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38 New Light Messages

Tragedy avoided, Your role as co-Creator,
Ring of fire, Horses, Ice, Inca’s
Star People, Cloud People

"October #5, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. Yes, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Know this: That which was indeed to be a tragedy has been at this time averted [the bombs found on cargo airplanes coming from Yemen – they were found on the 29th day after our vigil ended]. That which was the fourth stage failed. It was more a result of your success than their failure, you see. Indeed, it is critical that each one, each one does realize the power of co-creation that lies within your soul through prayer. Yes, as given, the power of positive thought projection does have greater sway than you do know, and so it is within your reach, you see; for you and others like you to become as instruments of transformation that the shadow forces may be defeated in their efforts to bring suffering, destruction to all for the sake of gaining power. Yes, do know that it was with our assistance, yet it was you and others who do hold the Light of Grace, the Blue Light that does erase much karma and replace it with love. Their efforts will not cease — those who operate as shadow forces within your own land. Those who seek the seat of power — who do operate within the circle of rulers of this land, have more than once joined forces with those outside of your land to create havoc and wreak much suffering. [Possibly a reference to Nine-11.] In these days, many shall yearn for power yet shall not earn the right to wield it. Power without compassion, justice, indeed without principle is poison to the soul.

You must remain ever committed to your role as co-creator that the force of that which is Light, Love, and Life may be served. Be ever ready – for the call may come even in the dark hours of midnight – for these are the days your soul has prepared for and they shall grow ever more challenging. Remain as the Eye of the Storm. As you do, others shall join you and the shadow shall be enveloped in the Light of the Purple Dawn. Peace, peace shall reign in your world. Go now and follow the path that does lead to peace and healing of the human heart. We do walk with you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

[Shamaan drinks the sacred water.] Thank you. They leave with this blessing: May the bliss of the White Lotus be yours.

They are singing. The voices are so clear they sound like bells ringing. I’ve never heard singing like that. Exquisite, exquisite.

Nebulas again.


Hello. Pumpkin polka. I keep on dancing, he says.

Mostly Visions

Long, long, face, long pointy face. His face has a great deal of genetic DNA from the Star Nation – so his face [Akhenaten, Egyptian Pharaoh] approaches [the look] of those of the Star Nation. They say there are not too many to whom they can appear as they are. Freedom from fear allows you to see them as they are. I feel them.

Fire in the water all around the Ring of Fire is unleashed, and it will continue now. It means something big is coming. I don’t know what.

Pumpkin pies with allspice, oh how nice.

Sheets of ice will cover the southeast.

Pray for the horses, pray for the horses.

More, more is coming. More attempts.

They showed me Incas – and why the Inca’s practiced skull elongation – it was to be like them [the Star Nation with the long, pointy faces]; they were like gods.

They showed me Machu Picchu. They showed mothers wrapping their children’s skulls – they used pieces of wood [that looked like slates] so they would look like the Star People, and if they looked like the Star People they could do things like the Star People [was their reasoning]. In Machu Picchu they had constant communication with the Star People. They built a Sun Dagger there – not only to mark the seasons, but to mark when the Star Nation would return. They would send a priestess, a virgin, to the top of the Sun Dagger [dial?] and she would commune; and they would tell her how to evade the captors – conquerors. They were like the priestess at Delphi, except the contact was direct.

What I am getting now is in the same way that they [the Star Nation] assisted the cloud people – they called them the mountain cloud people – the way they assisted them, they can assist us. They called them the Cloud Mountain People. More at a later time.

All the souls (here) – all of us are from the time of the cloud mountain – high enough to live among the mists and still grow what is needed.

There’s a reason they reveal this to me – it will be given at a later time.

Shamaan and the Messengers