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19 New Light Messages

Tempers, personality patterns, time to polish diplomacy,

vexing circumstances

August 2nd and 9th, 2009"
~New Light Messages~

August 2nd

There are a few messages they wanted me to pass on:

All things great and small will seem unusually difficult. Warning: Tempers more prone to flare as difficult personality patterns flourish. Even the most peaceful person is at risk of reacting.

We do caution you not to allow the mind to identify with the difficulties, however frustrating and upsetting. But do allow the heart to find its way through this passage with humor and love. It will last approximately 4-5 weeks. However, those who meet it well can shorten its course considerably.

The phrase they used is: This will be a time to polish your diplomacy, to exercise your tolerance.

(I saw a) dramatic increase of racial and political conflicts.

August 9th

Vexing circumstances will continue.

Roundhead:But a laugh or two will hex a vex for you!