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34 New Light Messages

The Earth does tremble at its very core
at the possibility that does draw near.
Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea,
United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Ukraine
Oceans need our prayers, South Pacific
Extraordinary assistance awaits
An urgent call to the Prayer Network

"October, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We are among you in this sacred circle. Indeed this is a surprise for this one, yet as given, one must always be prepared when the need is great. For it is not known when the call to service shall come, or in what form, you see.

We shall be brief. Yes, it is as given, in the days through the time known as October, great challenge shall be experienced. Those forces that are of the shadow answer to chaos, not to the beauty of harmony. Many shall be caught up, even those among you. You must be ever vigilant and be that which you have been called to be, indeed, that which you have chosen – the Eye of the Storm. For if you do not hold to the Eye of the Storm, who shall carry the Way of the Heart forward when the moment does arrive? When you do look upon your life, will you be prepared to claim, indeed, you did your very best?

Know this: The challenge shall intensify. Yes, though you do feel you have extended beyond your limit, you have yet to reach that limit, and then you must go beyond. This is the task of the Light-Bearer, one who holds the Eye of the Storm. These words are given to each one, and must indeed be taken to heart, for this transition, is critical, critical, we do say. Anger may be transformed by an open heart, and indeed the heart may be readied to open if you would but consider your life without those around you. Do remember all that does depend upon the Light-Bearers of your world, and go forward unrelenting in your commitment to hold forth the Light in the Eye of the Storm under any and all challenges.

October shall be exceedingly intense. Yet there will be occasions, yes occasions, to lift and ease the burden. Take each opportunity and know this: Opportunity may be created. Tend to the sacred fire within. We do take our leave with this blessing: You shall know the peace of inner truth now and evermore. Go with the Prince of Peace and be comforted. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

The Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamaan’s hands are resting as if she were holding a bowl on her lap.] She says, "Call out when there is need." Extraordinary assistance awaits for extraordinary times.


No dancing? Or laughter? Oh, what a choice. Make time. MAKE a time everyday. Yes, find a laugh to ease your way. Make a time. It’s an exercise you know, one that helps the Light muscles grow.

Pumpkins galore! While they are still in store.
Now it’s time for the turnips to come your way. [Laughs]
Don’t forget your squash; pumpkin is a squash. Can’t stay. He’s not even here all the way. [Laughs]

Chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums, here we come. Chrysanthemums, have you some. Come float upon the chrysanthemum sea with me; we’ll have a little chrysanthemum tea. Yes, I’ll join you, Roundhead.

Pray for your Higher Self to be true, be true. Hold on to the Light that is blue, blue, blue.
Bye, Roundhead. I see a new Light, a different Light, soft and beautifully glowing Light.

Nose will start drippin’
When you find your faith slippin’
Sliding into worry.

South Pacific. More problems in the South Pacific.

Elephants dancing in a congo line.
Thinking everything is going just fine.
Oh what a surprise does await,
When it appears it will be too late!
And they cannot say,
How it will play out on Broadway!

Oceans {need our prayers again – water element rising up in protest of abuses.}

Prayer Network

October 4th, 2010

The Earth does tremble at its very core at the possibility that does draw near. For indeed the forces of the shadow have intensified, generating dissension and conflict within your world with such efficiency that many become drawn into the maelstrom, you see. And so a tilt does now begin in the direction of the shadow. It does occur at a most precipitous time. While many eyes are turned toward other directions such as the Land of the Blue Stone that you do know as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and indeed the Land of the Hungry Dragon [North Korea]; it is not seen that the shadow moves beneath the surface and does begin to accumulate necessary elements to bring about upheaval through use of nuclear materials.

Indeed, while these forces do gather, many of those who have chosen the path of Light-Bearer do become drawn precariously close to the edge of the storm, even now, even now in this moment. Some have been sucked into the raging winds. We beseech you – DO NOT BE AMONG THEM. Cast your prayers of the Blue Light at this time toward the land known now in your time as the United Arab Emirates (UAB), the land of the Ancient Pharaohs [Egypt], and to the lands of the Great Bear, now known in your world as Ukraine (once part of the Soviet Union). These are involved in assisting those within your own land who serve the Pachyderms and now would seek to create an event that would weaken the one who now holds the seat of power [Obama]. If it is successful, greater destruction, chaos, and anarchy would follow, not merely in your land, but in many, many places around this world.

Do not allow yours [Light of the Starseed] to falter – not in this hour. As the time draws near we shall return [to message] on the new moon, yet it is important that you know now that two stages of the four have been successfully completed. [Shamaan is briefly shown terrible visions of the consequences of a nuclear event.] This one [Shamaan] has seen some of what would befall your world – the suffering that indeed would be great, great, you see. We will not make the choice, we may not make the choice, yet the choice may be influenced by your work, prayers, the presence, indeed, the focus upon the spiritual Light of the Way of the Heart, held in the Eye of the Storm. DO be among those who shall not allow the terrible things that might result were there not enough to hold steady in the Eye of the Storm. We shall leave this one [Shamaan] in a state of calm – the images shall be veiled for now.

Daily, twice daily between now and the new moon,* send forth the Blue Light, yes, to all, but especially to that land of the ancient Pharaohs [Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAB)], and the Great Bear [Ukraine], that they may not collaborate with others in destroying such great beauty [this planet – they know not what they do, as their action could lead to the planet’s destruction through setting in motion a cascade of destructive events].

Shamaan and the Messengers