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18 New Light Messages

Those who waver, electromagnetic storms, North Korea – China,
Praying Mantis, Sightings, Mount Atlas, The Pope

"July 5th, 2009"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Yet we do seize, as you say, an opportunity to deepen your commitment to your role as Keeper of the Eye of the Storm. For now it is possible for even those who did waver, who held even a small modicum of doubt – including, you see, this one [Shamaan]. Now you do see the power of intent, focused prayer. Now you do see why each one is needed, each one needed in full measure of participation. For we do repeat: you are few, exceedingly few [in the world].

Know this: There shall be a series of extreme electromagnetic storms coming into your plane. High energy particles will bombard your planet for the duration of a month in your timeframe. It shall be of utmost importance that you understand all are vulnerable. Yet there are those among you, yes, this one and others who do bear greater vulnerability to these particles. [There are] many more, many more outside of this room who do share this extreme vulnerability. And so you shall see a continuation of that which you do call ‘sudden death’. You shall see continuation and increase of those who dwell close to the edge, falling over. You shall see, as well, an increase in major accidents involving mass movement of people by air, land, and sea. For many souls, many souls shall choose to cross behind the veil in this time. For many, it is a wiser choice. You, and others, are greatly needed, and through recent events you have been shown how vital your presence and full participation in the spiritual work is to all.

Yes, as spoken to each one here, know this: Within each cell of your body, this is the time you have come for, the work you must do. There is none other [of] greater importance, nor so much needed by your world. Take heed, look around you in your physical world – do you not see that changes have accelerated in their course toward disintegration of resources and life forces in many species? As you approach the end of the coming month, these changes will become absolutely irrefutable to any who would see, to any who would hear, to any who would feel nature. Now it is in the hand of the Great Awakener and you and others like you who have taken up the path of spiritual attunement and the work of the co-creator. You are the activators of the Hand of Grace.

North Korea, the land of the Hungry Dragon, and China dance close to the flame of destruction. You must call upon your powers of focused intent, prayer, as co-creator to envision the Hungry Dragon becoming humbled by the glory and the beauty of the Blue Pearl. SEE the Blue Pearl in its grasp, that this story, too, may have a better resolution, you see.

We do leave you now, but we do say: Heed well your need for rest. Let not your frequency get out of balance – for in the coming month there will be much challenge, you see, to your physical form. We do say to each one here: Caution, Consciousness, and indeed, Conscientiousness must be applied for you to remain well away from that which will plummet many into the depths of the storm.

As you do celebrate the many reasons for gratitude, so do we. For we stand with you; our goal is the same, and we do relish sharing the path and the work [of the Light] with you and others who hold the Eye of the Storm. Go forth now. Rejoice – for your chosen path will lead you to unimaginable joy. May the Prince of Peace be with you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

[After a pause, Shamaan drinks the sacred water. Her hands rest over her heart.]


Okay, no time for anything – just one line to sing:

You’ve got Roundhead
You’ve got Two-Bear
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

[Laughs] Get used to the nap, it will keep you on the map! Everybody, everybody now.

You can make a difference, but you’ve got to:

Be happy, you’ve got to see happy,
You’ve got to feel happy, too!
You can’t just roll over,
And give your mind over,
To that old man, doom and gloom.

Praying Mantis in danger. Such a small thing, but it’s a big part of the chain.

Greens. Grains, whole grains – hard to grow, hard to grow.

Another shift in the Blue/Green serpent, farther south. Many coasts battered by waves – high, high waves.

The land of the Queen sees little rain [England].

Very active skies. An outbreak of sightings. Many, many more will see that they [the Star Nation] are among us.

Roundhead’s showing me. He’s cooking something. Oh, getting ready – in coming week there will be streaks of nasty little bugs. Rub a’dub dub, rub a-dub-dub. Wash your hands well that you may stay well. Around the nails and up the arms. [Outbreaks of Salmonella soon followed.] Bye Roundhead.

I just keep hearing the word: Apoo. [Spoken in a near-whisper.] For what ails you.

Sometimes saving a life slows down the soul. Sometimes saving the soul loses a life. And sometimes saving a life speeds up the soul. The knowledge of which is when is NOT yours. Only send your prayers into the wind. It will be done; the right solution will come.

Apoo from Egypt. Atoo.

Surprise, surprise. What about Mt. Atlas? Mt. Atlas and all around – lots of shaking going down. [A mountain system of northwest Africa, stretching 2,400 km/1,500 mi from the Atlantic coast of Morocco to the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia, and lying between the Mediterranean on the north and the Sahara on the south. The highest peak is Mount Toubkal 4,165 m/13,665 ft.]

Roundhead is playing a game of marbles with pearls. Nations can be like children – a game of dare. Like children who feel like they don’t get enough marbles – so they get dangerous. Bullies will be bullies even when they are small.

Russia will be a thorn in the side. [Possibly a reference to Obama’s visit to Russia.]

I see a whole fleet of triangular starships.

Floods, floods, floods [in many places].

The Pope. He will be rude to the descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama]. But he shall hold his own. The one known as Obama shall hold his own.

Beliefs are many, the truth is one. The only truth that serves the whole is LOVE. Judgment is a frail thing – it cannot stand up to the winds of change.