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35 New Light Messages

Winds of fury, Waters will rise, Alternative versions
Hatred, Disappointment, Maintaining vigil, HAARP
Focus on the Spiritual Source

"October #2, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Prayer Network

In this time, much more is at stake, much more. And so we do say, heed well your focus, your focus upon the Way of the Heart, upon the beauty of your world, heed well your focus upon the Eye of the Storm.

Let not your mind hesitate to turn its focus to the spiritual Source whenever opportunity presents. At that time, when you are focused within, you become one with that Source as co-creator – and as such, you may draw upon that limitless power of creation, and choose well to direct it towards the course that will serve the Way of the Heart. This will bring to your world restoration, peace, indeed a return to trust. For once again, with trust you may learn to love, to love all as One.

At this time the fourth stage has weakened, yet it is not gone. Maintain your vigil, your focus and do not allow the shadow to absorb one particle of your Light.

At this time beware; DO NOT allow disappointment, disillusion to cause you to turn away at this time, for though there is weakness where there should be strength [in Obama], there is yet a greater heart, yet a higher intention that may unfold from the Descendent of the Pharaohs. Those who now clamor for the seat of power lack the call of higher purpose, lack quality of heart.

Stand firm and send forth the Light, the Blue Light of Grace, that you may offer support, indeed, inspiration. Hatred must not find an avenue to power. Many lifetimes we have worked with you, in many circumstances, yet this one is the most critical, demanding of your commitment. We do stand with you now as evermore. Go with the Prince of Peace. Let the Light of Grace guide your way. Blessings of the Holy One follow your every step. We are among you – know that you must serve the greater good from a place of honor – LIVE IT AS SUCH! Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Pray for the Philippines, Philippines – pray, pray, pray for the Philippines tonight. Lots of Blue Light, Blue Light, Blue Light for the Philippines.

Okay, they are saying a great imbalance has been created by the instrument that tears at the sky [HAARP]. Soon the winds will let loose in fury, and the waters will continue to rise – swallowing the innocent along with the heedless guilty. Yes, now is the time, to impact choices made before they become hardened, impact choices made before they lead your world to the grave. Not the Earth — it will go on, but so much in your world will not [go on].

The alternative version is what we are all working towards. We have to trust in the power of transformation and the power of the Spiritual Light to be victorious again. As before, only a few will make the difference, only a few.

Urgent need to trust that the power of Light and love can turn the tide. Urgent.

Shamaan and the Messengers