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31 New Light Messages

The Time of the Great Challenge, The year 2012,
The Elemental forces, The need for change now is great indeed
The House of David, Egypt, Turkey, The veil of denial
The White Tiger

"June, 2010"
~ ~

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Many do lament the tragic spoiling of your waters to the south, as do we. Yet we have lamented for much longer. Do recall as given often, pray for your oceans. Few did heed. Now in this time it is seen in full measure that which has been unfolding for many years. Indeed, the area in which the waters do now struggle to breathe free are those already known to your scientists as a dead zone, as you do say.

The Great Awakener must move with force at this hour for your planet’s existence – if there is to be much life rescued, you see. We have worked with you and others who hold the Eye of the Storm to avoid the worst scenarios. Still, in the face of that which does unfold, many yet hold to those ways, substances, and practices which are toxic for themselves and for all. Know this: You now are upon the threshold of the Time of the Great Challenge. The need for change now is great indeed. The opportunity to change in the twinkling of an eye will be before you. Yet those who dwell in the shadow of fear shall resist with fervor. You may aid those who serve the Light, who serve the power of life, to be victorious by welcoming change, indeed, instigating change within your self, in your own life, and enacting in the world that which you wish to change. While you must see the world as you wish it to be, you must ACT to bring it into being now.

As you pass the midpoint of this month, and through the next seven years, do know this: The year 2012 and the one at hand that does come upon you soon, will usher in many, many changes. It shall be a time of great intensity. Opportunity and challenge will exchange places quickly. You must be alert, prepared to receive opportunity and meet challenge upon the highest ground that you can attain. It will draw upon your greatest efforts and you must call your best qualities. For this time period will now determine the life conditions of much in your world – within the oceans, upon your land, in the air, upon every aspect of your world. We stand with you; we do also work to hold the Eye of the Storm among you. Pray, hold the vision; act to fulfill the vision; live in your daily lives the vision. It shall become activated. It may become reality. Do not, do not walk close to the edge of the shadow of fear! For in these days it shall reach out for you. Stand firm in the Light of the Eye of the Storm. Hold to your commitment to serve life and the path of love and life. As we take our leave, we do remind that you may be instrumental in working with the elements. The elemental forces may be called to bring about healing, balance, awakening of those who yet sleep, or have hidden beneath the veil of denial. As your emotional body shall be greatly taxed, you must find solace, solace in touching the earth, breathing in harmony with your Higher Self and holding near the Blue Light, for these practices will serve you well in these times. Go now in the path of the Prince of Peace. Hold your position in the Eye of the Storm, knowing that the work of the Great Awakener must come – for the direction of your world must change – one path or the other will be taken, but change will come. May the Prince of Peace comfort you in these times, and the Holy One shall always light your way. Blessings be upon you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


Gather, and laugh to get out of the draft of the winds, the winds of change. Dance a lot; yes, it hits the spot. Yes, the times seem very strange, but remember, remember:

Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your troubles on the doorstep,
Go for the sunny side of the street,
That’s where you and Roundhead will meet.

He loved the dancing. It was indeed entrancing to see the butts aglow. It makes him happy, don’t ‘cha know.

Oh berries, berries – keep you feeling merry. A plum or two also will do. They’ll be coming soon. Yes, these are interesting times. Yes, these are very interesting times, but it doesn’t help to whine. You know you would be bored to live a life in which you snored. No snoring here.

Now it’s time to eat. No more, no more. Let’s go have a treat. He says who else will speak for the voiceless, or lift wings drenched in oil; who else will clear the air, or purify the soil? Only those who see and those who know what could be! Though its hard to bear, you can still glow, ’cause:

You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic!
Who could ask for anything more?

Keep singing it all the livelong day. It will help you along your way.

Asparagus. Asparagus.

Visions, Messages

Keep the White Tiger at the door of the temple. Don’t let the big-footed ego in! This summer, upheaval, all summer and fall. Dusk, dawn light, to help set things right.

Turkey comes closer to entering the turmoil. Someone must get the attention of the children of the House of David. They bring upon themselves much suffering, as they now bring upon others. Shouldn’t come to them. Pray that the House of Abraham may be healed by love. Peace shall reign everywhere if this is so. Melchizedek.

Egypt still stands as a guidance against complete chaos.

More [UFO] sightings will be this summer. Many, many more.