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March 2011 New Light Messages

Earth Changes, earthquakes, the sea

The Great Awakener, Libya, The immune system, burning skies

New Light Messages

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle that we might be of assistance. We must be brief, yet you do now see it is as given: There shall be many more rumblings of the earth in many more places. Much more shall be unleashed in this time. Many shall wonder in dismay what, what is it that does unfold? For you see, the fire serpent is aroused from deep beneath the sea. It is aroused in some part by the activities of your military and others. Earth disturbances have occurred that do accelerate the cycle of transformation your world does now experience. [Shamaan saw a vision of lines upon lines of molten lava and fire belching from under the ocean floor in a long curving pattern deep underwater. She saw it spout out in places like a serpent.]
The fire serpent shall cause further alteration [due to heating of the seawater] in the course of the Blue/Green Serpent. Indeed, at times it shall seem as if even the sky is afire, and so it shall be. Much is yet to unfold. You have been prepared, yet shock, shock does indeed run through your veins as it does through others.
Know this: How would you hold the Eye of the Storm if you do not heed the preparation that has been given? For the better part of wisdom, you see, is acceptance of what must be. [Said later: Meditate on the path of compassion.] Yet with that acceptance does not come despair; with that acceptance does not come defeat. For it has been given: Many more multitudes, more must awaken and must come to know that a different path must be chosen.
Many shall no longer turn a blind eye to the dangers of those structures you do refer to as nuclear reactors. They are nuclear bombs given the right circumstance. ALL may become poisoned, you see, by radiation that seeps into your water, explodes into your air and your soil.
There is much more that must be seen, and so the Great Awakener will continue; indeed, the Hand of the Great Awakener will weigh heavily upon many. Do pray and hold forth the vision that Grace will indeed erase karma and replace karma with LOVE.
Know this: Your world will suffer greatly if it allows the Mad One [Gadhafi] to maintain the hand of power that moves so cruelly in what was once that portion of Egypt now known as Libya. The Descendent of the Pharaohs grows weaker with each day action is delayed; moreover, your world does grow closer to grave danger – we do say – grave danger if that one [Gadhafi] does retain the seat of power. He is Caligula reborn.
You do see it is not too late; yet before the moon has grown full, action must take place or you must yield to the Hand of the Great Awakener. It shall not be gentle.
Do hold and continue to hold in the column of Blue Light the one known as Gadhafi and his entire tribe. Do envision upliftment to the Altar of Transformation, that Grace may be brought into play in coming weeks.
You will find a greater need for that which you do refer to as vitamin C and other resources that support the body. Yet be aware: The greatest threat to your strength is attitude. It shall be difficult, but must be achieved, for indeed it is appropriate that gratitude reigns supreme in your mind, heart and soul. As you have chosen, you have been chosen, and you hold a privileged position in the Eye of the Storm. Do recall this and behave accordingly, that you may find ease on the path that you do walk. This one [Shamaan] shall continue to give information as received to assist you and others who do hold the Light, who do work to bring about the Time of the Purple Sun. [Shamaan gave this example later: She has been praying for weeks for something to help people with wi-fi, and then she had a dream about an herb (mushroom) called Lion’s Mane. It is particularly good for brain functions, memory and focus.]
Some things may be seen if they may be changed. Others may not. As always, throughout time the path of visionaries is arduous; do be patient. Maintain your vigil, for the time of acceleration may not be abated. It shall proceed. Barring a miraculous awakening, it shall proceed.
We do stand with you. Together we do hold the Eye of the Storm with you. Know this and receive fully the blessings of the Holy One offered unto you. Walk now the Path of Peace with the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
The Lady of the Blue Light

[Shamman has her hands out and cries, and then places her face in her hands and cries and cries.] Yes, the hand [of the Great Awakener] – it may not be stopped. In trance, Shamaan appears to drink the sacred water for what seems to be a long time – lots and lots of swallows. When through, she places her hands over her heart.]*
She [The Lady of Light] asks me to say that your tears of compassion may be as the sacred waters that wash clean all the suffering, the wounds, the torment of this time. Your hearts may be a door through which those who suffer may enter and find solace. With this offering you give the world the gift of Grace, as I give to you this gift. Let it flow unobstructed to all, for all are in need of this most precious gift. Blessings of peace rest with you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
[Shamaan related a vision she had many years ago in Santa Fe, NM, of feeling the Lady (Kwan Yin, Mary, La Virgen de Guadalupe, Oya, etc. – all the same soul expression) sobbing, crying a long time.]
* Note: I believe the crying was for those suffering the brunt of the storm of these times, as Earth cleanses itself and old imbalances, injustices, etc., are corrected.

[Laughs, smiles] Yes, asparagus and eggs. Give a bounce to your legs. Yes, now it’s the dancing of the green. What? No leprechauns to be seen? Well, you’re not looking closely! Well, well [laughs], he says they’re mostly in your heart, yes, yes, count the gold of a leprechaun – each coin is a laugh, you know, it is a laugh – that’s the treasure in the pot. It’s how much love you have in that great big glowing heart.
Well, let the dancing start. [Shamaan moves her feet – very active, and laughs.] Yes, clover behind each ear. I see. Clover is the sign of hope. Believe in the magic, you see; the sprig behind each ear will help your dreams come to be.
Okay, not enough asparagus. Yes, I do, I believe in magic. [We all sing:]
Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!
Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home,
Even if life looks tragic.
Just remember to ride the wind,
You can be sure, that he is your friend, so-o-o-o …
Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!
Thank you, Roundhead.
I’m supposed to tell you he pecked his way out of the egg – just like a little chick he popped right out waving an asparagus stick. [Laughs] The egg he popped out of was blue/green and had a peacock-feather sheen. What does that mean? He’s ready for the dancing of the green.
Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!
Anytime you can.
Celebrate, celebrate!
Give life a hand.
Celebrate, celebrate!
Just because you can.
Bye Roundhead.
Burning skies.
I feel like there’s lots of visions knocking at the door, but I don’t want to open it.
I saw a vision from centuries and centuries ago of people dancing with clover roped around their heads. [Druids, or Celtic pagans?] I saw very old ivy on an ancient wall.
I remember reading about aluminum toxicity – renal malfunction or renal failure. Now I have a clearer understanding of why asparagus is so critical in this time for most of us. Because we can’t handle a lot of sugar, we can’t eat the mangos, which also flush the kidneys as asparagus does.
[A recent message from Melchizedek:]
Let not minor things bring frustration, lest you not be prepared for the major things.
[A song from Roundhead] Celebration of Spring Song:
Green is starting to show again!
The grass is starting to grow again!
The sky is bright,
My heart is light,
And spring is coming.
The world is humming,
A song of joy and rebirth,
On Earth.
Sing! Dance! Play with the song of spring in you. Put spring in your hearts.
Personal Note from Shamaan:
I think without Roundhead we would drown in the scenes of sorrow and suffering so prevalent during this time of cleansing and transformation. He provides the ‘balancing’ perspective that prevents us from forgetting the vision of the world we are trying to create. I have often been chagrined by his antics – now I find them comforting.