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37 New Light Messages

Aligning the physical body, The struggle for power
Egypt, Kale/Kohlrabi, Turnips, Asparagus, Chemtrails,
Lady of the Blue Light, 33 Emissaries of Hope

"October #4, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Know this: As you approach the fullness of your moon, that which you know as the energies shall grow extremely intense. Many shall draw too close to the shadow as a moth does to its destruction, you see. Tempers shall have tendency to flare; the body shall feel discomfort of an unusual nature. Restless sleep shall continue, and for many shall increase.

You may meet these challenges by aligning physical body with earth frequently. Do stand upon the earth to touch. Recall to partake of the silver water, that which has been imbued with the blue ray, you see.

We do also say to you that in this time in your world you would do well to heed the twilight and dawn rays.

Do recall you are not your personality, nor your body; your essence is of the Light, as spirit, as you do say. Return frequently to that knowledge when you are troubled by outbreaks of physical or personality disruptions, for indeed in the world around you dissension and disharmony shall escalate as the struggle for power accelerates.

Hold to the true power, go within; merge your entire being with the Light essence that you are; and when the heart is disquieted, allow your focus to be complete upon that which is beauty, that which is love, that which is harmony in your own life.

Watch carefully the skies. Much shall be seen in this time that will make it clear indeed to all who see, that we are among you and shall ever remain so. Know this and be at peace, for we watch and work with you to hold the Eye of the Storm, where the dawn of the Purple Sun will arise. Tend well to your inner guidance. Blessings of the Holy One shine brightly upon your path now and evermore. Shall Peace be. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

I hear these words: Egypt holds the secret in its paw [possibly a reference to the Hall of Records hidden under the Sphinx.], but it does not let it be revealed. But soon, soon the stars, the movement of your planets and stars, shall make it known.


For the first time in a long time: Two-Bear is waving a bunch of turnips, turnips with their greens.


[Laughs] Roundhead is still dancing, he loved it so. He was happy to see so much glow – not enough, not enough, but hey, it’s better than the gray light that he has been seeing.

Kale/Kohlrabi. The soup to make you strong. Soup.

Wonderful soup – sip, sip, sip, sip. Don’t forget the asparagus, not for the soup though! [We sing:]

Asparagus! Asparagus!

Yes, many sniffing, so do your toes. Liver needs it, and it helps your nose [massage toes].

You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?

Just remember that. Okay, he’ll see you in his dreams, and you will see him, too. Look for him.

The wind, the wind changes soon.

Yes, the menagerie is growing, and he’s happy now with the best lap in the world. [A reference to Paco, an old abandoned Chihuahua dog that recently passed on.]

He (Roundhead) is still here, and he wants me here too. No visions, now. No, he doesn’t want me to have any. Empty is good sometimes. He brings peace to your mind.

Asparagus. He’s telling me why, after all these years. Asparagus helps remove toxins that come from the sky. Thank you, Roundhead, thank you.

The Lady of the Blue Light appeared. She said the 33 were emissaries of hope, to show the world what could be if millions focused on hope, healing and love – be it through prayers or thought. It is possible in this way to bring the world into the Time of the Purple Sun. They [the 33 miners] represented all of mankind – 33 bones in the spine. That was the essence of the message. [I saw a] vision of a group of men – small group buried in darkness. Up here I see the Blue Light in motion form – the Lady of Blue Light outstretches her arms over the men. I feel her presence. They are buried in the darkness of ages of human error, ignorance, and fear. They are buried under it and She moves in with exquisite, brilliant, blue light, hovering, protecting and at the same time making it [the rescue] happen. She was there at all times comforting and helping.

Shamaan and the Messengers