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February 2011 New Light Messages #3

Bangkok, India, Cambodia, Egypt,

Volcanoes, Wind

New Light Messages
Re: Egyptian Revolution & Mubarak
Each day was necessary, the heart of the people needed to be tested. The world itself needed to be tested to know in which manner the gate would be opened that leads to the time of the Purple Sun.

Peace had to be chosen and held as the only choice. Mubarak stood as the guardian at the gate. But when the hand becomes too heavy (as did his), purpose becomes thwarted. Danger does yet lurk near the edges of the new time, and untamed passions do threaten to engulf all, but the choice has been made; from there, strength may be drawn. (The new time is being born.) His role was necessary, and there will be need for strength to hold back the tides of zealotry, yet that strength must not harden into the way of the fist, as did Mubarak’s. The world waits to see how many more will choose the Way of the Heart. The Descendent of the Pharaohs, as well, needed to be tested. The world did need to see that this land is being led by a different hand. As the world did watch Persia, that ancient land of poets, of flowers, succumb to the way of the fist, a great tremor shook the collective heart of all nations. Such a tremor might have broken the heart had the ancient land of the pyramids made that choice. Much more turmoil is yet to unfold.
* Received and recorded during the week, instead of on Sunday.

New Light Messages
Greetings, we do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, as this one was not prepared, you see. Many do wonder, including this one, [why it has long been requested] that the one known as Mubarak be held in the Blue Light and maintained in protective energy. The time has not been fulfilled that would relieve pressure in the Land of the Pyramids [Egypt] without generating great instability, which would have grave consequences. It is so that there have been unsavory actions, as you do say, by those who hold the force in that land; yet we would have you recall your previous leader [Bush] did sanction and indeed encourage torture and killings, and more that you indeed did not know. At this time it shall be known. Yet there are forces that would indeed hasten and make inevitable a nuclear conflagration — were the doors blown open in violence in that ancient land at this time. It is yet to be seen in which direction shall the fury flow. For indeed, there are oppressed in the Land of the Pyramids, as there are oppressed in many lands, including this one. It has been given that the new time, the birth of the Dawn of the Purple Sun, will bring upheaval, labor pains, as you do say. Yet we would keep them labor pains rather than death throes!
As given, it shall appear, we do say, appear that the shadow reigns victorious. It is not so. Yet know this: Your prayers and the prayers of others, which include those who follow the star and the crescent moon, do keep at bay the greater destruction at this time. It is in this time that the vision [the image of the dove in tree with the crescent moon & star and rose] you have been given is most powerful, and of far greater importance.
Do not waver in holding the image of the dove with the tree and crescent moon and star within the sky and the rose upon the earth; for there shall be no healing of ancient wounds, no healing or releasing of karma and its price without the Grace of Divine Love. It is Her Grace, Her peace. The Light of the Lady who grants the Hand of Grace and holds steady the heart of love of those for all to enter, all to enter, you see. Much, much to unfold in this spring that does bring indeed great chaos, danger. The upheaval is essential, essential; it has newly begun. It is critical that the [older] Descendent of the Pharaohs known as Mubarak, whose time is near but not quite yet, choose to yield. The youth shall have their way this spring, but not without mercy, compassion, justice, you see. These things shall be hallmarks of the Time of the Purple Sun. Know this and be comforted.
Yes, those who follow the Star of David, the sons and daughters of David must soften, must yield their pride. The Lion of David must now approach the Lamb, the Lamb of Mohammad in peace and humility. Those who have been wounded grievously must not become the wounder.
The time of the greater danger does approach. Maintain your vigil and know that the danger more often does come from within, and does indeed walk in your land as one of you. You must maintain the Eye of the Storm as you see the storms rage in every manner, and shall in every elemental force bring turmoil to every area of your world. Be not deflected; be not shaken from the Eye of the Storm. Be steady, let the Blue Light flow from your prayers, your meditative state, and pour into your world. Let it be an aid in creating the Time of the Purple Sun.
These are indeed difficult times to be in physical body and we do assist as much as possible, yet the prophecies of your indigenous peoples have begun to reveal their truth [i.e., the Hopi and Mayan prophecies – that our technology would be our undoing, our demise].
Indeed, many, a great many shall succumb beneath the weight of your technology, as shall many species – as they now do pass from the realm of life, and many more shall follow.
Maintain the eye of the storm. Hold forth the vision, the prayer, that multitudes shall awaken to higher consciousness; multitudes shall open the door of a broken heart to receive the healing power of ultimate love. Indeed, your visions must include all leaders – Mubarak among [them] – all over your world. While there are none who serve power without the taint of innocent blood, pray that it may be washed away in the Blue Light of Grace, and karma replaced with love.

[Shamaan speaks several words in a different language. It sounded like Chinese, but we do not know for certain.]
Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamaan holds her hands out as if cradling a bowl.]
In the rush of life do not forget to hold in the Blue Light and your prayers of compassion those caught up in the turmoil. Pray that the innocents’ blood will not be spilled; pray that those will be spared, especially the children in all places. May it be so. Do not forget your prayers. She asks a special prayer for the children of the warriors – wherever they are. [Shamaan raised her cupped hands to her face and appeared to drink the sacred water.]

Yes, even in times of troubles, life can still blow you bubbles. He can’t stay long, just one song:
A dancing we will go,
A dancing we will go,
Heigh-ho, a merry-o,
A dancing we will go.
Yes, don’t forget your toes. [Massage them to clear the nose.]
Play a little bit along the way. Never let your troubles stay. Always play along the way.
Yes [laughs], yes, indeed, these are interesting times. He wouldn’t want you to be bored.
Not enough asparagus. [Roundhead sings:] Asparagus!
Oh, sometimes a little with your eggs, puts a little spring in your legs.
Yes, it’s time, it’s time; okay, yes, I know you are anxious to go build your home among the trees. Yes, yes, but there are yet things to do, if you please. Hold on, hold on to your dream, it may not be as long as it seems, because:
You have Roundhead,
You have Two-Bear,
You have Magic,
Who could ask for anything more?
Oh, you could, yes. [Laughs] Well, just remember, yes, I do!:
Gratitude is the attitude,
Gratitude is the attitude that will get you through.
That and doing the ‘ol soft shoe. Yes, he enjoyed the butts’ aglow [from dancing], but more often, don’t ya’ know.
What dish fulfills your every wish? Yes, scrambled eggs with asparagus and red pepper, too. Keeps away the flu. Okay, I’ll try it! Eggs, asparagus, red peppers, too. [Laughs] He’s got his chef’s hat on. Lots of recipes he knows.
Cha, Cha — Cha, Cha.
He’s cha-cha-cha-ing with a stalk of asparagus! [Laughs] Bye, Roundhead.
Oh, soon he’ll have news. News soon. I see. I see that when we’ll be able to sit among the trees and watch the moon – you’ll have news, soon. Changes. Let some changes unfold. Okay, use maitake [mushroom] before you face the cold.
It can be done, it can be done. You may watch the dawn of the Purple Sun. Hold on to that one because it can be done, it can be done. [Shamaan stretches out her arms as if they are wings and glides]. Soft landing.
Volcanoes. Many volcanoes increase dramatically, increased volcano activity soon.
More massive winds, battering, battering. Whoosh. Much, much. A great deal of extreme weather that you see is the backlash, the backlash [from geoengineering weather modification program]. More to come, more to come.
Pacific Rim, highly volatile. Increased underwater volcanic activity.
I just saw an image of Roundhead skiing on asparagus. He has a pair of skies painted green like asparagus – even the tips of the skis are painted like asparagus tips.
Bangkok. Something is happening in Bangkok that will have far-reaching consequences.
[Nicole heard on the news that people on the border in Bangkok were shooting over the border at people in Cambodia, and the people in Cambodia were shooting back.]
India must be careful.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her Meditation Group