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April 2011 New Light Messages

New Light Messages

April 3, 2011

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We shall be brief, you see. Yes, it is as given to this one: Those forces you do refer to as the cardinal cross [Grand Cross] do indeed fall heavily upon many. It is havoc, as you do say, for a great many who are now caught in the raging storm for which you have been prepared. One might say, indeed, how does one prepare for that which does unfold, and for which is yet to come? For know this: Much more is yet to come. One does prepare by holding forth in the Eye of the Storm, and by daily holding the Blue Light steady within and without. Yes, now many do understand why this one [Shamaan] has been brought to tears multiple times, for it is seen by this one and experienced – that which is suffered by so many. Yet, do recall that through prayer, holding forth of the Blue Light, and maintaining within heart, mind, and soul that peace which you seek for others, much suffering is mitigated in this way, more than you do comprehend. In your world, as keeper of the Eye of the Storm, much is asked of you, yet it is not more than is possible for you to live, to do, indeed, to be.
Yes, it is so, it is just at the beginning – and because the work of the Great Awakener is at the beginning, it may be impacted, you see, it may be re-directed toward peaceful transmutation. It shall take many more joining you in the Eye of the Storm. Many more must hold forth the Blue Light in prayer, meditation, in thought and action.
Yes, the ice [in unseasonable frosts, snow, etc.] shall have its say, and the winds, the fires, the floods that follow; although some of that which does befall you does come due to your military technology as well as the natural elements that do bring the cleansing. Know this: minds may be changed, hearts may be opened, and directions may be altered. You and others who hold the Light play a far greater role than you might imagine. Hold steady in the Eye of the Storm. Do not abandon Higher Self. Know that this is your soul’s work, and it shall bear greatly upon the choices others do make.
We shall assist in every manner possible. That which was given is as a healing, a blessing [given as a healing incantation – spoken softly with emphasis on second syllable]:
Tu La Lo
Tu La Lo
Tu La Lo
You may use this (Tu La Lo) when extraordinary assistance is required. You will find it does bring peace and integration with all frequencies in physical form, uplifting does result.
We must take our leave and do now give to you this blessing: Tu La Lo. May the blessings of the Holy One be felt by you at every moment of your existence. Do that which you have come to do with gratitude and graciousness. Go now with the Prince of Peace. We are with you now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Okay, one message from Roundhead: If you miss your chance to dance, your mind gets caught in a trance. Oh, thinking of so many things to do, then you lose the ol’ soft shoe. Soft shoe? Soft shoe? (What does it mean?) That means walking lightly all the way through. Don’t miss your chance to dance. He’s (Roundhead) waiting for you.
Messages & Visions
Yes, strange quiescence in Yellowstone. Yellowstone’s geysers, pressure building. Soon will burst forth with tremendous force. [Shamaan sees a vision.]
So much all at once. A swirl of visions and information. It’s not really possible to transmit it now. So many souls [have] incarnated in this time to cleanse many lifetimes, a great many lifetimes at once, all at once. Now is the opportunity to transmute so much karmic pattern that has weighed souls down for centuries upon centuries. Now all at once in this intense period of change, of upheaval and purification – if people become conscious, aware of how crucial this opportunity is to their soul’s evolution, the karmic burden of thousands and thousands of lifetimes may be dropped and washed away in the Blue Light of Her Grace. This you must pray: that souls present in this time of great change become fully conscious, so that when the door opens before them, they choose to walk through it freed of many past-life burdens and blockages. May it be done in harmony with the One, the Holy Source of all Life and Light.
Don’t forget the egg of magic.
More to come for poor Japan.
I (Shamaan) did five rounds of the pipe. The last round was for December 21, 2012, with a prayer to initiate the new era of peace, no matter what it may look like. Let it be the beginning of the cycle that leads to the Dawn of the Purple Sun – a time of healing, peace and cooperation.
Much earth trembling off the west coast of California, waters rising there.
Pearl. Yes, I do know – it may help in this time of tumult.
Poor bees. Many fewer butterflies this year, too.
Nothing will be as usual in coming weeks. Prepare to respond to the unusual with humor and Grace.