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40 New Light Messages

Yellowstone heating up, Volcanoes, Ring of Fire, Amazon
Star Nations existence known by the Governments
Pharaohs, Warbirds, Electromagnetic fields

"November #2, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. Do recall: As given, it shall indeed appear as though shadow forces shall be dominant, even victorious. And so it shall continue to appear that this is so. Yet know this: As before, the shadow force shall fall and be its own undoing; yes, by its own folly and excessive ambition shall it bring about its own end. Yet we do say, what hangs in the balance, is the question: How many, how many shall suffer? How many shall be deprived of life itself? Before [the fall] does occur, this is what you and others who serve the Light, who serve the circle of life, must help decide. You may be instrumental, as you have been, and shall be again, in determining, indeed, how much may be mitigated and even reversed. Yes, we do remind you: Do not devalue your efforts, your contributions, for without your efforts and those who serve the Way of the Heart, as you do, much destruction would have unfolded from the explosions within those planes known as cargo. As given, the opportunity to deflect such destruction had to have been seized before the 28th of your month of October. [Shamaan note: And it was accomplished with the revelations made by the United Arab Emirates that we were asked to pray for, which prevented the bombs from exploding. One bomb had only 17 minutes left before detonation.]

Now we do say, there is before you another task. Though its time is further out, you see. It is indeed more critical because those who have seized power serve the way of the fist. Those who serve under the sign of the pachyderms are dominated by Warbirds, and they seek to seize more power still. The path chosen shall bring hardship to a great many. It is so. As given, the Descendant of the Pharoahs was not prepared to turn aside the onslaught, yet had the victory gone to the others [McCain/Palin] who serve the pachyderms, much, much greater turmoil, much greater suffering, and indeed destruction was to unfold. In this task that you do now face lies the hope of accelerating the arrival of the Time of the Purple Sun. Now we do request that you hold in the Light of the Lady of Grace, the Blue Light, the one who now holds the seat of power [Obama], Descendant of the Pharoahs. Call upon his soul to awaken to the momentous opportunity that he does now have to aid the world and further the Way of the Heart. You must hold him in this Light, that he not waver, that he not surrender the golden rule to those who know no limits to ambition.

The indigenous people of your land and the world do depend greatly upon the commitment, the focus of those who hold the Eye of the Storm. Though indeed, it does come hard upon you in this time, recall: There are far greater reasons for gratitude than despair, and those reasons shall continue to unfold before you. Yet you must know how much does depend upon your willingness to hold steady within the Light of the Eye of the Storm, to be a channel for Grace, the Way of the Heart, and the healing hand of the Lady who does quicken the Light of soul in each and every being.

As you have before, in the land known as Machu Picchu, you do as well now hold to the teachings of the Light, the central source of life, The One. As you do hold to that Light, entrusted with you is the Way of the Heart, and the wisdom of the Holy Flame, the Blue Light.

The time of greatest opportunity begins now, and extends into the time of your spring. Yes, if the Descendant of the Pharoahs does not find his strength, ALL, ALL life shudders. We do request that you hold a daily prayer* that the Descendant of the Pharoahs now serve the Way of the Heart and LEAD to the dawn of the Purple Sun, with strength, with courage. Then the Hand of Grace shall accelerate the victory of Light, of Peace, the Light that is seen in the eyes of love; whether it be seen in the eyes of a child, a parent, or indeed the first lover – it is all LOVE. Let it be so. Hold this prayer in your circle and know that it shall be so.

As given, now, now is the most precious time in your soul’s journey! The growth of your soul shall exceed all expectations, limitations, as you tend to that which you have chosen. The Host who serves the Light of One does celebrate, celebrate, your journey. We are the Host, and we do leave you with a blessing: that the Light of Divine Life and Love shine from you, within and around you, all of your days within this Earth, and into eternity. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.


As given, volcanoes will be next, as the Ring of Fire does open to massive plumes of fire and molten rock. Now, up to Alaska, around, around the globe, the continental shift moves more quickly now. Between the plates, open gaps, collapsing earth. Changing electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere do contribute to plate disturbances.

Greater difficulty with crops in many places, soon. Some of these difficulties are intentional. Pray, pray for the oceans. We beseech you: pray for the oceans and all creatures within.

The Amazon releases too much silt. The Urubamba, a river near the Amazon: it’s being choked. The Urubamba, the sacred river; many lifeforms passing there. Visualize Blue Light, Blue Light, filling the Amazon. You may help by holding the Amazon, the Urubamba, and other rivers in that part of the earth, too, to flow quickly, that the silt settle to the bottom. Clear waters may flow with prayer. Do remember: much may be offset by co-creators participating in the Way of the Heart within the Eye of the Storm. Use your position well. (Spoke some words in another language.)

Our existence (the Star Nation) is known by your government. Others will continue to reveal our presence. It is important in this time that more become aware of the reality of life beyond your galaxy, and indeed, within your galaxy. We are with you, have been with you, and shall be with you, now and evermore. Be at peace with this assurance. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

A little reminder is needed:
Don’t remain seated
Get on your feet,
And put them on the sunnyside of the street!

(We all sing: The Sunnyside of the Street)

Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your troubles on the doorstep,
Just direct your feet,
To the sunnyside of the street.

When you get up in the morning and when you go to bed at night, have a little smile; makes everything light.

Where’s his pumpkin pie? It doesn’t have to be sweet. Make sure you got cinnamon, allspice, too, and a clove or two.

More, more soup [kale, kohlrabi]; it’ll get you through the winter. Kale, kohlrabi soup!

He’s (Roundhead) ready to eat, but he wants to see those dancing feet. So … life’s a little lumpy; it doesn’t help to be grumpy.

[We all sing:]

Get your hat,
Get your coat,
Leave your troubles on the doorstep,
Just direct your feet,
To the sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny side of the street.

[Laughs] Bring your heart along, too.

There’s more to say, but it can come by whisperings in your ear. Just remember: whatever you need, he’s ready to share. Invite him to your party …. What party? Why, your waking up every-morning party. That’s the one, when you’re waking up with the Sun. Yes, that party.

Soup! He liked it, and he wants more.

Snow, the wind will blow, but it won’t be so bad. You’ll be glad, by and by; you’ll be glad.

I (Roundhead) want pumpkin pie. [Laughs]

Geysers – Yellowstone, heating up.

Cern (Switzerland) should not be used. High risk. [A possible reference to antimatter.]


* October 30, 2010 message: For those who are agnostic or have difficulty with the word prayer – they may use PPTP – the power of positive thought projection to function as co-creators in harmony with their beliefs. In whatever manner you may join the work of the Light force – more participation is needed.

Shamaan and the Messengers