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28 New Light Messages

Magma, Prophecies, Scientists, Magnetic Shield,
Earths Core, Your personal Magnetic Shield
Storms, Chemtrails

"March 21st, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are among you. We shall be exceedingly brief, yet it is indeed necessary that we remind you: For it is as given – it shall come hard in these days for ALL upon your world. Also, as given, as you have chosen, so you are chosen; and who better to sound the alarm of all that does endanger life in your world than those who have chosen to serve life?

Many do misperceive that which does unfold. Some refer to that which does come as punishment. That which gives life does not punish life. Others do turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, a hardened mind, and do declare the Great Awakener as nonexistent.

Yes, it is difficult, yet in your difficulties we do offer assistance, protection where possible. How, you say? We say how else might it be that this one [Shamaan] does yet walk among you? Indeed, others will not find it so. You are needed.

As given, the challenges are great. Know this: Greater yet do challenges come to many other than yourselves. Some shall not survive. What, we do say, is to be done if all is threatened, yet those who hold the Eye of the Storm do not rise to the challenges?

Your scientists do not yet comprehend the magnitude of that which does come. It is seen merely as a measurement of time lost; a second of daylight time in your world. It is much greater. There is greater loss in the magnetic shield as a result of this shifting of the [Earth’s] axis, you see. That which did disrupt the core, does also disrupt the magnetic flux. It has sent into chaos a flux that was once ordered.

[Shamaan saw a vision: the core at a momentary standstill, a pause, and then chaos broke loose. Positive and negative ions (?) which were once layered over one another in order are now all mixed up – chaotic.

It is as a symbolic message. Those forces that do disrupt your core also have great [physical] impact upon all life. Who will sound the alarm, if not you? Who will perceive that which does unfold, if not you? Who indeed, who shall assist the Great Awakener in bringing forth awareness that many more might take actions to bring about a transformation of the heart, the Higher Consciousness?

Those who follow the way of the mind, the fist, refuse to see. The cost in their estimation is too great. Those who follow the Way of the Heart do perceive the true cost. Know this: There are worlds upon worlds upon worlds [planets] yet each is unique, each does offer to all life a gift that can only be offered by that particular world. So it is with your world. Yet if your world is lost to the forces of destruction that now pour upon it – much more, much more shall be lost than your trees, your seas, your mountains – much more. For the entire cosmic skein of life shall lose the unique gift that you have come to offer.

Do not bemoan the difficulties – know that they would be greater still were we not beside you. They would be greater still if you yield your place in the Eye of the Storm. While it may not seem so, it is so.

You may establish harmony within your own electromagnetic field when they have been disputed by applying pressure to that point which is at the very top of the forehead, at the beginning of the hairline. Simultaneously, apply pressure at the very top of the solar plexus. Know that the left hand must apply pressure to the forehead, while the right hand must apply pressure to the top of the solar plexus. Deep breathing for three minutes shall complete. We do assist, and shall come to your side to walk beside you, and where possible, to lift the burden.

Yet if you and others like you are not aware of that which does unfold, if you do not feel, or know by experience the danger that does rain down now, how then might you tell the world?

As given long ago, the manipulation of the soles of your feet upon retirement shall also assist. Where needed, more information will be given.

We do beseech you for the sake of the gift your world does offer; REMAIN AT YOUR POST. That which you have chosen is well chosen. Serve life, it shall serve you. Walk now in the path of the Prince of Peace now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Additional Visions Followed:

I heard that you must fight the good fight – the blue/green serpent needs the help of prayers. Dryness, flooding alternate more quickly, intensely.

More powerful storms. The balance has been severely disrupted by emissions from the contrails – those emissions from the airplanes that do seek to control weather. [If you want to be taken seriously by anyone in authority, chem-trails should be called "contrails," as that term is being used to obfuscate the true nature of those jet "emissions." That approach to mitigate global warming is also being called "solar radiation management." See attached article on the subject.]

Those who dwell in the lands of great comfort shall soon feel the hand the Great Awakener with force, also.

They show me this: As the cleansing progresses, many more come to the side of the Way of the Heart. Many more are moved to recognize the precious unity that bonds us together. Yet you will see an increase in the distance that does separate those who have chosen the way of the mind, the fist, conflict, and those who have chosen the Way of the Heart, and healing. For the way of the mind leads to conflict within the soul. The Way of the Heart heals conflict within the soul, bringing inner peace. From inner peace follows peace in your outer world. From heart to heart to heart the soul is revived and memory of divinity is restored.

Never doubt your world is at critical point. Each moment determines a great expanse of time and so many events that unfold within that expanse. Most, you will never know.


He would love to stay,
But must go away …
So we can get to the table .
.. Keep our bodies stable.

Find time to have some wine.
Good medicine to unwind.

He knows the earth has been cold, but touching it, yes, touching it can bring back the bold. Hold a piece for awhile. It will help re-align your smile.

OK, bye, Roundhead!

Don’t forget your pills! Help with your ills! [Vitamins]

More Visions

Armies of Light, what a sight! [They are in motion.]

Magma – massive movements of magma beneath the ocean floors. All the lands, including the Land of Spaghetti (Italy), will feel the heat.

Potassium! Everyone needs more potassium foods.

Prophecies can be changed Roundhead popped in: "But it takes work!"

I saw an image of a red tide on the ocean. I don’t know what it is.