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33 New Light Messages

HAARP, Chemtrails, feeling tired and flat,
Cleansing of the Akashic record, drought
The suffering climate, collapsing of the Earth’s crust
Mystery illnesses, Spiritual commitment,
The full Moon of October, Open the Egg of Magic

"September, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. As given, many do now see, and do indeed recognize the hand of the Great Awakener in motion. Yet those who still walk in sleep, those who yet deny, because of comfort and fear, contribute to costly delays in terms of change, you see. There are governments prepared to move forward with more effort to mitigate the suffering that the [climate] changes bring. It may be mitigated, yet it may not at this point be stopped. Yes, those who attempt to manipulate the winds, the waters, indeed, the weather, do now experience that known as ‘backlash’. What they have unleashed, the Blue/Green Serpent , in its anger shall strike back at those who in their arrogance have accelerated the work of the Great Awakener. Through this you shall see an increase of continued flooding, a collapsing of the Earth’s crust in many places.

This is the time on the Earth that many shall die of thirst with all that does unfold. There is yet opportunity to increase your own numbers (of Lightbearers), you see, for in this time the few do grow fewer. Far too many are insulated by the distractive comforts of your world and will not turn aside from their instruments of diversion.

So it is we (who) are of assistance. Yes, it is we who have caused the disruption of (electrical) services in this region, and in many others. It is indeed a simple matter, that which you choose as your means of connecting; communicating is very vulnerable to highly charged particles. Yet who shall pay heed? This must occur again and again – events without traceable reason by your scientists – and the cause shall escape detection. Yet without these interruptions a great many shall not recognize the vulnerability of your way in this world. They shall continue to place it above air, oceans, ecology, and the survival of your planet. There is indeed a dangerous yielding to diversion. And so we will be in many places; yet the one known as Merkel of Germany – she shall come the closest to acknowledging that which does occur [in the climate and sociological changes].

As we are allowed, we may assist. Yet, we may not make choices – we may assist in creating discernment with choices. Do be aware, and be very discerning with your own choices.

In this time many shall find their physical form exceedingly uncomfortable. Yes, much that you experience does come as a result of the manipulations being carried out by those who believe they have the power to determine who shall live and who shall die by merely alternating the course of waters and wind. Unbeknownst to them, earth movements of great violence are being created by these manipulations. None, none shall be immune. As the few become fewer, your presence in the Eye of the Storm does become more critical. Do all that you can to bring to awareness that which is unfolding, both by the hand of the Great Awakener and by human hand.

Know this: A flood of mystery illnesses shall overwhelm your medical establishments. That phenomenon may be directly traced to your electrical-magnetic emissions, as well as the toxins that are being released into your upper atmosphere. There does come, as well, an increase among the younger children being affected by that known as a radioactive substance. It is already increasing dramatically in your world. [Children born to veterans of war – depleted uranium, etc.] There are few antidotes. And, as well, there does remain little time in which to affect an increase in the numbers of those who hold the Eye of the Storm.

It is well that you have shared with others – travelers – as you do say, from across the great ocean. [We had unexpected visitors from Denmark.] For they will carry part of the message. Yet do know, as we do, that resistance [to seeing, hearing that which unfolds] is high.

As given, difficulty upon difficulty, challenge upon challenge you will meet in these times – yet you must be unwavering in your spiritual commitment. You must stand with courage as the storm does rage around you, and carry forward the task you have come to achieve. BELIEVE all that you do will assist in bringing about the Time of the Purple Sun, the Time of Peace. And your own discomforts shall be eased, with our assistance.

Do not hesitate to alert others, who may in turn alert others; for it is our great regret to inform you that the time of danger of a nuclear release does draw near. There are those among your own who do plot for this to unfold, you see. There is nothing that will not be attempted to regain the seat of power from the Descendant of the Pharaohs [Obama]. Know this: nuclear material has exchanged hands in secrecy. Yet it is not as it would seem. It is not the work of those who follow the work of the Crescent Moon and Star, you see. It may be even now avoided by discovery, by the light of day – exposing those who would plot for the sake of regaining power. The times that are most critical are between now and the full moon of October, you see. In this timeframe you do have the greatest potential to avert or expose, you see, this effort to create havoc and thus regain the seat of power.

Yes, as we have assisted this one, so we shall assist each one. You have but to allow our assistance with welcoming, welcoming attitude {supplements, dietary, and other helpful suggestions}. Those things that have been given shall be more needed now. Do recall: attune to your dream activity, attune to your meditation images, and we shall be with you to give that which will bring relief and assistance in being in physical form in these times.

We now must take our leave; though there is more, it must wait. Do not neglect alignment when possible.

Between now and the full moon in October: do alert others, for the need for prayer and healing the human soul, heart, mind, and the body (is great). We do leave you now with these blessings: May the Holy One pour (blessings) upon you and bring you joy in holding the Light within the Eye of the Storm. Go with the Prince of Peace. Blessings with you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

The Lady of the Blue Light

Yes, it may yet be so, it may yet be so. [Shamaan’s hands are held out in front of her while she struggles and tears stream down her cheeks.] I shall tell them; yes, I promise. [Shamaan’s hands form a bowl in front of her.] The Children of Fatima saw these things and spoke of a sign that is near in your time. It may be within a year. If enough souls come to hold the Light it may be pushed further into time. More time would be given, but you must know that the suffering may also be lifted through conscious prayer, through holding in your mind, your heart, prayers for Grace.

Through prayer and Light, may forgiveness bring an end to the wheel that is turning. You must seek to be the expression of Grace, of forgiveness, of Divine Love. Blessings of the Holy One pour upon you in unlimited abundance now and evermore. Elohiem. Eloheim. Eloheim. Jesus. Blessings to you all. [Shamaan drinks the sacred water. Thank you, my Lady. She erases the images.

It’s a cleansing of the Akashic record for millions of souls, to transmute lifetimes upon lifetimes of karma with a single act of Grace, a single act. Those who cling at the doorway between worlds – pray for them to experience the Grace of forgiveness, and release shall come quickly. Individuals can accelerate the flow of Grace into their own lives by a simple act of genuine forgiveness. For all, ALL are in need of offering and receiving this balm that will ease the wounds of ages.


[Shamaan moves her feet around.]

And when forgiveness comes, all you feel like doing is dancing, dancing – just a little dancing. He says, nothing is so sad that a little fun can’t be had – joy in one hand, sorrow in the other. Bring them together and you give birth to another, the state of bliss.

Okay, one little song and he’ll be on his way:

Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic.
Wherever you wander you’ll always be home,
Even if life looks tragic.
Just remember to ride the wind,
You can be sure that he is your friend, so [repeat chorus].

He’s riding a bucket outta here. [Laughs and laughs] Bye, Roundhead.

Okay, wait. He can’t go – he’s got to give a little pout – not enough people have invited him into their dreams. You are missing the magic he can do. Things may not be as tough as they seem. One clue, for tonight. Yes:

Mountain homes are calling,
Obstacles may be falling.

Invite Roundhead into your dreams!


Earthquakes follow floods, mudslides.

I don’t know what that means: "The disenfranchised will soon take a stand, anarchy rules throughout the land." Don’t be so sure who they are. The disenfranchised are rarely the ones with the most money.

Roundhead says to "join me at the table, as soon as you are able."

[Star Nation Message from August 1, 2010]:

Remember that your atmosphere is also an ‘ocean of air’.

[Message from August 22, 2010]:

Why are we all feeling so flat today? They are stepping up and increasing the use of that known as HAARP. It has accelerated. They are in a state of panic because of the backlash, over which they have no control – the floods in Pakistan, the monsoons, the drought in Russia, etc. As a result, they are increasing their efforts.

The chemtrails are working in concert with HAARP. We had a large number of chemtrails last night and today. If you check with others about how they felt today, you will have confirmation. HAARP is a blow to the upper atmosphere. Earth’s population will be cowed, no fighting back on this front. HAARP appears to be targeting the less populated areas – least likely to have any outcry.

Shamaan and the Messengers