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February 2011 New Light Messages #4

Palestine, Israel, India, Russia

Gather more seeds, Earth will tremble,

Oceans will rage, Apophis,

The Great Hammer

Forces in Turkey are stirring

New Light Messages

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We are among you. Yes, it is as given, challenge upon challenge in these times. You will find extreme difficulty in many forms, yet you do occupy the Eye of the Storm.
It is so – the sign that was given to this one [Shamaan] was indeed recognized, for the image did represent a quickening of exponential degrees. It was seen by same from within the great pyramid in another time at the threshold of a quickening.
Know this: It was requested that you hold Mubarak within the Light, that he remain at his post until the appointed hour that Egypt not fall, not fall, you see, under the influence of those who seek war; who would impose greater restrictions, greater constriction, by serving those forces that bring bloodshed in their path. Fortunate it is that Egypt did not fall — as was the concern. It did rise up, you see, to make a choice. There were several instances when the choice might have been lost – yet it was claimed again and again, even in the face of temptation.
Even though there shall be difficulties, and challenges shall beset them, you and many others do prepare for the future you now face. For the Great Purification will come hard to even those who have chosen to hold the Eye of the Storm. It shall indeed be tempting to choose to leave this world; yield not, for you are needed, greatly needed. As they did require monumental strength and firm commitment to the way demonstrated by those you have seen as the way-showers – those known as Gandhi, King, and many others who showed the way of peaceful triumphs – so it will require firm commitment and strength to remain in this world in spite of, indeed because of, multiple challenges to remain in the Eye of the Storm.

For many, many centuries Egypt has held the key. Now it has been placed within the gate and opened the gateway for the world to see the great mystery unfold, and for you to participate in its unfolding.
We do beseech you, maintain your role as keeper of the Eye of the Storm; for much more upheaval will follow. It shall even come to your land. The old ways will be swept aside, and yet in this time the Descendent of the Pharaohs [Obama] now inherits (the role of) guardian of the gateway. It shall be done in harmony with the Way of the Heart. Take care that you now hold him in the Light of the Blue Ray that he may stand strong as a way-shower to the time that leads to the dawn of the Purple Sun. For know this: There are many who do wait in the shadows to replace him with the way of the fist. Now the choice again must be made by the multitudes. And when the hour does approach, and it shall be made, you may influence these trials with the prayer focused upon the Blue Light, and by calling upon the Hand of Grace to move through this world, that karma may be erased and replaced with love.
Know these things: The Earth shall increase in its trembling. Many shall feel these greater pressures upon the body. Walking upon the earth shall come hard. Do not take relief by seeking the way out of body in this time.
The oceans shall rage as multitudes of creatures that live within the seas do face suffering, and indeed extinction. And some will soon become extinct. All things within the elemental kingdom shall experience the quickening at exponential level.
Find your sustenance, your regeneration, and your peace in the Eye of the Storm. We await you, that we may be of assistance in alleviating some of the consequences that must come. Do not turn away from your task. Fulfill your soul’s choice in being present at this Great Turning.
We do leave you now, but we leave an answer for this one [Shamaan] – a question that is held: Yes, we do say, that celestial body known as Apophis is indeed the Great Hammer. You are all instrumental in helping to determine its path, its course, its destiny.*

[Shamaan holds out her arms in front of her.] Go now on the path with the Prince of Peace, the Blessings of the Holy One surrounding and filling you each day. The promise of Melchizedek shall be with you now and evermore. [Shamaan appears to drink the, to us invisible, sacred water.]

And the world shall be as one, in the time of the Purple Sun – ’til then you must have fun. Roundhead has one thing to say, "Especially in hard times you must play, play! It will help you stay, stay. Besides, the Bo Tree is crowded right now. You don’t have to wait until Saturday night – dance a little bit in the morning light; step light, step light into the day." Okay. Have a special time together, choose a special time together. The table is calling, my blood sugar’s falling. Okay Roundhead: [We all sing:]
A feasting we will go,
A feasting we will go,
Heigh-ho, a merry-o,
A feasting we will go.
It’s time. Yes, others will do as well as the Lioness [Donna] to let the Lion’s Mane caress – good for the heart and the brain. [Lions Mane mushroom]
There are forces in Turkey stirring, stirring to bring down tolerance and insert influences from zealotry. Pray that Israel learn humility, before it invites the elements that serve the way of the fist into the fray. The sons of David must put aside excessive pride.
Seeds. Gather more seeds. The time of food shortages is not far off. There are flowers that will improve the growth of crops. Must learn to grow flowers among crops. They will be vital to the survival of pollinators; pollinators will aid the survival of crops.
Much change, much change comes to your planet in a short time. Now be quick in adapting.
A laughing heart makes a good start to any day, that’s the Roundhead way! That’s the Roundhead way!
Don’t cry, don’t mope. You’ve still got plenty of rope.
Send Blue Light, Blue Light to Mexico; Blue Light, and many prayers for Grace.
Now it’s time for his soul to know the Peace of the Blue Light. Continue to hold Egypt and Mubarak in the Blue Light; the transformation must be carried out in the Blue Light of peace and healing.

Look to Russia and Eastern Europe, for the healing will begin there as well. In many places, in many places the single key will open many gates. [Possibly a reference to Kurdistan or Chechnya.]
India, India – troubles stir in India. Those who follow the Way of the Crescent Moon and Star attack those who follow the Cross and the Dove. Send Blue Light – Cambodia, India, Bangkok/Thailand, as well. Must have Blue Light to calm the raging forces of the shadow.
Be ready to shift on a dime, to change your plans on a dime.
* Apophis is the name of an asteroid being closely watched by the astronomical community …. (See notes below and attachment for detail.) According to Wikipedia, "Apophis was discovered on June 19, 2004, by Roy A. Tucker, David J. Tholen and Fabrizio Bernardi and the Kitt Peak National Observatory."
Note 1: The first New Light Message referring to "The Great Hammer" was on April 21, 2002, over two years before astronomers discovered it. The message was: "Know this: The Great Hammer does now draw close. That which is the shield surrounding your planet has been ruptured by these hatreds and conflicts [ed: the preceding paragraph stated: "Yes, as given, many do now harden their hearts in anger and seek revenge, for this nation has forfeited opportunity. That which is the conflagration that does engulf the Middle East – Palestine, Israel, indeed all nations that do follow the crescent moon and the star known as Islam – do now bear witness to an ancient commitment that will now manifest. It may not be stopped. It may be mitigated; but time does grow short. Many, many more must hold the silence."]. This shield may be repaired, to an extent, by those who hold the Light, you see, in prayerful meditation, consciousness. It is crucial, crucial, in this time. You must not allow dissension, either within self or amongst others, to create a greater rupture. There must be recognition of your greater task. Do put aside your judgments and personal complaints of one another, that you may work consistently as a focus for the Light. Understand that what is before you is the future of this planet. It is the time you have chosen; it is the task you have chosen; it is the spiritual mark you have chosen. Let nothing, nothing, deter you, that others might come after."
Note 2: Over the many years of these messages, and before, Shamaan has demonstrated the principle that there are special timestipping points when intervention through prayer is most effective. The Great Hammer is such an example. Before its orbit/trajectory is fully determined and its course set, it is in that "tipping point" stage where our influence is most potent as well as, according to the messages, our actions in the world, and our abilities to keep within the Eye of the Storm. This tipping point lasts longer than most, since we first became aware of it in 2002; and it is continuing into the present time, and at least somewhat beyond.

Transmission received by Shamaan and her Meditation Group