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25 New Light Messages

Monumental change, Ancient wounds and Karmic forces,
Obama was not prepared, Dissolving rivalries, Egypt,
Korea, Electromagnetic flux, Shifting land masses,
Dream, Gratitude, Transitioning Souls

"January 3rd, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Yes, greetings, we are with you in this sacred circle. Know this: as you do go forward toward the hour of decision, it will be clearly seen that the Earth and the Elements of Nature are indeed in great transition. Even now, as we do gather with you, deep beneath your Pacific Ocean does well up heat and other forces that shall impact your world. Those who question, deny, that a monumental change is underway, shall find themselves in awe at that which does now unfold. For the acceleration shall now be exponential, and there will be seen greater, ever greater extremes. Yet far too many do not yet awaken in this time. You do see, at the changing of the year, an ever-deepening descent into the heart of the Kali Yuga. All shall unfold in greater intensity, as shall be seen. There will be an influx of those who, in thoughts, words, actions, reflect those who serve the Light. They, too, shall increase ever more rapidly. For in this time many ancient wounds and many karmic forces have come to the fore, that they may be brought into the Light and dissolved. We do say: let that dissolution be in the Light of Grace. And so it is done through thoughts, prayers, indeed actions, actions of those who do serve the One Light, which is your Divine Source. Yes, those who do serve shall balance and counter that which does arise from the heart of the Kali Yuga. Fear and anger shall continue to increase, and must be countered by those who have joined forces in the Way of the Heart. It must be countered, you see, by compassion, indeed, by understanding that which does unfold. For as many ancient wrongs are made right, yes, suffering may be mitigated, awakening may be accelerated, and the heart may open to the soothing balm of compassion. Though you may see a continuing frustration and difficulty within your financial realm, also shall be seen a turning away from material comforts, yes, to seek that which is of greater substance than material gain. While there shall be a growing number who do lose momentum and hope for peace, there will be a growing influx into your world of those who bring the balance.

It is now seen by a great number that the one known as the Descendant of the Pharaohs, who did ride upon the swelling tide of hope from the multitudes to claim the seat of power, it shall now be seen that, indeed, he was not prepared for the avaricious nature of that which is known as politics – the game of power. Yet, it is that very hope that did turn the tide, and that shall remain in the hearts of many who still maintain the possibility of turning the tide for the greater whole.

Know this: In this time, in this year, greater danger does arise, and so the image of the dove in the tree with the crescent moon and star does become increasingly essential to maintain as a focus in your prayers. Those who have sought for long many years to stir dissension, misanthropy among the races, indeed among the faiths, shall become more successful, and it shall rely on those who hold steady in the Eye of the Storm, and who hold steady to the Way of the Heart, to dissolve ancient hatreds in the Light of Compassion. And dissolve all rivalries by joining together to practice in your own life, in your own way, the Way of the Heart. It shall be difficult, for long-buried memories, unresolved emotions, and ancient patterns within your own being shall arise now, forcefully. Mindfulness shall become more difficult and yet ever more critical. Yes, it will be difficult for many to maintain focus on the goal of achieving peace in this Time of the Purple Sun, of achieving that which will bring into your life that which is reached for, dreamt of. Let not the shadow consume your hope; let not the shadow deflect you from your path. Indeed, let not those who struggle to break free of the shadow drag you into despair, for your world does tumble ever nearer to a disastrous brink. We have, and shall continue to bring the forces of Light, of Love, to strengthen you and others.

These are now the greatest areas of danger: As we do say, Egypt – though many do wonder why it is spoken of when you say other names in your daily experience – Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait. Be it known that they were once part of the Empire of Egypt. Their peoples are descendents of those who strode the Egyptian sands among the great pyramids.

There are those who have been neglected. The brother of Abraham – he rises up now from the ancient sands to cry out, "I will no longer be denied." It is not with violence that he shall gain his rightful seat at the table. Who shall make a place for the dove, to come and rest atop the pyramids of Egypt?

In your land, those who seek to sow the seeds of ill will, will get between the races and shall gain footing to deny all entrance to the door to the Time of the Purple Sun. For hatred shall not abide in that time. You are the instruments to help turn the tide by your daily actions, prayers, and mindfulness. You may contribute to that which does generate LOVE in your world. As you do know, it is Agape. It may be nourished in your own heart.

An increase in electromagnetic flux within your earth plane shall bring an accelerated shifting of land masses (i.e., earthquakes!). Extreme weather patterns do continue, and shall impact, more frequently, many crops. We do say: You must remember your role and communicate with the elemental forces as often as you pray, for in this time Elder Brothers and those who do dwell in the ancient lands holding steady in the Eye of the Storm, shall now suffer more greatly from weather extremes. You are few, yet your power does now increase, as you allow your better, greater qualities to dominate. It shall be challenging in this time, yet know this: You have chosen, and thus have been chosen, so you will be assisted through difficult passages. Do not tarry in the realms of the shadow. Though your mind may enter, you must leave more quickly than you do enter.

This one does become overtaxed. We shall take our leave; yet we do invite each one, each one, to embrace the knowledge that you are a critical, irreplaceable portion of the whole. As we go toward this spring, you must play your role with full commitment, yes, full commitment, and unrelenting attendance to that which is before you. Each step, each moment, each thought, does bring greater consequence than ever before in your world. Know this and go forward on the path of peace: Walk in the Path of the Masters and you shall never be alone. Blessings of the Holy One now do shine, as they ever have, upon you, and shall evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

The Lady of the Blue Light

Ease the suffering through your prayers, for many innocents are caught up in the Cleansing. Let the heart of compassion be flooded with the Light of Grace. Send forth your prayers to alleviate the pain and the hunger of those caught up in the Cleansing. Do not forget them in your own struggles.

(Drinks the sacred water.) Yes, my Lady. (Hands over heart) Remember: She asks us to help them in your remembrance. The Cleansing will free multitudes of souls trapped in darkness. Do not regret the cleansing, but lift up your hearts in prayer for the creatures, children, elderly; and many are swept up. The Lady of Grace sends forth Her blessing and Her gratitude for your gift of service.


You don’t see how, now; but there is magic in your brow. If you will just allow that creative Light through. It will speed things up for you. It will speed things up for you.

Dream a little dream of him, when your hope is getting thin. You gotta dream a little dream of him (Roundhead).

Gratitude is the only attitude. The wall of disbelief must be torn down. I get it, I see. Yes, it prevents you from bringing your dreams down to the ground. Tear that wall of disbelief down!

BELIEVE . . . , that’s the thing to do. Believe . . . , magic is really true.

Haven’t had it for awhile – asparagus. Blood needs turnip.
Would you rather have Two-Bear scolding you, or Roundhead cajoling you?
Turnips, turnips, turnips – many ways, many ways.

More dancing, more dancing the old soft shoe. You can’t just wait for dreams to come true; you’ve got to dance them into being and follow through. Once a week, not so hard.

You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

More buckets, more belief, more fun, more laughter. More of those things and you’ll see the many magic eggs they will bring.

Soup, soup, soup, soup, soup, ….

He’s leaving now, and as he does, he’s saying: Put on some music and dance, dance, dance. Give dance a chance.

Okay, we’lI put on some music and dance.

A flurry of prayers and visions.

Send out many prayers of Light. A lot of souls will be transitioning from this side to the other. Then, once on the other side they will be joining forces within the Light.

There is a massive force, not political, but of financiers, massing, moving collectively against Obama. They are planning to kite up gas fuel prices again this year. They are going to do things to prevent measures that could help so that one of their own will be brought back to the seat of power. I had a strong vision of shadow warriors, a shadow government power in action.

The Persian Lion shall join with North Korea [in a nuclear threatening development].

Personality patterns of old habitual responses shall surface with great vehemence. You must take great care and choose well which personality patterns you wish to take forward with you into the future.