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36 New Light Messages

The Third Stage in unfolding, A Bombs,
Strengthen the Light, The 13 cells of the brain,
Phillipines, Caution about water, The World will go on
Heart and Stomach, Kidneys, Monks in Tibet
Maintain the Vigil

"October #3, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We are among you. We would have you know this: That which is the third stage is now unfolding; it is in process even now. It is not complete, nor does it appear that it shall be successful. Yet those who are involved in this shall not retreat at this time. And so you see the beauty of your Earth – know that which is irreplaceable. [Shamaan had traveled to the beautiful mountains hours earlier.] This is what we do remain among you to assist in protecting, as we have throughout the ages.

It is not known by many, yet it is so – there were plans in place and indeed in process to release two more atomic bombs during the Great War [WWII]. While it was not permitted then, as it is not now permitted, we did not [could not] intervene. Yet we did influence ________ _______ the soul of those who did make the choice [not to use two more A-bombs]; so much was spared at that time, though not all.

In this time much more is at stake, much more. And so we do say, heed well your focus, your focus upon the Way of the Heart, upon the beauty of your world; heed well your focus upon the Eye of the Storm.

While the third stage is in process, there are factors that are proving to be obstacles to those attempting to carry out their deed of destruction. Your focus, your prayers, your centering in the Eye of the Storm does help place in their path obstacles that may cause them to pause and possibly put aside, put aside their efforts for another time. There are many forces in place at this time that would generate havoc in your world. They must not be met directly; they must be weakened by the Power of Light. As you increase within self a focus upon peace and the Blue Light of Grace, it does strengthen that Light wherever there is life, even those who would seek destruction. In this manner is the shadow defeated and deflected from its course. The obstacles that are being placed in their path have now created delay. That which was to occur within the hours of the 28th of this month [October 28th] has been rescheduled, yes. Within this hiatus, this pause, it is possible to generate sufficient Light force to influence two involved. If they are turned away from their intention, destruction may be diverted; or, at the very least, diminished in potency. Let not your mind hesitate to turn its focus to the spiritual Source whenever opportunity presents. At this time, when you are focused within, you become one with that Source as co-creator – and as such, you may draw upon that limitless power of creation and choose well to direct the Light towards the course that will serve the Way of the Heart. That will bring to your world restoration, peace, indeed, a return to trust. For once again, with trust you may learn to love, to love all as One.

As given, we do assist in this way in this time. We do send forth a frequency that will continue to accelerate the development of the 13 cells within the brain that do retain the signature of your origins among the stars. It is the signature that causes you to remember [your] true nature, and thus allows the expression of Higher Self with greater ease.

Know this: As you and others continue to face higher challenges, there shall be a simultaneous awakening of the 13 cells. These will assist you in meeting each challenge, each hardship, on ever-higher planes of consciousness. In this awakening, we do beseech you to trust that it will indeed lead you to union with the divine root of your beginning. In this manner much shall be saved. As it was, as it will be always. Thus, we do stand with you.

At this time the fourth stage has weakened, yet it is not gone. Maintain your vigil, your focus, and do not allow the shadow to absorb one particle of your Light. Yes, we would leave you [now], yet we do say this: As given, the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] was not prepared, yet the people, the people of your land were very much prepared. It is a disappointment, a disillusion that does feed the shadow at this time. Beware, DO NOT allow disappointment, disillusion, to cause you to turn away at this time, for though there is weakness where there should be strength [in Obama], there is yet a greater heart, yet at a higher intention that may unfold from the Descendent of the Pharaohs; for those who now clamor for the seat of power lack the call of higher purpose, lack quality of heart.

Stand firm and send forth the Light, the Blue Light of Grace, that you may offer support, indeed, inspiration. HATRED MUST NOT FIND AN AVENUE TO POWER. Many lifetimes we have worked with you in many circumstances, yet this one is the most critical, demanding, of your commitment. We do stand with you now as evermore. Go with the Prince of Peace. Let the Light of Grace guide your way. Blessings of the Holy One follow your every step. We are among you – know you serve the greater good within a place of honor – LIVE IT AS SUCH! Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


He liked the soup. Uh-hum. [Laughs] Even when you’re tired and not feeling well, shake it up to dance and you’ll feel swell. Can’t stay at all – the table will soon call.

He likes the soup, he likes the soup. [Laughs] Quite a large one, don’t you think? Yes, kohlrabi. He sent out the purple van – got eggplant? Now kohlrabi! Big enough to bounce back.

Pray for the Philippines, Philippines – pray, pray, pray for the Philippines tonight. Lots of Blue Light, Blue Light, Blue Light for the Philippines.

He’s leaving with a little tease. He says: Oh, you might be very pleased and do a little dance when you take a chance – those numbers just might come up. Yes, yes, I saw them. Those numbers just might come up, and then you’ll have a happy, happy dance. Okay, I see, he’s tried everything else to get us to dance, and so now he’s selling lotto tickets. He wants you to know he’s just trying to help your shining glow, and he knows, oh he knows you’ll work and do everything else alright [but dance]. This is true, Roundhead.

The conductor must work with the musicians. You’ll do everything alright, but the urge to dance and have fun you’ll sacrifice. Without the glow – you’ll never know the magic! [We sing:]

You’ve got Roundhead!
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

Magic! Magic! Bye.

Roundhead – he was here, and now he has to disappear.

He’s saying something about water – not Roundhead – someone else. People don’t see, he says. The red water that kills, the black ooze that spills, the waters are raging. More flooding, more flooding, much more flooding in many, many places. The wind, the waters [fight back!].

Yes, okay, they are saying a great imbalance has been created by the instrument that tears the sky [HAARP]. Soon the winds will let loose in fury, and the waters will continue to rise – swallowing the innocent along with the heedless guilty. Yes, NOW is the time, is the time to impact choices made before they become hardened.

Impact choices made before they lead your world to the grave. Not the Earth – it will go on, but so much else will not [go on].

The alternative vision is what we are all working towards. We have to trust in the power of transformation and the power of the Spiritual Light to be victorious again. As before, only a few will make the difference, only a few.

Urgent need to trust that the power of Light can turn the tide. Urgent.

Stomach and heart are distressed. A great many experience the pressures. I’m not the only one experiencing distress in these areas because of the emanations and manipulations with energy frequencies. Pantothenic acid [B vitamin, B-5] and magnesium needed by most.

Myrrh. Remember the power of myrrh. [It lifts the energy body.]

They showed me a vision of Moss Man. Moss, moss. Usnea is one of the gifts of moss. Usnea will be important in this time. [Helps kidney, bladder; kills strep.]

I saw a vision of monks meditating in a monastery in Tibet. There is a special effort being put forth to diffuse conflict and bring peace. Pray for the Dalai Lama. Someone there knows what’s going on. A few thousand years they’ve been preparing for this moment.

"To lead is to serve. A leader follows where the people want to go." The conductor knows the piece and the musician. You must know that a musician must have passion and depth. Like a coach, a leader, he does not direct as much as he or she connects with the musicians. The conductor must work WITH the musicians. [Note: The conductor is higher will; musicians represent soul force.]

The first chakra connects with the hypothalamus in active mode; this energizes the hypothalamus – that adaptive mode in turn signals the pituitary – the conductive mode – the conductor.

Prayer Network

Though there is delay, the fourth stage of plans to create great havoc and destruction do yet go forward. While there are many malcontents [Tea Party people and others] involved, it is but the manipulations of those who would seize power by whatever means. Know this: If they are successful, those things prophesized, seen, by the indigenous peoples of your world WILL COME TO PASS and it shall be hard, exceedingly hard upon those who dwell on Earth in those days. Yet it is not fully written, it may yet, it may yet be transformed by those who hold and work to be in the Light. You shall continue to see upheaval, indeed, in many places – where there is not plague, there shall be mob rule, as you do say.

You hold the Eye of the Storm and are in the Eye for a purpose. You must be among those who are within monastery or temple, on sacred ground. You have been given a sacred place in which you may function as instruments of the Light. You are greatly needed, greatly needed in this time. Maintain your post now through the 28th [of October]. Twice daily, hold the vision of the Blue Light flooding each place on this Earth and each soul that dwells within it.

While you do not see now, in this present day, the grave danger – trust that it is near, and that we do come to assist you in disarming, deflecting this danger.

Co-creators of the Light are needed everywhere in the Earth, as well as many other worlds.

Atlantis has already risen and has been denied out of pride. Those who refuse to know, to see, could help create the same tragic ride.

Shamaan and the Messengers