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April 2011 New Light Messages #2

New Light Messages

April 17, 2011

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We must be brief. Know this: The scorpion of the desert shall bring great grief to your world if he is allowed to remain. The weakened response [possibly a reference to NATO] emboldens him. His [Gaddafi] resistance to alter old patterns, to yield old ways shall bear grave consequences.

As given, the vision of the dove in the tree with the crescent moon, the star, and the rose may be generated as a powerful transformative force, if
each would but render their own expression of same.

Now, NOW is the opportunity to heal the schism in the House of Abraham that the whole world may benefit from this healing. It must be accomplished within this solar cycle, this year, you see.

It is so, as given to this one [Shamaan], the land mass which is bordering on the great trench – that which is the great Pacific sea, the same trench of Japan, does undergo great pressure, shifting as the earth yawns open beneath the sea. The entire continental shelf shall be altered. In what manner does indeed depend greatly upon human consciousness and activity. For the activity of military forces does now exacerbate the dangerous circumstance given in this time.
It was also given that the ginseng in liquid form would be most helpful as would the liquid form of Ho Shou Wu [Fo Ti, polygonum multiflorum].
It would do well to increase your intake of those foods known as cruciferous [such as cabbage, broccoli, kale, collards, and cauliflower] in this month, you see.
We do say your time to impact those events now unfolding in ancient lands that were once all the kingdom of Egypt [Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emeritus (U.A.E.), as well as modern-day Egypt] shall grow shorter as long as the scorpion of the desert remains in power.
The trembling of the earth is not yet complete. Japan, known as the land of the rising sun, is not yet complete in its humbling, nor is the desert kingdom. The threat of nuclear contamination does extend from there as well.
You must heed well the time of vigil. Let not your commitment be compromised by external distractions. You may attend on many levels to that which is needed. It is necessary to practice this art as keeper of the Eye of the Storm.

Great suffering among all expressions of life forms looms as a reality. Yield to the possibility that it may yet be mitigated even into the land of the creatures that you do know as the penguins, the white bear [polar bear], to the very bottom of the earth where ancient ones yet dwell. It shall come hard, unless mitigated, we do say.
That in which you have chosen to intervene is before you. Indeed, your soul’s journey has been to reach this point, as has many, many souls’ journeys. That you may know the antiquities of life and the great age of all souls, know this: Each one, each one may reach into distant times to draw upon that which is needed for this time, as has this one [Shamaan]. For it is so, the soul of this one has walked upon this earth in the great land of the Yellow River [China] in many lifetimes. One such lifetime was as the Jade Emperor.1 It offers strength that shall be needed. As this one has, so each one may call out to find within the soul record that which is needed. So as this one, you all shall need a good deal more than you might imagine to complete your soul’s journey at the highest, the highest we do say, level of attainment and soul growth.

For in the weeks and months to come, you shall find occasions to call out. Do not hesitate, do not hesitate. The opportunity to alter much of the work of the Great Awakener is before you in the three days that have been given [The vigil on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of April]. You will be joined by others in body and from other dimensions not in body, for it is of the utmost importance.

Go now, follow the path of peace; open your heart to the full light of Divine Love, that you yourselves may be transformed, thus become potent instruments of transformation in your world. Blessings of the Holy One surround you and uplift you now and forever more. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.


No time. Okay, he cannot stay, but he has this to say: flowers have powers to change the world. Don’t underestimate the petal that unfurls.
Yes, he did [like it]; the dancing was grand. He has to give you a big hand. More, more, always more. Shake off that gray, dance a bit every day.
Yes, I see. Oh, thank you Roundhead. The egg of magic. Ah, you can’t do without it, so don’t doubt it.
Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!
Wherever you wander, you’ll always be home,
Even if life looks tragic.
Just remember to ride the wind,
You can be sure, that he is your friend, (yes, yes)
so …
Take it and break it and make it your own,
Open the egg of magic!
You can’t do it if you don’t believe it. He’s proved a lot to you. What does he have to do? Yes, yes, little butterfly, it is true. You can still fly, little butterfly, it isn’t time to die.
(Shamaan comes back, but not too fast.)
Something’s happening. I can’t see it clearly. The shadow forces are converging upon several governments to coerce allegiance by those who want to control the food supply, the crops, the growing of crops, the food supply. Oh, God. That’s why an underground of people-to-people underground must be formed. A message must go out to many, many who work with the earth, the food, seeds, and are beneath the beneath the radar – the humble ones. Store seeds. Store seeds. Do not allow this to become hardship for South America, Africa, and India – many places that are being forced, coerced. Oh, this has to do with genetic manipulations! The world food supply will crash. Pray that the Light expose the true purpose of those who are working in the shadows to control the food supply.2 There is still time. You have about two and one-half years. Don’t be complacent.
Horseradish to assist the blood in removing toxins.
The flying ones. The creatures of flight. Oh, so many will soon drop out of sight forever. Don’t let up from your prayers.

[Shamaan is handed a glass of water.] So precious. [She swallows several sips.] Thank you, my Lady. Thank you. Remember her gift and revel in this precious gift.
The North Star has a message: Streams, streams, streams of highly charged particles soon, soon will barrage your atmosphere. Among them will be healing energies for your electromagnetic body. [They will be] helping you to adapt to the higher frequencies coming into your world from the far, far reaches of space. It is part of the acceleration of the evolution of consciousness for your kind.
The bears will be in trouble this spring. They need bear prayer. It will be difficult for them.

The Akashic record holds many surprises for you.
They [the spirit beings of Light] are all around us.
1Special Note: My reluctance to release this information on part of my past life’s soul record (I was stunned, too) is two-fold. First, I’m keenly aware of some past lives of mine that were not nearly so ‘illustrious’. In fact, some have been downright ill-lustrious! Second, I’m extremely sensitive to the inflated ego trap that can so easily snare those who discover highly placed members of their family tree, or … past lives in their ‘soul’s record’! But based on guidance, and the fact that the information has already proven to be a valuable reference point for the kind of resolve, strength, and perseverance that I truly need at this time in my life to deal with everything that is coming at us, I chose to leave it in these messages. My hope is that it will spur others to seek resources in their own soul records that will help them meet these times with strength, grace, and the adaptability to survive all challenges at the highest possible level of attainment.
2 For example, a recent disclosure – "WikiLeaks: US targets EU over GM crops", John Vidal, environment editor,, Monday, 3 January 2011: "US embassy cable recommends drawing up list of countries for ‘retaliation’ over opposition to genetic modification. The US embassy in Paris wanted to penalise the EU after France moved to ban a Monsanto GM corn variety. The US embassy in Paris advised Washington to start a military-style trade war against any European Union country which opposed genetically modified crops. In response to moves by France to ban a Monsanto GM corn variety in late 2007, the ambassador, Craig Stapleton, a friend and business partner of former US president George Bush, asked Washington to penalise the EU, and particularly countries which did not support the use of GM crops.
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