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June 2011 New Light Messages – Prayer Network

Trains, Broths, mushrooms, red blood cells, extreme tiredness, thyroid, nuclear plants

New Light Messages

June 26, 2011

Prayer Network

Soon. Train derailment – carrying toxic gas. On the train, one car is a rust-orange color. Earth movements have shifted the track. Not good. It has not happened, yet. Focus and call out in your prayers over the next three days that all trains will safely reach their destination without causing harm. All trains.
Help all the creatures anyway you can. Nothing is beyond the Hand of Grace.
The more souls that awaken to a recognition of what unfolds, the more innocent lives will be spared and suffering mitigated. Hold forth the prayer daily that the Blue Light awakens deep memory in the souls of all, and that it returns them to the crystalline structure of their Higher Self, their Light Self, that suffering will be eased. Do this in service.
Bodily challenges that you do face may be addressed to an extent, you see, the sense of being drained of energy[1], tired beyond your limits may be aided if you would make a broth of the following: Garlic, Kale, Beet.
And indeed, that which is known as Maitake. Yes, you may add Shiitake and that known as Coriolus[2] — the turkey tail mushroom. You must add Ginger and bring to simmer.
It will aid in replacing destroyed red blood cells. It will aid challenged thyroid, adrenal, indeed hypothalamus; and circulation will be improved. Yet, they shall not suffice. You must set a good amount of seven (7) of your minutes to invite the life force to well up from within the earth, to pour down from beyond your solar system and to fill you up with vibrant life force that does imbue all life.
[Here is a Recap of all ingredients:]
Garlic Kale
Beet Maitake
Shiitake Coriolus
The following is a message I received a few days ago while in my garden: The extreme level of tiredness you will feel is a result of radiation. The confirmation came today when I received the information about the current river flooding in Omaha, Nebraska area (that broke the levy of protection around a nuclear power facility, that just happened to be temporarily shut down, and cut off grid electricity there, causing backup generators to assume operation). Radiation is on the move in this land as well and is in higher levels than they were before. It may take even more to convince those who still champion the use of nuclear power in any form. Those who do so refuse to acknowledge human frailty and deficiencies in manufactured materials. When "they" (the Messengers) said that, I saw weaknesses in metal – a lack of uniformity in the strength of metals.
Today, even as this prayer alert message goes out, news reports that the town of Los Alamos and its nuclear laboratory, known as LANL, are being evacuated due to fire that is threatening both town and nuclear facilities. The danger is of radioactive smoke being released by the flames if the fire reaches the laboratory, and the surrounding canyons where they have been dumping radioactive material since the 1950’s.
Kevin Roark said there are several metric tons of uranium, plutonium, americium and other nuclear materials among the facilities.[3]
Shamaan got this message a few days ago: Soon it will be known NO nuclear site/facility will ever be safe. We now realize that there is currently at least one nuclear facility in danger of flooding and one in danger of fire. Please add to your daily prayers with a special prayer today that people awaken to the irreversible dangers of nuclear power in any form.
[1] Note: I was told this drained of energy feeling is a result of radiation: There is more than we are being told.

[2] The Turkey Tail Mushroom (Trametes versicolor), aka Yun Zhi, Kawaratake, Coriolus versicolor. Turkey Tail mushrooms are one of the most researched and respected of the medicinal mushrooms. Bastyr University has been involved in a recent clinical study using Turkey Tail extracts in conjuction with chemotherapy and radiation. (The My> News > Nation:) May 25, 2011: CANBERRA: An extract from a mushroom can stop the growth of prostate cancer, Australian researchers said on Wednesday.

[3] June 27, 2011, USA Today: Evacuations ordered as wildfire threatens Los Alamos, N.M.

Transmission received by Dr. Shamaan Eagle from The Messengers