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22 New Light Messages

Note from Celest and David:
This is a very serious message, please pay close attention to it.

Humans no longer the dominant element, Consciousness,
Circle of life, The four Sacred elements, Masters of Light
Heed well your CHOICE

"November 11th, 2009"
~New Light Messages~

Note to all: When this message came through – sometime this year – I inadvertently omitted the date. Unlike me, but I was in an altered state! Today I realized that 11/11/09 was the perfect date to send this out.

Love, Light, and Peace,
— Shamaan

Know this: We do not speak of the end of the world, though it would be the transformation of the world as you know it. Rather we do speak of the beginning of a new world order in which humans are no longer the dominant element in the equation of life on your planet.

Your political leaders are fond of speaking of a New World Order – little do they realize the true meaning of these words. There are some among you who do understand the magnitude of change that confronts your world. You must be among them and do all that you can to awaken others so that, through consciousness, you may be transformed with your world. For only by this means may humans continue to be part of the circle of life on this planet. Yes.

In the New World Order – in the Time of the Purple Sun – it will be seen and understood that humans are not the center of the circle. They are – and always have been – a portion of the pattern. When this is known and lived by all, greater harmony will be reflected in that which is created by humans. Your world will then, once again, be a healthy and beautiful particle in the cosmos.

Know this and go about your days filling each hour with love, compassion, beauty and peace. Let these four elements be the pillars upon which the ‘new world order’ is built. In your prayerful moments – in your quiet times of meditation – SEE others filling their days, their thoughts, with these four Sacred elements. In this way you do assist in creating the consciousness that will guide and inform those who will create the Time of the Purple Sun. In this manner you may also help heal the rifts in consciousness that do now encircle your planet. In this manner have the Ancient Ones – the Masters of Light who came before you – guided and informed you and others who hold forth the Light of One.

For only in this manner may the Circle of Life in your world become part of the ever-expanding and rising spiral of Creation rather than the self-repeating wheel of karma.

Heed well your choice!

Go now and walk in the Way of the Great Masters of the Light of One. May the blessings of the Holy One pour upon you now and evermore! Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim