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41 New Light Messages

Little time left, Anarchy will flourish,
You will be victorious, Birds and Bees fall ill
Oceans and Earth-send your prayers
Beings are with us, Machu Picchu, Columbia

"November #3, 2010"
~New Light Messages~

Yes, greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief.

Few do realize how little time, how little time is left to redirect the course of events in your world. Yes, as given often, that which is before you is the work of many lifetimes, and those who have been seduced by shadow forces do make the work more challenging. Yet know this: In these months you shall see a rising tide of both forces as they build toward a crescendo. There shall be a rising tide of misanthropy. Violence shall increase in many places. Anarchy will flourish. This tide shall cause, in turn, a rising tide of those who hold fast in the Eye of the Storm, and those who do reach for the Light. They shall bring healing, hope, the Blue Light that shall make way for the Way of the Heart. You may increase their number by remaining true, unwaveringly true to the spiritual path you have chosen. [In this manner you draw others into the Eye of the Storm.]

Know this: Many shall become discouraged and shall see the rising tide of the shadow forces as overwhelming; and so their Light shall grow weaker in holding forth in the Eye of the Storm. Know this: You have been prepared to be victorious in holding forth the Light. You must not yield to discouragement; you must not yield one particle of your Light to the shadow. Though you may face difficulties, you are nevertheless in a privileged (position). You do not hunger; you will not hunger; you do not find yourselves without shelter. You shall use well your time, your soul’s journey, your position, if you but heed that which was given: That which does appear to be, is not so. The Light of One, the Way of the Heart, will be victorious. Much will fall, as need be. Yet beneath the rubble already grows a new tree; it shall be the tree of unity, and it will stand as a symbol for the worlds way of life that will indeed bear sweet fruit in the Time of the Purple Sun. Hold to this knowledge, do not falter. Do not turn away from the most difficult tasks before you. As you do hold the prayer* that you have been given through this time, this season into your spring your numbers will grow. Rejoice; hold firm. Strengthen the Light within, for your soul has journeyed far and long to be present in this glorious opportunity. Seize your time; fulfill the promise of Higher Consciousness and you will help usher in a time of peace wherein the Hand of Grace does indeed erase karma and replace it with Love.

A great soul Light will soon leave your world; but he shall work with you from the other dimension where we do reside. That place known as the birthplace of humanity shall mourn, as shall the world. It is but a birth and a release of all obstacles to a power of greater expression.

Go forward now, assured that your focus be only on the Light; yet do not become disconnected. Have courage to see, to witness that which does unfold from within the Eye of the Storm. Be assured: Those who follow the Way of the Heart and hold the Light of One shall be victorious. May the Prince of Peace bless your every footstep. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.

Lady of the Blue Light

Time is short. Strengthen yourselves with gratitude and hope. Let your actions reflect the Light of Grace. Send forth your prayers: Many, many children do suffer. Water is impure, food scarce; danger fills every moment. Your prayers protect, shelter, sustain, and heal. Never forget this; never doubt this. Go forward doing the work of the Hand of Grace. Blessings of the Holy One be upon you, now and evermore. (Drinks the sacred water.) Brilliant Blue Light, but so gentle. (Holds hands over heart.) Thank you.


Super soup. Super, super soup. Your immune systems are down. Pump them up with super soup.

Too much thinking, not enough dancing. Yes, you’ve done a little, but a little is not enough. You’ve really got to shake your stuff.

Soon, soon you will see what has truly happened to the bees, birds too. They fall ill. Okay, yes, I see. Where the birds and the bees go, people will follow. Don’t let the warning be hollow. Okay, Roundhead, I understand.

Yes, yes, some will listen if you keep talking; some will follow if you keep walking. But this for sure: Don’t let life lose its allure. Make time, make time: You can have fun even in the winter sun.

Don’t forget: Asparagus! Keeps the kidneys flushed. Don’t ever get too rushed to keep those kidneys flushed. Asparagus!

Interesting, a new recipe. Ah, yes, I must try them. Put on your chef’s hat. Okay, I think I get it. I will remember. Thank you. (Laughs) He’s flying off on an asparagus stalk wearing a message: Super soup, super soup. Oh, oh, that’s going to be good.


Roiling seas. Much more disturbances from the flow of fire in the seas. Oh, I understand: The Earth, the oceans – they are fighting back; they are making it difficult, very difficult by changing currents. Ships, military, Navy, not able to carry out as many bombings, but enough, enough. Oceans, Earth, send your prayers, save the creatures, stop the mayhem. You can do it: The planes, the bombs, they were found in time. Your prayers can save many turtles, dolphins, shellfish, oh so many; pray! Ask others to join you in sending the Blue Light, people holding the Light into the oceans, into the hearts and minds of those who would carry out this violence against their own relatives. Pray: Use your soul force to strengthen the Light of Peace. Bring peace to life, peace to life.

The Elders join you; they join you [in prayer]. A shared frequency makes for powerful prayers. Time is short. The difference must be made now.

Don’t like that image – strife building.

Monastery. Machu Picchu was the sacred monastery to keep the ancient wisdom teachings alive. Those teachings are now with the Mamas, the mountain dwellers (the shaman-priests known to us as the Elder Brothers, the Cogi Tribe in Columbia). Always in times of great turmoil and change, the mountain dwellers are needed.

I saw an interesting vision: One of the ancient ones; he looks like Tomas; he looks like the Maya; they spoke often with the Star Nation.

I just saw a face; it was not an ordinary (human) face. It looked like an ant, kind of, maybe longer. Very interesting, very powerful. I have no words to describe it. I felt its presence completely. If that face is one of the beings that are with us, then we are going to be okay.

I smell copal. I see the incense wafting through narrow stone doorways. It’s the main temple at Machu Picchu, the main Temple of the Sun.

Difficulties must not defeat.

* The prayer is: May the Blue Light awaken many, and Grace erase karma and replace it with Love.

Shamaan and the Messengers