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32 New Light Messages

Do not doubt, the midday sun,
Even the smallest thought
Ducks are in trouble, the Middle East
8 days

"July 18, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Yes, we do join you, greetings. We shall be exceedingly brief, you see, for preparations were not made by this one. Yes, we do say in this time: Many shall be called forth to do the extraordinary, for these are, indeed, extraordinary times. Yet, these are the times you have prepared for, and these are the times when much, much shall be decided. Do not doubt: there are no insignificant beings, actions, thoughts, in these times. No small thing shall go unnoticed or unsung. All, as it is with this one, shall be asked to reach beyond perceived limitations, to do that which may seem insignificant, but shall reverberate throughout centuries and through the genetic lines of many species.

This one must know: overexposure to heat in the midday sun shall activate that which is the radioactive substance within body. As with all, you shall find physical limitations much nearer. This is so, regardless of age or status, for grave changes do now unfold within the Earth; and as given, the Blue-Green Serpent does indeed fluctuate and alter course. In coming weeks you shall find extreme intensity; it shall be difficult to maintain the Eye of the Storm. The unexpected shall rise again and again, and yet, when you believe you have found balance, it shall rise again.

This is the time when you must call upon all that is best within you, and most connected to spiritual source, and perform what you believe you cannot. Know that each moment, each thought, each action, each word, no matter how small you may deem such to be; indeed each omission of words shall have very great impact. Move with caution; move with higher mind; allow the Way of the Heart to guide you. As with this one, who has been given assistance, know that in these extraordinary times you will receive extraordinary assistance. Yes, we do stand with you and shall aid in every manner that we may do so. Do pay heed: within the next eight days there will be great pressure upon your bodies. This one shall feel, and know, when it shall be extreme. It will be given, and this one shall give warning. Pay heed not to overextend or neglect your smallest need. Emotional balance will be difficult to maintain. Access those tools given [i.e., meditation, touching the earth, communing with the elemental forces, etc.], including those of the pearl.

We now take our leave. That which might have been more of a physical burden for this one has been lifted to the extent possible, and for each this is done. Know that we shall lift your vital forces when they do fall below that point where it becomes overly difficult to function. We must have your cooperation, however. Be aware of all around you, and within you, in these eight days. We leave you now with this blessing: May you be strengthened, uplifted, and given the Peace of the Holy One Who does all provide to make your path more clear. It cannot, in this time, be very easy, but obstacles may be cleared, and so we stand ready. Go now with the Prince of Peace; blessings go before you, behind you, and around you, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


More carrots, asparagus, more singing and dancing. Some, but not enough. What is that? Flowers in my hair (light-hearted expression of joy). Roundhead is sitting out in the garden in a lounge chair with shades and a hat. Shrooms (mushrooms), he said I have not been eating my shrooms, not enough, he says. Asparagus, shrooms, and carrots. I saw something I could not identify, cooking. Oh, I see, it can be eaten like gaspacho, cold. How lovely. There’s a grated carrot, ginger root, soup thickened with coconut milk, and it has green sprinkles of cilantro. You can eat it cold; yes, I never thought of that.

Visions & Messages

Ducks are in trouble. They are important.

I see, we are being asked to send this week, especially daily, Blue Light, Prayers of Peace, Afghanistan and the entire Middle East, and Turkey, as well. Crescent and Star – people of the Crescent and Star are being consumed by an ancient anger; it is a fire that has the potential of destroying the balance of life. Send the Blue Light, and put the fire out with the Blue Light of Peace. The potential (for destruction) can be transformed.

Reach out, even if you don’t think it will help. It will. We shall go now.

Gin, gin, ginger express.

Our apologies that the message just went out without the following: The July 18th message is partly time-sensitive, mentioning a period of eight days. It took us three days after the messages were transcribed to send it out. So please excuse the delay. We have found ourselves taxed, as they warned we would in these last few days, since the message was given. We intended to have this go out sooner; however, the messengers have indicated that the 8-day period is now longer than first relayed, so please start the 8 days once you receive this message.