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20 New Light Messages

Note from Celest and David:
This is a very important message, please pay close attention to it. We have never seen Shamaan’s Messengers this serious.

Random EMF signals, Drumming Vigil,

The Way of the Heart in the Lands of Islam,
The Old Way must die, Do not be deceived,
India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, The Holiday Season,
Sequoias endangered,
Next three weeks a critical time for Obama

"September 20th, 2009"
~New Light Messages~

Two Days Prior to the Vigil

There is an accumulation of physical assaults that takes the body to the tipping point. It’s not your years – it’s the effects of the radioactive material in conjunction with other things. For others it’s the effects of multiple assaults from toxins and EMF frequencies.

The cycles of nature are disrupted. The cycles of trees. Random EMF signals throwing them off.

Vigil Information:

We are at a critical turning point. The first vigil of drumming up a miracle was to put [Obama] into a position of power that he may have the chance to open a Path to the Heart. However, it is in danger due to the weakness of the one chosen and those who oppose him for personal gain. There is also danger from the uprising in the Land of the Persian people. If they are successful and able to overthrow the oppressors – if they succeed, the Way of the Heart will be followed in the lands of Islam. If they fail, the Way of the Fist will prevail and bring to power the one whose mission will be to bring devastating destruction.

If this vigil is successful, it will help strengthen the people of Iran, the Descendent of the Pharaohs, and those in our land who hold to the Way of the Heart.

Nothing can stop the disintegration of the Old Way; it must die, it must die. Yet it can be a gentle death that will allow the birth of the new time to come without the terrible trauma that looms before you.

The purpose of this vigil is to:

• Strengthen the Light-bearers in their choice to hold steady in the Eye of the Storm and in their path

• Give hope and assistance to those who are reaching out to grasp a link, a connection to the Way of Light, of Love, the Way of the Heart

• Discharge dangerous build-up of anger, hate, and fear in the collective consciousness.

At this time, those caught, trapped in the ways of the past, ways shaped by fear and hatred dominate the process of transformation. And so it appears that their force is stronger. Do not be deceived! They embody the weakness of the shadow that dwells in the Heart of fear. What will overcome this weakness is one force. THE single force, the only force that will draw your world into higher consciousness – THAT IS THE FORCE OF LOVE AND THE FORCE THAT CHARACTERIZES THE WAY OF THE HEART. (The force that characterizes the Way of the Heart is Compassion.)

This vigil we do hope shall be sufficient – yet there may need to be a third vigil if the one who is the Descendent of the Pharaohs is confounded by the forces arrayed against him. Then surely a third [vigil] will be necessary. If his undoing does unfold, the Descent of the Pharaohs will reign for merely a brief heartbeat in your world, and be replaced by one who shall strengthen the shadow and its rule of fear and hatred.

You must know this: Your work does delay them and possibly deflect that which is known as the Great Destroyer, who shall follow the one who fails. Do not let him fail.

[Spoken in a deep voice:] You are few; yet do not underestimate what you do.

I see a symbol, a shape I remember. It’s the symbol of the sign of the prophet – lost, lost, in the mist of time is the directum of the symbol, the code for the symbol:

Ever Be Worthy

[Another purpose of the Vigil is prayers for — ]
India, Pakistan, Iran.

This vigil may also stem the tidal wave of illness.

This holiday season – an eruption of anger and despair threatens. A great deal can be changed by the forces of prayer. It can be diverted. It can be changed, transformed.

The focus will be elevating consciousness in the collective sphere – especially focusing on Iran. If Iran is unsuccessful in overcoming oppression, it will allow the Warbirds of that nation to move forward aggressively and force the rest of the world in the direction of conflagration with Israel and others. It will bring to power the one who quickens the course toward destruction – and so a vigil is necessary.

Those who are on the edge will find extraordinary support for maintaining and moving toward their goals from your efforts in vigil.

Though illness shall stalk, it will not yet carry multitudes across the divide. That time has yet to come and may yet be dissolved in the Light of Higher Consciousness and the love that emanates from those who follow the Way of the Heart.

Pray for the Sequoias, the giant ones, the giant ones.

It is critical for Obama; the test that he passes in the next three weeks marks a critical turning point for the world.

If he [Obama] does lose the battle for the Heart, it will make the way clear for one who brings great destruction. He [Obama] must be strengthened in the path of Light. It is possible yet it is possible.

The drums must conjure the spirit of ancients who live in nature in the Ways of the Heart. (The Elder Brothers and others of the world’s Wise Ones.)