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January 2011 New Light Messages

Rabbits, turtles, flooding,

Elemental forces in intensifying the storm

Shifting of continental masses accelerates

"January, 2011"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. Yes, we shall be brief. This we would have you know: Those who seek control of elemental forces [weather modification, i.e., geoengineering] do unleash more than they know and so the transition point shall arrive at a much earlier point in the cycle. Many unexpected changes in course shall greet a great number of people in this time that you do refer to as this year [2011]. The Sun shall be joining the elemental forces in intensifying the storm; in many places (it – the storm) shall rage. The dragon wind shall strike. Those who have remained in, as you do say, denial, do now come to the forefront clamoring that something might be done. Know this: Something is being done. If many more would awaken from their slumber of comfort and actively choose, you see, choose the path that shall deliver your world from great destruction, more might be done.
And do re-call: What does appear to be the dominant force the shadow government and the shadow forces shall fail; yet the seeming, seeming victory will discourage many. DO NOT BE AMONG THEM.
In coming months, beginning in March, we do beseech you, pay heed well to the voice of caution, let not your balance be disturbed to the extent that you do lose focus, direction, for indeed the time of intensity, as you do say, has arrived. And so it shall be throughout the coming year and well into the next and beyond. Yet within this time miracles, miracles, you see, that which does break through the shadow force into the Light will occur with sudden unexpected and indeed, in many cases, spectacular results.
You would do well to maintain a measured balance between those activities that do demand much, and those activities that allow release. More to be given as you do draw near to the first quarter of your new moon. Yet in this time we would leave you with the need to emphasize caution and clarity of focus. Do not, as is said, ‘chafe at the bit.’ Opportunity shall come in due time, yes. Maintain your vigil. Remain ever the Eye of the Storm. You will be tested in coming months to maintain equilibrium. That which you do know as temper shall run high among many. You must be the calm. Know this and call upon (draw upon?) our assistance when needed. We shall be present as we have been and shall be at your side. Walk in peace with the Prince of Peace and do hold steady in the Eye of the Storm. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
[The Star Nation appears to work on Shamaan. She reports she feels better.]

Freezing of many crops. Water insufficient.
Magnetic field, earth shifting faster, increased shifting of continental masses, moving at a faster rate.
The northern regions losing ice far more rapidly, earthquakes result. The transformation is underway, accelerated by necessity.
I must be prepared to receive information in a different format. More immediate, as circumstances require. Melchizedek will be with me more often, and I am to share what is given.
Now all transportation systems will be challenged greatly by upcoming events, accelerated transformation by elemental forces. Heed well inner voices, urgings to alter course if need be.
Something about Alsace, France. [Not clear now; may come clear later.]
Roundhead enjoyed the singing, but his ears are still ringing. [We sang Christmas carols earlier that day.]
Rabbits. They are coming back. Pray though. They are part of the chain. Many creatures need your prayers. Trees, too.
What flooding, flooding, oh my, what flooding they have created. [Saw massive flooding in mid, north, & south U.S.]
When an emergency is pending, you get information through you and your guides that you should heed – don’t ignore it, because it could save a life.
As the soil drains away into the sea, so does the food that might feed.
Turtles, poor turtles, they need help and prayers of protection. They are the canaries of the sea.
[Sung to the tune of an English nursery rhyme – Pocketful of sixpence.]
Sing a song of Sixth Sense,
Open your third eye.
Oceans, oceans raging, raging – rising up in ferocity.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her Meditation Group