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February 2011 New Light Messages

Persian God, 2012 Winter Solstice

Will the world fry, China, Taiwan, Emotional patterns

North Korea, Magic Egg, Egypt

"February, 2011"
~New Light Messages~

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief. Yes, as you do see, it is as given: The elemental forces do now add their voices to the storm, though many will not appreciate those voices. They now must be heard, you see. Too few, far too few, have paid heed to the voice of the wind; too few have paid heed to the voice of the waters; too few have paid heed to the voice of fire; indeed, far too few have paid heed to the voice of Mother Earth, herself. And so now do the elemental forces increase and intensify their activities in bringing about the awakening. The awakening is necessary, you see. It is also, as given: in this year it may indeed seem as though the shadow forces cannot be overcome. It may at times appear hopeless; do not be deceived. The shadow force shall be its own undoing. Yet, as seen from this vantage point at this time, much will be lost and many will suffer. You who are servants of the Light may help alter this situation. Through prayer you may direct a focused beam of Light, of Love, to those still caught in the shadow, for indeed, in this year you shall see acceleration of the disintegration in many areas in your world. That which does still wage in the Fertile Crescent is the battle that is fought to free Ahura-Mazda from his prison, that his Light may shine on the dimmed and blinded who claim to work in the name of God. [Ahura-Mazda is an ancient Persian God (Zoroastrian) that represents Divine Light and fire. He needs to be freed from the erroneous mind-set in many people’s minds that he is a god of war. He is a God of enlightenment and peace! He has also been ignored.] The battles shall indeed become more intense and more costly in ways other than bloodshed.
As given, it shall appear that the shadow force grows stronger. Its time of waning shall come. But those who have chosen to serve the Light, the Love, the Peace, the Dawn of the Purple Sun, must in this time maintain, as you do say, a low profile. Yet you must not put aside your prayers, your actions, your thoughts that you direct toward healing the soul, the mind, the heart of your world. Remain ever vigilant, though it may feel indeed as though the Eye of the Storm has diminished and little room is left for that deep inner peace. You must hold steady, we do say, in the unfolding year throughout.
There will be great need for caution, you see, in movements, thought patterns, indeed in your temperament. That which does transpire in this time, going towards the great transition that you know as the 2012 Winter Solstice, shall indeed put the critical question in centered focus. For with the unfolding events in the 2012 year, the choice of who shall lead and in what direction becomes paramount to the future of your planet.
Know this: While we shall make our presence known to ever-greater numbers, we cannot choose for anyone. Yet the choice to embrace our assistance shall bring strength and hope. At this hour the forces of the shadow do grow stronger. Maintain your Light, your prayers, your path, and the Light will be victorious. In this year, frustration and impatience to achieve your stated goals will grow. Do not allow them to overwhelm gratitude, for you do yet maintain a privileged position; use it well.
This shall be a year of TUMULT. Many vie for power in unscrupulous manners. some will succumb to despair. DO NOT BE AMONG THEM. Walk now into the Light that you do serve, and go with the Prince of Peace. Let not your faith, hope, and love falter. We shall stand with you and hold steady with you in the Eye of the Storm, now and evermore. Eloheim, Eloheim, Eloheim.
[New Year’s fireworks sounded as the above line concluded.]
Lady of the Blue Light
[Arms outstretched] Grace MAY erase karma and replace with love. Pray that this be so, that the suffering may be mitigated in this time; pray. [Shamaan appears to drink sacred water from her cupped hands.]
Oh my, my, will the world fry? Now, sometimes you have to laugh, or you’ll cry. Yes, laugh! Never give up the try, for dreams, dreams, may be s-l-o-w to come true, but they do if you never give up the try.
Okay, dance, dance, dance; laugh until you cry, but whatever you do, never give up the try. Right, more than ever this year you must keep him near. When you need him, he will be whispering in your ear. Right, right.
Polish your Light and keep it clear. Hold now, the silence in prayer, in prayer. [We held the silence for a time.]
Melchizedek speaks: The time does draw near – the birth of a new consciousness in your world, but it will be fraught with great turmoil and pain, as most births are. What comes is a welcome gift to the soul of all on your planet. Welcome with joy this new birth. [Egypt, the Middle East]

The heat will be intense in many, many places. The fires will be frequent and intense.
I had visions of volcanoes, eruptions, and even undersea volcanoes. Violent earth upheaval.
[I have a stream of visions I’ll share with you tomorrow.]
They may strike again in this land. It is unknown at this time – if it can be seen, and if it can be stopped. At this time too many elements involved.
More tomorrow.
They are showing me turmeric, curry, even aspirin; inflammatory conditions will be strong.
China, China, big-time. Shamaan had a vision of a meeting in China among the elite rulers. She saw men in business suits taking a break from some kind of conference/meeting they were attending. A small group of men in modern-day business suits were holding drinks and planning a financial world take-over. They were discussing ways that China could manipulate the market in such a way that China could call the shots; they also dicussed moving out on Taiwan and other military endeavours when suddenly, their outfits switched to long silk robes with silk-embroided hats and large rounded sleeves that hung down – outfits of past empires – and then they would flash back to the business-suit attire. The feeling Shamaan sensed from these men was one of absolute entitlement and destiny when thinking about China taking over the world. [Note: later visions revealed the above is unlikely to happen due to a consciousness transformation.]
Roundhead again: It’s never too late to celebrate. Yes, yes, that’s the way to begin; dance the New Year in.
Important: The overall vigil is very critical through the entire Spring. [Remember: the seasons are beginning earlier due to global warming.]
[Message from December 25, 2010:]
Many will weep for the wine, for weather has reached its time.
Shamaan saw a vision of mold in the vineyards in France and elsewhere.
[Messages from January 1, 2011:]

[Roundhead sings to the tune of a popular jazz tune entitled: ______?______:]
In the wee hours of the morning,
When the whole wide world is fast asleep,
I lay awake and I think about the world,
And never ever, ever think of counting sheep.
This is the year that will be difficult for many who have refused to surrender old emotional patterns (burdens), behavior patterns, old ways of being that are obstructive to Higher Self. It will be very important not to allow emotional inflamation – this year the vascular and circulatory system will be very sensitive. In order to avoid stroke or accidents to the head, or eruptions of old personality patterns that can cause severe problems, it will be critical to maintain an even course – a balanced course and move into the new self, the new way. Health issues will be easily triggered by extreme anger, and in the world the rising tide of anger will be very strong and powerful. You must avoid taking that course.
China will be more intransigent than ever before – they will become very much more problematic than ever before, and will create problems for the world globally.
The Hungry Dragon [North Korea] has not satisated its appetite for power and will become untamable.
In this year, especially in the spring and summer through early fall, a high risk of a successful attack upon this land will bear great vigilance in prayer and action. The Warbirds will be very active this year, and war will escalate in many places. The situation threatens to cause the Descendent of the Pharoahs [Obama] to make rash choices.
Old attitudes, emotional habits, and physical responses must be rejected in favor of laughter, in favor of prayer, and a belief in the Egg of Magic.
There was a strong, strong caution about entrapment in old ways that will bring danger; especially in the Middle East – escalation of conflict is highly probable. Tumult and turmoil cloud that region. Egypt!
Fire may move throughout the nervous system as easily as it does in a forest. Do pay heed to your need for nourishment and your exposure to external stimuli.
Shamaan said, "For weeks as I tuned in, everytime I would look at a clock I saw 8:55, then 11:55, then 10:55 – always :55. I asked, what is with the number 55? Then Roundhead popped in and said:
Be not sad,
Be like the sun at midday;
Play, play.
[Paraphrase of the I-Ching, hexagram #55, "Abundance"]

Transmission received by Shamaan and her Meditation Group