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May 2011 New Light Messages

New Light Messages

May 15 & 29, 2011

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We must be exceedingly brief. Do you now see the great need for vigil? For in this time do you now see the work of the Great Awakener unleashed? Do you now see that you do indeed occupy a position of privilege within the Eye of the Storm? Use it well.
This one does often wonder if that which you do does indeed help. Know this: Many more, many more might have perished, you see, within the storm, and yet your prayers, your vigil, your actions in life do serve to sway the balance, greatly. Even as there is indeed much loss, suffering, it does not equal the measure of that which is to be gained. For if through your prayer, your vigil – a single soul does recall its original purpose, if but a single Light in the heart helps others open to compassion, to love, and indeed the deepest experience, then your work has been worthy, as has the work of the Great Awakener. Do know this – more is to come.
For now it must be seen that all must embrace each as our relatives. They must not be forgotten those who do suffer and yield up their lives in the land now known as the Middle East, the ancient lands of beginnings. For if they are not also embraced as relatives, as one in the same, greater suffering shall follow. War shall escalate, and those who serve the shadow shall remain longer in positions of power, though they shall be despised and rejected. It shall not come soon; torn from within, a great many may suffer with them in power,* without need. {*We think "them" refers to dictators.}
You may mitigate the suffering. The time does approach soon when there shall come the need for increase in attentive prayer. The challenges within the earth are great, wherein the body shall be exhausted without increase in activities.
The shadow force is intent on bringing war and bloodshed to this land, and others. Within the first few days of the next new moon, you must pay heed to your movements, with caution to your thoughts. Retain thoughts in your heart before they become spoken. Let not your temperament rule actions. Above all, we do request that you be unfailing in sending the Blue Light, the ray of peace, to those who are also part of the circle of life, though caught within the shadow. One must not neglect those relatives who yet do dwell within the ancient lands of Persia, Egypt, and that land known as the Middle East; offer prayers. You shall see a continued uprising within the Land of the Great Bear [Chechnya]. The Hungry Dragon [Korea] does position itself to create turmoil.
You shall see great storms out of season in many places. Indeed, more shall turn to you with questions in their eyes, in their hearts, and with words of fear on their tongues. Do recall: You must be a beacon of hope, a Light within the heart of compassion, peace within the Eye of the Storm. Each day, each day offer prayers of gratitude for your role, and maintain your focus on that which is to come. With each challenge you may manifest within your actions, thoughts, prayers, that which is to come [the Time of the Purple Sun].
Danger does stalk the Descendent of the Pharaohs within the time of the fullness of the Sun, the season of summer, you see. Do hold him within the Light, the Blue Ray that does emanate from your prayers, your thoughts. For though he does indeed fall short of all that was intended, he does yet hold the greatest promise of that which can be a beacon unto others who, like you, do hold the Light. You may help turn him more fully, more truly toward the Way of the Heart.
We must take our leave, yet we would have you know: It is not one source, or a single source of frequency of energy that does disrupt calls or cause illness. For you do, indeed, dwell within an ocean of signals that are alien to your life systems in this world. We do assist whenever possible, yet you and others who have awareness of what does besiege the body, and who do hold the Light, must be the flag-bearers of hope, of change, of choice, for the sake of your planet.
Indeed, a great many may pass through the gates of extinction unless recognition is achieved, recognition of the harm that is brought to bear to all life. Most of your progress may be erased in an instant.
Do recall: That which is lost is yet meager in the light of that which is to be gained. Hold forth in this knowledge. Let your hope give you strength, and your strength give you resilience. Go now. Do walk the path of the Holy Ones those who do serve the Light of Love, of the sacred Life that joins all. Walk with the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.

Pleased — he is, don’t ya know. Lively footwork kept your butt’s a’glow. Once again he cannot stay, but he wants to say:
Asparagus, more asparagus.
Helps those tummy pangs. Yes, yes, makes the pain lose its fangs, yes yes, medicine, yes.
Okay – I’m passing on a message: Yes, endings and new beginnings – yes both are one door, one door. Both lead to more growth you see. Yes, yes, growth. For you never lose the magic. Always be ready to toast, no matter which way the door swings. Make sure your heart continues to SING!
You’ve got Roundhead,
You’ve got Two-Bear,
You’ve got Magic!
Who could ask for anything more?
Never be afraid to go through the door. Gallop! That’s all.
Pray to ease the suffering. Each prayer can bring a miracle – each one.
Co-creators: They offer a gift and comfort to those who suffer – through compassionate thought and focused prayer. Meditation upon love. That is the formula.
Many souls who have incarnated in the land of the Crescent Moon and Star/Sun as star – do remember Ahura Mazda, the Lightbearer who first brought the path of Light and Love to their teachings [Zoroastrianism]. Speak the name upon occasion in your prayers to call forth the memory of those who struggle to save themselves from the shadow of war, violence, and fear. Speak the name.
Lightbearers throughout time and every land emanate from that which you know as the Christ Consciousness – one in the same infinite form. The spirit of love made manifest.
Signs will materialize in the fields this summer – that which is known as crop circles multiply in further effort to bring to awareness that those from the stars are near. Watching, helping, helping, helping. They are helping. They are wonderful, wonderful, beauty, peace. Elegant minds, elegant minds. Such love. Thank you, thank you.
[Shamaan returns.] I don’t feel any pain.
They will continue to stay with us — giving constant information on how to steer our course through this transition of change. They are nearby.
New Light Messages

May 29, 2011

I feel a great roaring — like a great rousing under the earth – deep moving. Do you feel it? Something is getting ready to break loose. Do you feel it? Under the soles of your feet — like prickling under your feet. It’s like standing on a sheet of glass – with a roaring river under you — like over Niagara Falls only more, much more. That’s what it feels like. I keep hearing this phrase:
Uluru awakens. Uluru awakens. [Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a very large sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory/Outback, near Alice Springs, central Australia. It is sacred to the Australian Aborigines.]