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February 2011 New Light Messages #2

Train of 2012, Muslim Zealotry

Buy Salt, California is rumbling,

Winds and Ice

New Light Messages
NLM February, 2011:

Those who serve the Light must not perceive that which has been given as doom and gloom, as you do say; it is not. It is given as opportunity for the Light Bearers to see that which does obstruct the Way of the Heart; which is the way that leads us to the time of the Purple Sun. For one cannot perceive or transform an obstruction if it is not noticed. Do not be among those who hide from their eyesight and mind what must be seen and known to be changed. Even deserts will flower again in the Time of the Purple Sun.
Send Blue Light to Egypt.
The undercurrent of Muslim Zealotry is about to break to the surface. There is karma that needs to be touched by the Blue Ray of Grace, erased and replaced with love.
The train of 2012, i.e., the changes, has left the station. Call into play a special train – a light train full of Grace and love.
NLM February, 2011:

There will be rumblings soon in California. The shifting mass of continents will continue apace.
Buy salt, buy salt. Many sources will suffer contamination as a result of toxins from the sky and other sources. While salt does purify, salt itself will need purification.
As given, those who live close to the edge will continue to fall over into the grip of the shadow. You must hold the Light for them as well as yourself.
Extreme winds, extreme storms will continue [as the Earth cleanses itself].
I heard a message about more ice, more ice, not only southeast of this area, but among other areas where it is not usually known.
Do not neglect – maintain the vigil throughout the spring, for danger swirls, the danger does swirl not merely for Obama, but also for others in the public arena. Such dangers may be mitigated through prayers in the Blue Light.

All hail the return of the rabbits.
Your society continues to rupture – splitting further those who follow the way of the fist, and those who follow the Way of the Heart. But the children will swell the ranks of those who follow the Way of the Heart. Take comfort in this and give encouragement.
The snow lion does not leave his post. [To protect Tibet.]
Just dance through the storm,
And you’ll never come to harm.
Roundhead is singing and dancing.
Amethyst and malachite worn together will help protect you in this time, or amethyst and jade.