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21 New Light Messages

Danger lingers, The Blue Light, Persia, Warbirds,
The Elementals, Attitude, The Holy One
Your Help is needed

"October 4th, 2009"
~New Light Messages~

That which was held as the vigil did indeed have many positive effects. Yet there does indeed linger danger, for the Persian Lion [Iran] does waver, and that danger does arise within the hearts of the Warbirds. A wrath, an unrelenting anger and resentment does threaten to give more strength to the Warbirds. For this reason, we do request that in these days following this full moon – four days – you do carry a conscious vision of that energy which was held in the vigil. Do allow your mind to return to those moments when you did hold the sacred heartbeat [drumming]. Allow yourself to return to the higher frequency, the sacred space of the Equinox vigil, and in returning, once again send forth your prayers. Send forth in the Blue Light the images you seek to co-create. Do see the Persian Lion retreating from the flames of pride, retreating from the pit of anger. Do see the Persian Lion enveloped in Blue Light, that which is the peaceful way, that it infiltrate every land, every heart, and begin in the land of the Persian Lion. Let it transform all hearts toward peace. Let the Blue Light proceed into the land of the blue stone [lapis], that which you do know as Afghanistan.

Know this: As the season does unfold toward the holidays, there remains a tenuous, very delicate balance, you see. It is a balance that may be quickly affected by your thoughts, your prayers, and your actions. Let all these things be in harmony with the Way of the Heart, that the Light of Peace, the Light of Grace, indeed, THE BLUE RAY SHALL EMANATE FROM YOU AS WELL.

Know this: There shall continue to be danger from the elemental forces, yet it is, as given, a preferable situation than that which would see an increase in danger from nuclear conflagration.

Yes, we must be brief. Yet we do ask that you return to those energies that were established with the vigil and send them forth, as you would send forth the smoke from the sacred pipe. Let it blow toward all directions to amplify those prayers that were given.

We do remind you that attitude is your key transmuter and may transmute all situations that may appear difficult. Hold dear with great gratitude each day that you are given to spend together, for know this: It truly could be otherwise.

Do not allow the shadow to take up residence within your mind, heart, or soul, for it is an unruly guest, and if left to its choice it becomes a permanent and burdensome guest. YOU ARE THE EYE OF THE STORM; LET IT BE FILLED WITH LIGHT.

We do leave you now with these blessings: That the One, the Holy One, may fill your heart with joy, your mind with peace, and your soul with clear purpose. Go now. Follow the path of peace. It does lead to the Way of the Heart. Blessings of the Holy One pour upon you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

[Shamaan raises her arms in the air above her head as if she is holding a large ball.] Yes, I see the Ball of Light above your head – draw down to your feet. It’s a way to start a day, yes, yes. [Hands are up in the air again.] You’ll be a fountain of Light to all you meet. Ball of Light above your head – be a fountain of Light, you’ll Light be, you’ll Light be.

Spirit of Hope – guardian spirit, Angel of Hope – came to visit. Don’t give up hope.

NOTE from David: Even though the 4 days mentioned above may be up, your conscious efforts to send the BLUE LIGHT to these areas DAILY (as well as to the planet itself) will be of great assistance.