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27 New Light Messages

Shadow government, Financial Markets, Flooding,
Laughter through Tears, Magnetic Vortexes, San Andreas Fault,
Children with Birth Defects, Judgment

"January 24th, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Now you see why the Lady of Compassion weeps as many innocents are caught up in the storm. Brace yourselves – there is more, much more to come. So many cry out to understand, to know why. It is a way, a necessary way to open hearts long closed and remind those who have forgotten of the energies of life.

Your financial markets shall quake as does the Earth. For this, too, is necessary to return the balance to your world.

More information: Shadow people are working to undermine, not just Obama, but all he stands for. He works to help those in need. I see an image of a networked land – to land – to country – to country – Japan, Chile, places in England, Northern Europe. It is like a spider web connecting the shadow government — the people who really hold the power; they have increased their efforts and are intent to maintain the imbalance between those who have and those who have not. [It serves them well – the imbalance.]

I also heard flooding will wash away much earth. The blue/green serpent is shifting its course, and is being pushed off course by this upwelling, powerful force coming from the Pacific Rim coast. It was that force that followed the shifting land mass that I saw.

I also heard this: You are the Hope, so do not give up hope. Maintain the Eye of the Storm with gratitude, in gratitude.

"Laughter through the tears lengthens your years."

It is not too late for the sons of Abraham to join hands.

The wine crop is going to be affected by weather extremes.

Magnetic vortexes coming up from deep within the earth in the Pacific, along with heat that is bubbling up. Violent land mass, shifts continental shelf.

Expect the San Andreas to begin rising from its long slumber.

Many souls cleansed Karma or cleared the path for new life. Others chose to suffer – to experience a sacrifice to help the awakening of the heart. [For example,] children who come in with birth defects – for a short time — but their presence brings about a healing somewhere in the family.

You never know who is a Master choosing to serve, and who is clearing a path to the Light; and so judgment is not ever possible. [Compassion is the ‘golden rule’ in all instances.]