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June 2011 New Light Messages

2012 deception, mold, red blood cells, thyroid,

dryness, the contamination of your air and soil, tree of life,

Los Alamos, tomatoes

New Light Message

June 26, 2011

Greetings. We do join you in this sacred circle. We do speak to you of many things, for there is great need among you and others. Know this: There is indeed a misconception of that time referred to as December 21, 2012. A great many do see this time frame as one which shall manifest in great extremes of destruction, cataclysm. Yet, it is now, you see, that the cataclysm unfolds and shall continue to unfold in many forms. If, indeed, a more extreme cataclysm were to take form, become manifest in that time, there would be great, great suffering. Now, as each day does unfold, the challenges, difficulties, and catastrophes that do result from the Earth out of balance, indeed of a people out of balance … these things you do see now that unfold at the hand of the Great Awakener shall intensify as you do approach that date which so many do consider an end [referring, we believe, to Dec. 21, 2012]. Know this: IT SHALL BE A BEGINNING! For there will be in that time a culmination of the darkness which does consume. Where there is a culmination, there is transformation, and so you will find darkness transformed into Light. The greatest potential for that time is that many, many more shall have come to recognize – know – which things have contributed to the Earth out of balance. They shall see their role; they shall see the great danger that does await if the course of your world is maintained. For those who serve the way of the shadow do so from self-interest, great self-interest, you see. The time of their exposure is at hand. Multitudes shall awaken to the deception, and they shall be en masse returned to that which serves Life, Light, and the Way of the Heart. It shall be seen that this is the only salvation. A return to impulses of the noble, higher mind and open compassionate heart shall begin.
Do not misunderstand. It shall not come easy, nor will there be an immediate manifestation of this return; but it will be a beginning. Yet there shall be a great deal to overcome of that which does now unfold, and which has yet, yet to unfold, that will bring great tribulation to many. There will be great discomfort. Many shall wonder what is afoot. Even now there is recognition of loss of energy, that which you do call exhaustion. Do be aware; though you do experience this and many other symptoms, you are yet protected from the worst. Yes, those who do now fight to stay above water shall find physical forms tainted by mud, that which you do know as mold.
Those whose homes [and lives?] have been consumed by the flames shall find residues from your civilization, most of which are toxic. So it is also with those who face the winds – from the [radioactive] fallout of your skies. There is yet a great deal more to come, for that which has been seen, foretold, as the great catastrophe does continue to unfold – not all at once – but in measures, measures, you see. Yet those measures shall accelerate, and also will the return to the Light, the return to Goodwill among peoples. As well, there shall come the difficulties of carrying out their goodwill. NOW is the time that you may impact that effort to bring into form the best that humanity can be, and now must manifest.
We do now, once again, request that you bring into form that which is the dove, the tree, the crescent moon and star, and the rose. For Grace may yet erase karma and replace it with love.
These bodily challenges that you now face may be addressed to an extent – that sense of being drained of energy[1], tired beyond your limits, may be aided if you would make a broth of the following: Garlic, Kale, Beet. And, that which is known as Maitake. Yes, you may add Shiitake and that known as Coriolus[2] — the turkey tail mushroom. You must add Ginger and bring to simmer.
It will aid in replacing destroyed red blood cells. It will aid the challenged thyroid, adrenal, indeed hypothalamus, and circulation will be improved. Yet, they shall not suffice. You must set aside the amount of seven (7) of your minutes to invite the life force to well up from within the earth, and to pour down from beyond your solar system and to fill you up with the vibrant life force that does imbue all life.
[Here is a recap of all ingredients:]
Garlic Kale Beet
Maitake Shiitake Coriolus
Warning upon warning goes unseen. Yes, we do speak of that which now comes near your world – the Great Hammer awaits.
Know this: There shall come a turning of consciousness with that which is the winter solstice of your next solar cycle, yes, 2012. There comes a great gathering in the three months prior, a great gathering of souls, of beings who have dedicated their existence to bringing the Light, the transformative Heart of Light and Soul, into divine manifestations of the One. Even now, as you gather in this sacred circle, the gathering does proceed. It is, as has been promised, a return of the victorious Light.
Do not be dismayed if you do not see results immediately. For as with all things, there is a growth period that must be allowed its time. Yet do not falter, for you must hold the Light that it may come without constriction. Those who serve the shadow will manipulate by every means to attempt to hold power. You may aid their surrender of the reins of power. Hold forth the image you have been given, for it does hold, in symbolic form, a great force for peace that has been brought to bear in this time.
Be aware: The dryness, the contamination of your air and soil – all these things that you do now see will bear the fruit of awakening. Even now, those who embrace the deception[3] that has been foisted upon them begin to question and turn away. You are the gatekeepers; by your prayers you do hold it open to the awakening. You who spread the Light of Peace, and who hold the Eye of the Storm by your commitment, you do allow others to join you. As given, as many more enter, increasing numbers expand it, until the Eye of the Storm encompasses ALL and peace shall reign as triumphant. Though it may be difficult to perceive this as possible now, know that it is so.
That which your world does perceive as "progress" has brought death and demise to many life forms. It must come to an end and be transformed, and it shall. Do not mourn its passing. Celebrate your release, for the Great Tree of Life will blossom and spread its branches wide so that there will be opportunity for the survival of many more, life forms that are now threatened with extinction.
Do know this: The tree in the image given you is the Tree of Life, the genetic code that holds all of life on your planet and beyond. And the bird that is the dove does indeed embody the peace you hold in the Eye of the Storm, the peace that you hold in a loving heart. [The crescent moon and star represents the reuniting of the sons of Abraham – the star is the 6-pointed Star of David. And the rose is the symbol of The Way of the Heart – the LOVE that heals and unites ALL.]
We must leave you with this: Do continue your intake of those foods that are known as cruciferous for some time to come. [Such as cauliflower, broccoli, mustard greens, kale, cabbage and collard.]
Yes, we do say, the Lady does behoove us to say not to neglect your power as co-creators. Remember, the elemental forces may be at your call. You and others who have chosen the role of conscious co-creator in the Light of One must remember to perform your task as needed. The elemental forces will respond to same – your committed calls. Know this and go forward, for this time is the time of your soul’s greatest potential in this world and in many others.
We do leave you now. This blessing we give: In these precious gatherings that you do now share, may the consciousness of your oneness in divine form expand to embrace all that you may be in this lifetime, and every one to follow. Go now with the Prince of Peace, now and evermore. Eloheim. Eloheim. Eloheim.
Soon. Train derailment – carrying toxic gas. On the train one car is a rust-orange color. Earth movements have shifted the track. Not good. It has not happened, yet. Focus and call out in your prayers over the next three days that all trains will safely reach their destination without causing harm. All trains.

Long time, no dance.
Don’t let body aches and stomach swirls, and eyes that puff, or fingers curl get you down. You can lift some of the burden by forgetting to frown! [Laughs] Sometimes you have to smile your aches away. There is no medication for this day, but that’s okay, that’s okay – you just remember to smile and play – if only for a little while to chase your ills away.
Yes, yes, they have made this world a difficult place. Many challenges you must face, but here you sit in a gilded cage. [Laughs] Sing little canaries, yes, let your souls engage. This is the Path of the Heart, you see: to transform what IS into what can BE. [Laughs]
Berry, berry, berry, berry.
Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes, too. Cooked or raw, any way will do.
Help all the creatures any way you can. Nothing is beyond the Hand of Grace, yes.
The earthquake in the north, off the coast of Alaska, has shaken ice shelves and a great more; much more ice will fall into the ocean, and it will cause a clashing of cold and hot – changing the course of the Blue/Green serpent again. It will be an accelerator.
The more souls that awaken to a recognition of what truly unfolds, the more innocent lives will be spared and suffering mitigated. Hold forth the prayer daily that the Blue Light awakens deep memory in the souls of all, and that it returns them to the crystalline structure of their Higher Self, their Light Self, that suffering will be eased. Do this in service.
[We all say some ohms, initiated by the Star Nation.]
[A single "Tu Lah Lo" was spoken.]

The following is a message I received a few days ago while in my garden: The extreme level of tiredness you will feel is a result of radiation. The confirmation came today when I received the information about the current river flooding in Omaha, Nebraska area (that broke the levee of protection around a nuclear power facility, which just happened to be temporarily shut down, and that cut off grid electricity there, causing backup generators to assume operation). Radiation is on the move in this land, as well, and is in higher levels than they were before.[4] It may take even more to convince those who still champion the use of nuclear power in any form. Those who do so refuse to acknowledge human frailty and deficiencies in manufactured materials. When "they" (the Messengers) said that, I saw weaknesses in metal – a lack of uniformity in the strength of metals used to contain nuclear waste, etc.
Today, even as this prayer alert message goes out, news reports that the town of Los Alamos and its nuclear laboratory, known as LANL, are being evacuated due to fire that is threatening both town and nuclear facilities. The danger is of radioactive smoke being released by the flames if the fire reaches the laboratory and the surrounding canyons, where they have been dumping radioactive material since the 1950’s.
Kevin Roark, LANL spokesman, said there are several metric tons of uranium, plutonium, americium and other nuclear materials among the facilities.[5]
I got this message a few days ago: Soon it will be known that NO nuclear site/facility will ever be safe. We now realize that there is currently at least one nuclear facility in danger of flooding and one in danger of fire. Please add to your daily prayers with a special prayer today that people awaken to the irreversible dangers of nuclear power in any form.
[1] Note: I was told this drained of energy feeling is a result of radiation: There is more than we are being told.

[2] The Turkey Tail Mushroom (Trametes versicolor), aka Yun Zhi, Kawaratake, Coriolus versicolor. Turkey Tail mushrooms are one of the most researched and respected of the medicinal mushrooms. Bastyr University has been involved in a recent clinical study using Turkey Tail extracts in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation. (The My> News > Nation:) May 25, 2011: CANBERRA: An extract from a mushroom can stop the growth of prostate cancer, Australian researchers said on Wednesday.

[3] The "deception" being referred to here is the concept being perpetuated by some that there is no such thing as global warming.
[4] From Harper’s Index, an example showing another way in which radioactivity moves around in the environment: "Radioactive animal droppings found in 2009 near the Hanford nuclear site in south-central Washington" (33 samples).
[5] June 27, 2011, USA Today: Evacuations ordered as wildfire threatens Los Alamos, N.M.

Transmission Received by Shamaan from "The Messengers"