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26 New Light Messages

The doorway between worlds, The Quickening
Battle between the Heart and the Fist, Redemption
Rivers changing course

"February 20th, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Each one must now rise to their highest, highest soul frequency. The time is short; many, many, many will pass through the doorway between worlds. Those who do remain will be among the many chosen to carve the way to survival of your planet. In this time, much does come to fruition. It is the time of the blossoming of the soul, and it is the time of the dying away of those who would not choose. An enormous quickening shall be seen, and it shall be too great for many souls to withstand. Now you shall see multitudes pass away, many thousands in a single day in many places.

Look forward, not behind you. See the dawn of the new time. Do not allow self to be burdened by fear, remorse; stand steady, stand steady. If your civilization is lost, many shall follow. The one system is connected to the other, as one soul is connected to the other.

The battle between The Way of the Heart and the way of the fist shall grow; the battle will grow more brutal. Beware that it does not play itself out in your own inner world. The darkness shall consume itself. Be ever vigilant that you do not come close to the edge, for now the quickening shall become exponential.

It is indeed the suffering of multitudes this one does now experience. It shall come hard among those who are the Light-Bearers, for each one of you shall continue to experience ever-greater frequencies of chaotic fluctuation within earth and those who dwell upon it. We do say to you in this time: You must become more than you ever thought you could be, for in this becoming you allow the coming, you see, of the time in your world known as redemption. You may indeed redeem, rescue, save the entire planet and all of its lifeforms. (As co-creators, it is within you to achieve this.)

(Drinks the sacred water) Thank you. She says the Way of the Heart shall come hard in these times, but the Hand of Grace will open the gate and let flow the waters of compassion. Meditate upon that change.

Rivers now will begin to change their course.