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29 New Light Messages

All is quickening, removal of the old way of thinking
Also a time sensitive warning May 28 to June 5,
Caught in the raging tide of karmic forces, Antares
The emotional body, be cautious, pray for the innocents
The north coast, stock market, airplanes, creek waters

"May 9th, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are with you once again in this sacred circle. While there is much to be given, we shall be brief.

Know this: Still the danger is real in many areas. For as given, the Great Awakener does proceed apace – quickening, quickening hour by hour. For as you do see, there are yet many, far too many who place comfort and material gain above that which is the well-being of your own planet and all life upon it.

Indeed, those who follow the way of the shadow shall appear, we do say, appear to be growing in number. This is not so. It is the loud clamor and purely karmic anger that makes it seem so. For those who have not chosen the Way of the Heart are caught, you see, in the raging tide of karmic forces, and they do mirror, indeed become overwhelmed by, this force. In the days, weeks, and months to come, you will see this clamor rise in intensity. The fire of anger shall spread throughout the world. Many will become consumed within it. Heed well your own choices. For the cleansing of the ancient memory banks of your race [human race] will quicken. Let not your own emotional tides be driven by karmic rage. Choose to direct carefully your anger, frustration, and, indeed, all modes of expression. For you, too – yes each one, each one – will experience the upwelling and cleansing of the memory banks that do hearken [back] to many past lives.

Eruptions within the earth shall continue – as even now beneath the sea floor, upwelling heat, magma, continues to move land masses more quickly. And so with the rising temperature within emotional bodies shall come a rising temperature within the earth.

Send the Blue Light to those who are on the edge to choose the Way of the Heart.

Know that you, as a force for the Light, for healing,cannot become overcome by these forces. For you must hold steady in the eye of the storm. They will wash through you, yet do not let them remain long. Upheaval and disruption, the unexpected turn shall characterize the time you now enter. If you do receive such in a welcoming manner [these forces], it may indeed bring pleasant and rewarding surprises.

Yes, as you do see, it is indeed necessary to call forth the hand of Grace, of compassion and mercy, that the innocents may be aided, protected. They shall grow in need exponentially in coming months. While you do face difficult challenges in the coming months, know that as you do face them, you do help shape the way for others.

The rising of Antares will work upon many others – not merely this one. Those that you refer to as constellations shall have a great impact on the crust of the earth and the winds, and indeed the magnetic field of these ones and everyone, as well as the planet itself.

You must heed well the monitoring of [your] emotional body. It is not controlled, it is directed upward like a spiral. Heed well your focus, for you might be an agent, by so doing, to calm the wind and quiet the raging fires. Or, you may add to it. It is your choice.

We do reach limitation of our time. Yet we would have you know this: As perceived, indeed yes, more so by this one, there is a coming wave of mysterious ailments. It shall elude your medical practitioners. These aliments will exceed their ability to identify and deal with them. As they do arise, pay heed – we shall be present with you and with this one. We may provide information to assist you in avoiding dangers – that may be beyond the body’s ability to cope with [without help].

We do take our leave, yet we shall give you this: Be exceedingly cautious in your movements, in your moving about on the 28th of the present month through the 5th of the following month. Be very aware of all around you. We shall walk with you and provide that which is support, protection, and indeed, inspiration, would you but open to receive such. We do go with this blessing – that you find peace, indeed JOY in the path you have chosen. Go now with the Holy One shining upon and within you, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

The Lady of the Blue Light

The opening of the heart comes hard for many. That is the reason many hardships will come. Pray that those hardships may do the work of opening the heart to compassion and all-embracing love. The Lady: She weeps for all that must be, and offers prayers that all need not be brought about by the hand of the Great Awakener. She asks for your continued prayers for the innocents, for all those who suffer, that the suffering may blossom and transform in the beautiful light of the dawning of the Purple Sun. Yes, I see. Pray. [Shamaan drinks the sacred water.] Thank you.


[Laughs] He has built a raft out of asparagus stalks. He is floating in placid waters, lying in the sun – doing his best to soak up some FUN. Sure, sure, there are many things to be done – but among them must be – yes, yes, yes, some fun. Asparagus is the happy plant. It gets you past the word, "Can’t."

Oh my, third hand, just like the 3rd eye. It is that hand that can hold joy in one hand, sorrow in the other – put them together and you’ll make another! [Laughs] The third hand allows you to do what can’t be done! That means when you’re feeling stuck between the two, there’s only one thing to do! Create, create, create! That is what’s left on your plate! Everyone’s got a lot on their plate, but the one thing you don’t do iscreate, create, create! I see. To make a breakthrough – try something new and create, create! Oh, I see the sacred helix spiral – do the sacred spiral dance.

Okay, more asparagus please. It’s your safety raft. I get it. It helps you float above the fray – meeting every challenge of the day. Bye Roundhead. He’s floating off on his raft. He has a glass of wine in one hand, a stalk of asparagus in the other. Yes, sunglasses too – Blue Light! Oh, they are Blue sunglasses! It will help you see things more clearly, so much more clearly. He makes you treasure your time flowing. He wants you to dance – spirals not squares.

Yes, he did say it will be a breeze – you’ll be protected among the trees. [The strong winds.]

He says to all – hear his call. Don’t give in to the fears and worries – they will finish you off in a hurry!

Somebody tapped me by light.

Images and Visions

Oh my, the Golden Gate Bridge is swaying. Oh my, the North Coast is next. No, it’s not the big one, just a preparation.

Big waves.

More market woes come in June.

More airplanes, air troubles, accidents caused by a refusal to heed the [volcanic] ash will bring more trouble indeed.

Roundhead Again

Roundhead has a final message: To bring the time of the Purple Sun, every day have a little fun. Before you go to sleep at night, each night, be sure you’ve had a little de-light. He’s making a face – a kind of mysterious face. Be sure you’ve had a little delight – De-Light. He knows it’s bad [the pun], and he’s happy.

Oh, thank you, Roundhead. How wonderful. They gave me some kind of healing – beautiful, lovely, thank you! Now, I’m ready. Bye Roundhead.


The breaking of the bread and the sharing of the wine has joined souls together throughout time. The mystic moment is always shared. I have no idea what that means but I see a castle. I hope things will make more sense one day.

The creek waters are rising.

The descendent of the Pharaohs listens to his advisors rather than his heart. The heart is wiser.