestine and extend its reach even further.]

Depleted uranium is hitting lots of places: Syria, too.

Shaking and quaking is not over. I just saw a break underneath the fault, red and orange, … water channels being changed, makes the fault more unstable. California is in for it. [Other lands, as well – I saw many other places crumbled from quakes.]

Transmission received by Shamaan and her meditation group